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Subject: SLS: United States citizens Rights to Benefits (fwd)

>Subject: United States citizens Rights to Benefits
>My name is (Franchise Name) MILES A. BRADFORD.  I am a United States
>citizen.  Under the Social Security Act,  Buck Act of 1954 (United States
>Code Title 4), United States Code Title 5 (definition of Federal
>Personnel), Public Salaries Tax Act (Federal), Public Rights Act of
>California, Title 26 (IRS Code) and the Internal Revenue Publication
>called Federal Employers Withholding Guidelines..........I am and as is
>every (c)itizen of the entire United States that has a Social Security
>Number......... and under Equal Rights Act and Fair Labor Act and Equal
>Opportunity Laws........are by LAW entitled to the same benenfits as the
>downtown Federal and Federal Compact State employees.
>We are held to be governed by every rule and regulation of the the
>Franchised Compact Federal and State employees and when we act out our
>lives in a Private and Sovereign manner.......we get punished.  We are
>forced to be Government Federal and State employees for the purposes of
>taxation and crowd control.  We are in a Fiduciary relationship with the
>Federal Reserve Bank because the Federal Government gave up its control
>over the Sovereign power it had to control the money system...........I
>suppose by force and in-house deals from the Federal Reserve Class A
>Stockholders and the Congress back in 1913.  NOT saying it was a bad
>idea.  Just making note.
>We are forced to give up our RIGHT to travel and convert it to a mere
>privelege by the Department of Transportation in that in order for us to
>move (travel) about freely throughout the several (u)nited States by way
>of having to pocess a Drivers License issued by the various Departments
>of Motor Vehicles throughout the several (U)nited States (District of
>Columbia by way of Buck Act) and forced to have a Social Security Number
>in order to get that Drivers License.
>If you have a Social Security Number........by USC 5
>definition........you are in fact a Federal (employee) Personnel.  If you
>are a Employer and withhold taxes on your employees........you are in
>fact a Federal Employer (Agency) by definition of the Federal Employer
>Withholding Guidelines.  If you are a Employee of one of these Federal
>Employers who are acting as if they are Sovereign Private
>Employers..........you should be getting the FULL BENEFIT PACKAGE that
>DOWNTOWN so called Public Employes are getting.
>These Benefits would be as follows:
>(1) 30 days paid vacation every year.
>(2) 15 days paid sick time every year.
>(3) ALL Federal and Federal Compact State holidays off.......every year -
>and paid.
>(4) A Retirement Plan (NOT just Social Security) that you can live on at
>(5) Full Medical and Dental Plans (PAID) every year.
>If you are not getting these benefits........you are being RIPPED OFF by
>the people Downtown who call themselves Public Employees (Federal and
>State).  They emphatically want you to think that you are some kind of
>different from them and that you are not entitled to the same benefits as
>they get.
>The PROBLEM is...........YOU PAY EXACTLY  the same price they do in your
>taxes, labor and control through  municipal rules and regulations and
>other rules and regulations that they (the Downtown Bunch)  ARE aubject
>I am working on getting a Petition together along with a Bill to send to
>the Franchise Congress that pretend to represent us..........the
>(p)EOPLE........... that work our butts to the bone in order to pay out
>the yang to these Downtown people who call themselves Public
>Employees.........so they arrogantly put themselves above us......the
>(p)EOPLE, and decide how to control us and what we should get and not get
>in life and in ways of Public support.
>I think it's high time that EVERY WORKING STIFF in the United States that
>is forced to convert his/her Rights into mere Priveleges through the
>construction of law (rules and regulations) and is subject to the Mind
>Control in our Public School System to obey and be sub-servant to the
>Downtown Bunch (public servants) and to controlled
>education...........should at the least be getting the VERY SAME
>entitlements that the Downtown Bunch is getting.
>The LAW (rules and regulations) is laid out to strictly enforce your
>being MADE a Federal Personnel (employee).  The LAW is perfectly written
>to provide punishment if you ACT in a Sovereign manner.  The LAW is
>perfectly enforced by the Downtown Bunch to make sure you.......the
>(p)EOPLE stay ignorant of your EQUAL RIGHTS (priveleges) to EQUAL
>I think it's HIGH TIME that ALL the HARDWORKING STIFFS in the good ole'
>boy's (and girl's) United States RECIEVE their FAIR AND EQUAL BENEFITS.
>I ask for your support on this issue.  I would like a response if you
>would, please.  Even if you don't like my plan of attack on this
>issue..........if you know a better way to settle the score square and on
>the level with these so called Public Employee gods.....I'd sure like to
>hear.  I am all ears.
>Please feel free and with encouragement..........to send this message to
>everyone you know, whether it be on e-mail or not.........it's going to
>take a lot of People working together to make this plan come to fruition.
>Thanks in advance for your support.

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