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If you must announce your charity to the world,
then it is not charity.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>><<The Shriners claim they help crippled children; well, criminals
>>do acts of charity, too.
>>FYI the Masons contribute more to charity than any other organization in
>>The Shriners only advertisements are for children that need care in their
>>hospitals and they are not ALLOWED to pay for their care, regardless of
>>financial circumstances.
>>Here is a list of a few Masons you can peruse.
>>Famous Masons
>>Abbott, Sir John J.C. - Prime Minister of Canada 1891-92
>>Aldrin, Edwin E. - Astronaut
>I am replying to you in hopes that you, too, will review your opinion of
>the Masons and similar organizations.  As I said, the performance of
>charitable acts does not reveal the character or goals of people.  What is
>it about Masonry that is any good?  Can you explain their relation to the
>Scriptures, especially where works are done in vain?
>Concerning the Famous Masons, are they famous because they are Masons or
>because of their other accomplishments outside Masonry?  I suspect that the
>Masonic organizations like to latch onto various people and brag, "Hey,
>he's one of us!"  And if their Masonic membership had any positive
>influence on them, why should people have to join a secret fraternity with
>obscure origins and purposes in order to compete in life?
>Do you have a list of Diabolical Masons?  I have been drug before (Masonic)
>judges, for living my Christian faith with works so it be alive and not
>dead, just as the Christ has said.  And I have also noticed that the rank
>and file Masonic members are thoroughly steeped in socialism and its status
>C.J. Scheppers
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