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This reminds me of the movie Foster did
about a gang rape in a bar, which was
filled with hostile feminist distortions.
I remember specifically the scene in which
Foster rams the truck of one of the bystanders,
when she encounters him later in the parking
lot of the local grocery store.  She, of course,
could have been charged with ADW, but the movie
just slides on past that crime.  Due process of
law?  Nah!  Just castrate them all!!  Right, Jody?

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 04:24 AM 7/13/97 +0000, you wrote:
>This is the second warning I have received (below) about the movie
>"Contact." I highly respect Al Dobras <VABIGAL@aol.com>. I might just
>have gone to see this one (with my kids) if not for Al's warning.
>From:          VABIGAL@aol.com
>Last night I went to a sneak preview of the new movie "Contact",
>starring Jodie Foster. This film opens nationwide July 11. 
>"Contact" is the most hostile anti-Christian movie I have ever seen. 
>Christians are portrayed as terrorists, bigots, and
>anti-intellectuals who are motivated  by greed, dishonesty,
>hypocrisy, and an irrational understanding of the nature of things.
>The sole sympathetic Christian character is an ex-priest who left the
>church because he couldn't go along with its rules on celibacy and
>finds himself in bed with a partially nude Jodie Foster.  His
>character is so weak, he offers no spiritual counter-weight at all to
>the polished and sympathetic heroine.  
>The movie is so blatant and one-sided in its atheistic theme that it
>is difficult to imagine anyone taking the film seriously.  However, it
>is so cleverly constructed, one is almost led to cheer when Jodie's
>voyage to the stars 'validates' her understanding of a godless
>universe and silences her detractors. 
>The movie is especially dangerous because it carries an inappropriate
>PG rating and many parents will take their children thinking they are
>going to see an innocuous sci-fi film.  Nothing could be further from
>the truth. Aside from the assault on religion, the film also has bad
>language, casual sex, and partial nudity.  The movie was written and
>produced by the late Carl Sagan and serves as a fitting epitaph to a
>life dedicated to denying the existence of God. 
>Al Dobras
>Mark E. Howerter,  "The Other Side of the News"
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