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Subject: SLS: Two Classes of Citizens -- The PROOF!

At 01:37 PM 7/13/97 -0400, you wrote:
>  Perhaps we ought to be asking our state and local govenments for voter
>registration that applies only to the jursdiction where we wish to be
>citizens and participants in the governing process?

You mean (C)itizens, don't you?

That would be the Union states, as symbolized
by the 50 stars on the American flag.  Those
stars mean one, and ONLY ONE, thing!

See 4:3:1 for authority ("New States ....")

The blue background is the federal zone, but that
is my invention, not Betsy Ross'.  This murky blue
ocean is trying to extinguish the stars.

See "The Two United States and the Law" in the
Supreme Law Library at the URL right below my name

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>  Is it feasible to cross out the United States and write in the name of your
>city without breaking any laws?

Be very aware of the CONSPICUOUS WARNINGS
on all voter registration forms.  Text is
legally CONSPICUOUS if it is printed either
in BOLD type, or in red.

I would put that question to the local county
district attorney, and be sure to request a 
written answer, transmitted through U.S. Mail.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse (for mail fraud).

Don't forget a deadline, because otherwise they
might NEVER answer, and you are then in limbo.  With a
deadline, you can default them with an affidavit
of default, and invoke estoppel, pursuant to 
Carmine v. Bowen.  30 days are a proper grace period.


You might even send a Priority SASE with $3.00 stamp,
properly "addressed" of course, and state in your
demand that you are doing this to save the government
money!!  :)  If they keep it, you can charge them with
conversion of private property and theft of U.S. postage.

See USPS Publication #221 for "addressing" instructions.

/s/ Paul Mitchell


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