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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: What's a "corporation"?
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I recommend that you consider a Limited Liability
Company ("LLC").  Years ago, when the Massachusetts
legislature was treating corporations rudely, the
Citizens got together and put through a statutory
authority for LLC's, initially called "Massachusetts
Trusts".  It became model legislation for lots of
other Union states;  check with your state Attorney
General, and/or Secretary of State, for details.
There is a company in Placerville, California state,
which specializes in LLC's domiciled in Nevada state
(just over the hill from Placerville, which is 
located in the Sierra Nevada foothills).  On my 
way back from New Mexico last year, I needed to stop
half-way home for some sleep, and the roadside inn
had a notice inside the room door displaying "LLC"
prominently next to "Check Out Time".

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 10:23 AM 7/13/97 -0400, you wrote:
>On 12 Jul 1997, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
>> Do such folk leave the "public" sector at all?  I really don't think so.
>> Please read those two very important sentences again:
>> 	Upon the other hand, the corporation is a creature of the
>> 	state.  It is presumed to be incorporated for the benefit of
>> 	the public.
>> Corporations exist only and exactly as a direct consequence of grant
>> of corporate charter by a govt'al body.  Corporations are thereby
>> _part_ of govt.  (And Uncle Sam would so very much like for _you_ to
>> incorporate, including nice, convenient, off-the-shelf, ready-to-wear
>> "S" corporations, in order to get you more entangled within itself.)
>Thank you for the information.  Now I understand a lot better why
>Big Business, the fourth arm of government, is able to influence policy as
>it does; until now, I just thought it was the moeny.
>Barb Beier
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