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Subject: SLS: Many Christian Leaders Declare Constitution Crisis (fwd)

The population of federal citizens who
inhabit the several states are, indeed,
a democracy, because they owe their 
political allegiance to the federal zone,
which is not protected by the Guarantee Clause.

That zone is a legislative democracy.
The guarantees of the U.S. Constitution
extend to that zone, ONLY as Congress
makes those guarantees applicable, 
by statutes.  See Hooven & Allison v. Evatt.

The population of state Citizens who 
inhabit the several states are NOT
a democracy, because the supreme Law
guarantees to them a Republican Form
of Government, not a democracy.

So, when you hear "democracy," get out your
voter registration affidavits, and see if
you verified, under penalty of perjury,
that you are a federal citizen.

You might want to do something about that.
I did, and I am very happy that I did.

Under the Tenth Amendment, you enjoy the
Right of Election -- to choose which of
these two classes of citizenship to join:
the one, the other, both, or neither.

Democracies can outlaw blonde hair;
in a Republic, blondes have more fun.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 12:51 AM 7/13/97 -0700, you wrote:
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>: Affirming what the American Founders called this "experiment in
>: ordered liberty," the signers accuse the courts, and the
>: Supreme Court in particular, of promoting "disordered liberty"
>: in a series of decisions. While the statement addresses many
>: questions -including racism, drug abuse, and family
>: disintegration -- the signers say that "the judicially-imposed
>: abortion license is at the very core of the disordering of our
>: liberty." They declare that "this decision of the Court forfeits
>: any claim to the obedience of conscientious citizens."
>: The Court, they say, has violated the fundamental principle of
>: democracy that "just government is derived from the consent of
>: the governed."  [...]
>Call me when they make up their minds!
>First, these Christian leaders that government is not being inflicted on 
>people who, presumably, do not consent to being governed in those particular 
>ways.  Drug users do not consent to prohibition.  Racists do not consent 
>to mandated integration.  Divorcees do not consent to laws mandating 
>indissolubility.  And neither abortionists nor their clients consent 
>to an abortion ban.
>If they then invoke the Declaration of Independence to override people's 
>diverse approaches to the pursuit of happiness, either their argument is 
>nonsense, or they're not using the word _consent_ as I understand it.
>Legitimate government, as described in the Declaration, is a covenant 
>entered by all its subjects to the benefit of each of them.  Even a hitman 
>may agree to a system that attempts to punish murder, because on balance 
>it makes him safer.  But nobody benefits from laws designed to protect 
>others from themselves.
>A majority may demand laws against drugs, divorce, racism and abortion; 
>so what?  The Declaration of Independence defied majorities.  The population 
>of Britain outnumbered that of the colonies; and even in the colonies, 
>historians believe that only about one-third favored independence.  I'll bet 
>that well over one-third now favor independence from the kind of laws 
>demanded by these Christian leaders.
>That's not to say *no* valid argument can be made in favor of such laws -- 
>but invoking the Declaration, and particularly "the consent of the
>is plain silly.
>: In addition, "judicial usurpation of power" with
>: respect to the great moral questions of our public life has
>: created a crisis in which "it seems that people who are
>: motivated by religion or religiously-inspired morality are
>: relegated to a category of second-class citizenship."  The
>: signers warn that, if the present crisis is not effectively
>: addressed, "Increasingly, law and public policy will be pitted
>: against the social and moral convictions of the people, with the
>: result that millions of Americans will be alienated from a
>: government that they no longer recognize as their own."
>True enough.  The religious are not alone in worrying about this.
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