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>The FBI is declining to provide Congress, including Sen. Fred Thompson's
>panel and the House and Senate intelligence committees, with further
>details about any possible DNC/Chinese connection, reports Bob Woodward in
>Sunday's WASHINGTON POST.  In an overview of where the case now stands, 
>man who first revealed possible Chinese attempts to influence the American
>election process decides not to spend yet another weekend at the beach 
>summer and goes long in a front page story filled with several 
> Woodward writes that the FBI is holding back from sharing all that it
>knows with Congress in order to protect the Justice Department's criminal
>"Sen. Thompson says his decision to begin campaign finance hearings last
>week by confirming reports of a Chinese political influence-buying plan
>came after aides spent hundreds of hours reviewing sensitive information 
>the matter," reports Woodward.
>"Executive branch sources said that Thompson's statement was cleared late
>Monday by the FBI, the CIA and the National Security Agency, a day before
>he read it at the opening of his hearings... Documentation of the Chinese
>plan is contained in highly classified intelligence intercepts that rarely
>are made public because disclosure might compromise sensitive sources and
>methods used to protect national security...
>"U.S. intelligence has established that about $2 million was allocated by
>the Chinese government, of which at least $1 million was transferred to
>U.S. banks or to the Chinese Embassy here... The intelligence on the
>Chinese plan establishes that Beijing had the 'intent' to make illegal
>campaign contributions, one official said... Approved at the highest 
>of the Beijing government, the plan was placed under the control of the
>Chinese Ministry of State Security, Beijing's equivalent of the CIA."
>Woodward throughout his Sunday special quotes from "executive branch
>sources," quickly leading to speculation around Washington that someone
>inside of the White House has begun sharing with Woodward.
>Elsewhere, Robert Novak on Sunday is reporting, when Republican Sen. Arlen
>Specter made his opening statement at the Senate campaign-finance hearings
>last week, Sen. John Glenn "turned beet red."  Specter outlined 
>about Democratic fund-raiser John Huang's contacts with the Chinese 
>last year after receiving CIA briefings, Novak reveals.  "Glenn protested
>privately to the Republican committee chairman Thompson said Specter 
>be reprimanded. But Thompson responded by asking Glenn whether he really
>wanted to take the position that the American people were not entitled to
>the information..."
>SIDE:  A source close to Sen. Fred Thompson is telling the DRUDGE REPORT
>that NBC "has been cagey" with efforts to help locate DNC fundraiser
>Charlie Trie.  NBC anchor Brokaw interviewed Trie somewhere in Asia late
>last month, and congressional investigators, who would like very much to
>quiz Trie on several fronts, have asked for the network's assistance in
>locating his whereabouts.  NBC publicly promised full cooperation, but
>investigators have quickly grown frustrated.  "Everyone understands that
>there is concern for protecting sources -- but NBC is not doing everything
>it can do to help the United States Congress at this time," complains a
>ranking Hill investigator.
>Filed by Matt Drudge
>7/12/97 23:48 UTC
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