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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Invitation to Study IRS Fraud (fwd)

>*Jus Dare*
>Invitation to Study IRS Fraud
>From: Harold Thomas <harold@halcyon.com>
>Subject: Re: The "Tax American" Series.....
>To: All
>From: Harold Thomas
>Subject:  Exchange between Gordon Phillips and Frank Reichert
>I too hope that everyone will follow this exchange.  In support of
>Gordon's contention that the income tax is being applied to the
>American people in a fraudulent manner, I would invite one and all to
>visit my Web site at:
>    http://www.halcyon.com/harold/
>and study the various materials related to the income tax, including,
>as time allows, the more than fifty sites listed in the "Links" file.
>Frankly, you should be literally dumbfounded by what you see,
>especially in the "Income Tax Related Documents" section which
>contains over 30 relatively short, heart-stopping documents for the
>student of the "income tax".
>After over 7 years of extremely diligent study, as well as direct
>confrontation with the IRS, I can categorically state my opinion that
>the income tax is a monstrous hoax and the behavior of the Internal
>Revenue Service is nothing less than a reign of terror.  More
>importantly, in my opinion, federal and state judges routinely engage
>in blatant denial of due process, jury tampering, and literally
>whatever unlawful behavior is required to make sure that those
>asserting their rights in income tax related cases go down to defeat.
>Yes, there are a number of major issues related to the loss of Liberty
>and Property in America today.  Certainly "monetized debt" and
>fractional reserve banking are another riddle which need to be exposed
>and debated.  However, the institution of the "income tax", which
>confiscates such an obscene portion of the fruits of American labor,
>when properly understood must make your hair stand on end and your
>blood boil.
>To those who are quick to point out that various opponents of the
>"income tax" seem to have difficulty agreeing on how and why it
>doesn't apply to them, I would pose the following question:
>            Granting that, by the IRS's own figures, there are
>            somewhere
>between 20 and 40 million Americans refusing to file returns, and
>granting that there are literally dozens of organizations, attorneys,
>CPA's, "Enrolled Agents", and many thousands of other highly
>intelligent men and women who have spent many years studying the
>relevant statutes, regulations, rules, and case law, coming to the
>good faith belief that the "income tax" is a fraud, DOES IT MAKE ANY
>At least two fundamental issues distill from this consideration:
>        1. Does honesty count for anything in America?
>        2. Is slavery acceptable to the American people as long as
>        they have enough toys and amusements?
>Again, I hope one and all will listen closely to what Gordon Phillips
>has to say, as well as Frank's considered and thoughtful responses. 
>For those interested in more serious, in-depth study I would also like
>to recommend Gordon's fine video "The Truth Behind the Income Tax", as
>well as the 12 hour video series "Just the Facts", both available from
>Save-A-Patriot Fellowship at 410-857-4441.  If you carefully study
>these materials, I guarantee that your life will never be the same --
>a rather presumptuous and rash statement, to be sure, if I hadn't
>experienced it for myself!!!
>Harold Thomas
>LIB_NW wrote:
>> From: Frank M. Reichert, Moderator, Liberty Northwest Conference
>>    To: Everyone!
>> Subject: Tax American series!!!
>> Greetings everyone!
>> Gordon Phillips and I have been having some very substantial
>> discussions
>> on the US Tax Code, the IRS and related matters.  This discussion is
>> very lengthy, and due to its' length, many of you may have avoided
>> reading it at all!
>> I usually do NOT engage in such lengthy, drawn out dialogue. 
>> this is positively the greatest discussion that Liberty Northwest
>> has hosted in several weeks.  I strongly encourage everyone to read
>> this dialogue, especially Mr. Phillips' original commentary, and
>> pass it along to other newsgroups and forums where appropriate.
>> Phillips has obviously devoted many years to this subject, and no
>> one will walk away from this feeling they haven't learned something!
>> This is a subject few Americans ever deal with, yet all Americans
>> are bilked billions of dollars in what Phillips claims is tax fraud!
>> Let me know your personal comments.  Better yet, address your
>> comments
>> directly to Gordon Phillips right here on the conference.
>> Kind regards,
>> Frank
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