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>Snipped and forwarded from C-NEWS:
>                "Waco:  the Rules of Engagement"
>What started out to be a one-hour TV documentary is now a
>two-hour-and-15-minute film being shown in theaters.  "The agenda was,
>just as it was when we were in the news business, it was to determine
>as nearly as possible what the facts actually are, and to tell the
>public what those facts are.  They can make up their own minds about
>whether we're right.  But at least they have accurate information to
>make informed decisions," stated Dan Gifford, co-Executive Producer
>with his wife Amy Sommer Gifford of "WACO:  The Rules of Engagement." 
>Showing clips of their production on NET's weekly talk show "Next
>Revolution," they described to host Brad Keena how the FBI's infrared
>film reveals a heretofore unknown fact about the siege at Waco.  Dan
>Gifford explained, "The infrared camera was a device that was being
>used by the FBI each day in the sky.It was a surveillance device. What
>they were using this for was to spot where people were or what was
>going on at the time. This was just routine..  What you see on the
>19th (of April 1993) on the back of the building, which was completely
>hidden at all times from the news cameras, was that you can clearly
>see that there's a lot of activity going on that we never heard about,
>such as the tanks tearing out the back of the building and this
>tremendous amount of automatic weapons fire." 
>>From a film clip, Edward Allard, former head of the Defense
>Department's night vision laboratory at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia said,
>"The important thing to notice is the gunfire, multiple rounds are
>being fired from at least two different positions.  It's about ten
>bursts in approximately two to three seconds?.There is nothing in
>nature that would duplicate these types of thermal signatures,
>primarily because of the short duration of the bursts themselves.
>Nothing in nature could do that. According to our calculations, it
>indicates that both positions were firing automatic weapons."  
>Another clip from a Senate Committee hearing, Dick Rogers, former FBI
>hostage and rescue team coordinator testified, "I'll remind the
>American people one more time that during that entire time, those six
>hours, and, indeed, those 51 days, the FBI never fired one shot at the
>Davidians."  Gifford added, "We also augment this with another
>analysis done for CBS's "60 Minutes," which also had done this, which
>also agrees with what we found.  Of course, "60 Minutes" spiked the
>story!"  Amy Sommer Gifford pointed out, "I don't know if it's a
>question of a lie, per se, but what we did is facts to us, and we have
>a sheet full of experts who agree with us?.We only included things in
>the film that we could verify with at least two outside sources."  She
>added, "February 28th was really the tragic day. Because you had ATF
>agents there believing they were serving their God and country, doing
>the right thing.  And you had the Davidians there believing that they
>were serving their God and their country. And it just was a tragedy! 
>Four ATF agents died and six Davidians inside was the entire death
>toll."  She said, "It's about people with badges and guns who went a
>little far."  
>Dick Gifford spoke to the action of the ATF storming the compound
>firing weapons. "All of the evidence which would prove who is telling
>the truth is missing.  We have, first of all, this large white double
>door at the front of the building.  A lot of gunfire bullet holes are
>in one half of the one side of that.  That half of the door
>disappeared after the fire.  The ATF had just lots of cameras
>there?.They wanted to have a big publicity campaign to impress
>Congress.  Miraculously, the tapes now are either missing or blank! 
>All these videotapes which would show who is telling the truth."
>Contact:  Karen O'Hara @ the Key Theatre  202.965.4401 / website
>                Federal government lied about Waco
>(Commentary by J. Bradley Keena on NET's "Next Revolution") Last
>month, President Bill Clinton received criticism from racial
>activists complaining his Administration had not done enough for
>their agenda on race. 
>Washington's establishment media reported their criticisms.  As a
>sensitive President who feels their pain, Mr. Clinton quickly convened
>a meeting at the White House and the Administration immediately
>plunged into action.
>Administration officials began by announcing new actions to curb the
>alleged racism. President Clinton delivered a series of speeches
>calling for racial sensitivity, reaffirming racial quotas, and even
>suggesting that perhaps he should apologize on behalf of the federal
>government for slavery.
>As if this were not enough, Attorney General Janet Reno even
>suggested that judges ought to find more whites to send to death row
>in an effort to foster racial balance in the gas chamber!
>Two things immediately come to mind. First, after the Executive
>Branch, there really are no other branches of government today. The
>legislative and judicial branches are subordinate to the will of the
>Second, the President had the right idea about a national apology; he
>simply had the wrong subject in mind. I believe the federal government
>should apologize for its deadly raid on the Branch Davidian compound
>at Waco, Texas in 1993. If the documentary, "Waco: The Rules of
>Engagement," says anything, it tells us - beyond any reasonable doubt
>- that the federal government lied about what happened and covered up
>the facts which have demonstrated those lies.
>The Waco raid was the largest raid in the history of the Bureau of
>Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; it was the largest federal armed entry
>ever of an American home; and it resulted in the largest number of
>deaths of law enforcement officers in a single operation, as well as
>the largest number of civilian deaths in a law enforcement operation.
>Why were so many people - mostly women and children - confined in the
>compound on the final day when the fires began?  
>An infrared film of that assault indicated there was automatic
>gunfire from outside the smoking building preventing those inside from
>escaping. Why? The answer became clear the moment the siege ended, and
>the federal police ran the flag up the compound flag pole: revenge. 
>The BATF was not unlike any army that had been defeated and took
>casualties on the first day of conflict.  They retreated and called in
>reinforcements. In came the FBI,  and with it tanks and helicopters to
>manage the inevitable siege.  Those inside the compound were kept from
>the media cameras and microphones. Disinformation and propaganda,
>therefore, belonged to the federal government. 
>The local police, having been skeptical of the motives of the Feds,
>were excluded from the war. Eventually, under political pressure,
>Attorney General Janet Reno ordered the siege be brought to a swift
>and decisive conclusion. The power now rested with the army gathered
>around the compound. While Reno had her reasons, the warriors had
>theirs. For their previous humiliation at the hands of the occupants
>of the compound, they exacted a deadly revenge on April 19, 1993. 
>The compound was gassed, allowed to burn, strafed by automatic rifle
>fire, and the siege ended. The Feds celebrated that day. Inside, all
>of the children died.
>The Waco tragedy is representative of citizens' worst fears about
>their government: the use of firepower by politically appointed
>federal officials against the people of the United States. Unbridled
>federal authority, lax police procedures, and the use of militarized
>federal police against America's ordinary citizens are ominous signs
>portending more Wacos ahead. In the mud of that tragedy lies a
>tattered Constitution. The blood of innocent Americans have stained
>its words. Military boots have mutilated its pages. Can real reform
>ever prevent the Next Revolution? Contact:  Brad Keena @ Free Congress
>Foundation  202.546.3000
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