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>The Pleiadians
>Pleiadian Channeling in Standford, by Barbara J. Marciniak
>THE PLEIADIANS channeled lecture by Barbara J. Marciniak Thursday, November
>15 & Friday, November 16 7:30 PM - Terman Auditorium, Stanford, California 
>In her dedication to the enlightenment and transformation of Planet Earth,
>Barbara has invited us to freely share the information that was presented
>by the Pleiadians, so long as it is not sold. However, the information
>remains the property of Barbara Marciniak, and Bold Connections, under
>copyright protection, and it may not in total of in part be reproduced in
>other forms without her written permission. 
>THE PLEIADIANS are a collective of extraterrestrials from the star system
>the Pleiades. The Pleiadian culture is ancient and was "seeded" from
>another universe of love long before Earth was created. They have formed a
>tremendous society which operates with love, with ideas and ideals that we
>are yet unfamiliar with. The Pleiadians call themselves our ancient family
>because many of us came here from the Pleiades to participate in the new
>experiment of Earth. The Pleiadians are now here as ambassadors from
>another universe to help Earth through her difficult transition from the
>third dimension to the fourth dimension and to assist each of us in our
>personal endeavors of awakening, remembering and knowing. 
>BARBARA J. MARCINIAK has been a student of Metaphysics for many years. She
>gives credit to the Seth material channeled by Jane Roberts for her insight
>into the necessity for conscious, intentional creation of personal
>experience. Barbara travels extensively. In Athens, Greece in May of 1988,
>she began channeling the Pleiadians after she and a group of friends
>experienced a spiritual awakening in the Great Pyramid at Giza. Barbara
>currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina where she gives class sessions
>and workshops with the Pleiadians. 
>In transcribing the audio tapes into written words, it is impossible to
>capture and portray that portion of the information that is presented by
>the Pleiadians through emphasis, intonation, and feeling expressed through
>their spoken words. However, I would suggest that if one is interested in a
>deeper study of the information and concepts presented, one might want to
>order copies of the tapes from: 
>Barbara Marciniak Bold Connections Unlimited P. 0. Box 6521 Raleigh, NC
>Good evening! We are here. It is our pleasure to be in your reality once
>again -- especially in this most auspicious setting -- we are pleased. We
>understand that those of you who are of Light frequencies have drawn us
>here. Congratulate yourselves on your cleverness. It is not easy to get our
>vehicle (Barbara) to travel around and go places -- she has a mind of her
>own. And that is as it should be, and as it is, and as it will be.
>Understand that all of you need to have minds of your own, and come into
>contact and into charge of your own life. So, we are excited to be here. 
>We are, of course, the Pleiadians, and we are broadcasting live from
>Stanford University, in Palo Alto, California, among the auspicious
>hallways of the renowned intellectuals and soon to be renowned Cosmic
>travelers of this, your Planet Earth. 
>So, we would like to speak to you about a variety of subjects this evening.
>"Genetic Encoding-- is that the title that has been given to us? Well, we
>will expand upon it. We would like to talk to you about the "Harmonics of
>Frequency Modulation and the Human DNA. Sounds boring as can be, does it
>not? But we guarantee that we will give you an exciting time tonight--
>absolutely, positively! 
>It will be up to you to demonstrate how clever you are -- how much you
>perceive. Those of you who are familiar with our work understand that we
>are not the encyclopedia of the universe, though we can pride ourselves
>that we can be upon occasion. When one has an encyclopedia in front of
>oneself all of the time, one simply begins to regurgitate what someone else
>has called truth. Yes? And your have all been, some of you impeccable
>regurgitators, with letters, etcetera, after your name. Yes? You have
>valued that regurgitation, as it would be. We would like you to begin to
>use other sources of information, to begin to access the human creation,
>and to unfold it through a variety of new methodologies. 
>Frequency Modulation and the Human DNA" -- it is a grand story. This is
>Part One of a two part session. We are going to speak to you to set the
>tone, to set the history, a little bit, of your planet. And then we will
>see what questions you will have to further comprehend the story. 
>Mankind is an experiment. Mankind has been designed. So has just about
>everything else that exists within creation. Prime Creator -- we will use
>that term -- began the whole shebang a long time ago, in this that you call
>your local universe, for an experiment -- for greater, what would be called
>from your terms, self exploration-- self gratification -- self expression.
>Prime Creator, as it would be, brought energies and essences to life --
>extensions of itself in this what you call your local universe -- endowing
>extensions of Itself the same gifts that It had. Prime Creator in this your
>local universe gave willingly and freely of its capabilities. Now there are
>many other universes -- many other ways of designing universes. This one is
>designed as a free will zone. All would be allowed -- all things. 
>And so, these extensions of the prime creator went out, and began to
>experiment with the Prime Creator's energy as it existed within themselves.
>And of course they took to task what the Prime Creator said. The Prime
>Creator said, Go out and create, and bring all things back to me . Quite a
>simple assignment, is it not? Go out and create, and bring all things back
>to me. In other words, l am going to gift you of myself -- you go out and
>gift of yourselves freely, so that all that you create in this universe can
>understand its essence, my identity. We are anthrophilosophizing our Prime
>Creator a little bit here. 
>Now, these energies-- we will call them Gods -- Creator Gods -- went out,
>and began to create their own hierarchy. And each succeeding hierarchy
>created another hierarchy -- to endow --to assist in the development of
>this, your local universe. Eventually, in one of the galactic systems, the
>plan came together to create the place that is called, 'Earth-- designed
>originally to be an Intergalactic Exchange Center for information. Ah, an
>incredible plan -- a beautiful place -- located on the fringes of one of
>the galactic systems, ideally to be reached from one galaxy to another --
>existing close to many what would be called way portals -- the highways
>that exist for energies to travel throughout what you call your space zone. 
>So, the original plan was brought about, and let us say that there was
>impeccable scurrying and shuffling -- all kinds of things -- to bring about
>individual representatives of all of the galaxies, so that they could have
>their representatives here upon this planet. Now some of these Creator
>Gods, as their jobs were defined to be, were what would be called -master
>geneticists- -- able to take some of this stuff -- the Creator Gods were
>able through their hierarchies to bring about and discover and to tie these
>molecules together-- encoded molecules of identity -- of frequency-- of
>electrical charges -- to create, Life. And so many sentient civilizations
>-- many, many, many --gave of their DNA, willingly, to have a
>representative of their coding -- their DNA-- on this planet. And the
>master geneticists set to work, and they designed what would be called
>varieties of species-- some human -- some different than human-- some what
>you call animals -- all by playing with the varieties of DNA that the
>sentient civilizations contributed to make this exchange center of
>information -- this Light Center. 
>When we speak of Light. We speak of information. Those of you who have had
>experiences where you allowed Light to come into your physical body,
>unflegingly know that once you expose yourself to Light, you begin to
>increase the amount of information. Your perceptions -- everything about
>yourself -- begin to change -- you begin to awaken. The darkness of the
>veil is removed. So when we speak of Light, we speak of the return of
>information-- the intending of bringing a great amount of information to
>this planet, whose frequency has been drastically controlled -- but that
>comes later in the story. 
>So, the plan of the Earth was a grand one. An as these Creator Gods did not
>exist in time as you know it, let us say that a few hundred thousand years
>-- a few million years -- in their terms, were nothing. And different
>energies were brought to existence. There have been species of man -- yes,
>just like you -- man looking like you, whose DNA were intact at one time
>who developed very highly evolved civilizations. This, of course, was a
>long time ago -- we are speaking prior to 500,000 years ago upon your
>planet. We are not speaking of civilizations that. you call Lemuria , or
>the civilizations that you call Atlantis -- that is what we call modern,
>man . We are talking about civilizations that are ancient -- civilizations
>that -- to give you a little scoop, for those of you who like a scoop --let
>us say that they are buried under some of the ice caps under what is called
>your far, far Southern continent -- Antarctica. But that we will save for
>another evenings discussion. 
>So, this project as it would be called Earth, was fought over. It looked
>enticing It looked to be something of desirability of ownership by others
>-- and so during Earth's early history there were wars in your space for
>ownership of this, your planet. Had you ever wondered who owns Earth? Prime
>hunk of real estate? You think that it is ownerless in space? Ah, you have
>something to learn about space territories. So there were changes , as it
>would be, of administration. And the original planners, who by the way, we
>will say the original planners of your universe of course were of the
>Family of Light. They designed an information center -- they designed a
>place where galaxies would contribute the information. The Earth was to be
>a library-- do you understand -- a Cosmic library a place of incredible
>beauty -- a place of experimenting how information could be stored through
>frequencies, through the genetic process. 
>So, the skirmishes took place. Different zones of the Earth became -- let
>us say -- lost -- to certain original owners, and the Earth became a place
>of duality. It became a place of course in this free-will universe, where
>others, who had the right to do what ever they wanted -- because it is
>free-will -- came in and took over. We call it raiding your Earth. They did
>like corporate raiding on Wall Street. Do you understand? They raided the
>Earth. The raid that you are now to be concerned about is a raid that
>occurred approximately 300,000 years ago-- what historically speaking you
>would call, from a Biblical point of view -- certainly from most of your
>esteemed scientifics -- the beginning of human civilization. But it was
>only the beginning of the later phase -- as we said, what we call modern
>The interesting thing about the skirmish that occurred about 300,000 years
>ago, is that a certain group of entities came, and they fought in space --
>as of course many others have fought in space for this Earth principality,
>this territory, this prime hunk of real estate -- and they won. They beat
>out Light. It gives you a new idea of Light, doesn t it? So it became their
>territory. There was great radioactivity -- nuclear action-- much of the
>Earth was rent asunder. And the original specie -- human creation -- the
>Adam man, as it would later be called -- was in great destruction --
>So those new gods -- those new creator gods-- were also master geneticists.
>They understood the process. They understood how to create life. They
>wanted this territory for their own reasons. Let us give you another hint
>about why territories are created, and why territories are held. 
>There is consciousnesses in all things. This your scientifics will one day
>step off of their ladders and begin to realize. And then you will begin to
>really own the planet yourselves. There is consciousness within all things.
>Consciousness communicates continuously. Consciousness vibrates -- or can
>be led to vibrate -- at certain --what would be called electromagnetic
>frequencies. Electromagnetic frequencies are very interesting. They tend to
>act in a variety of ways. One of the ways that we are going to be concerned
>about in speaking with you this evening is that electromagnetic energies of
>consciousness can act as 'food'. Feel that concept out -- it can act as
>food. So that means that just like apples can be prepared an eaten and
>ingested -- in a variety of ways, perhaps consciousness could be prepared
>and ingested in a variety of ways. Do you understand? 
>So, some entities, in the process of their own evolution, began to discover
>that as they created life, and put consciousness into things through
>varying the frequencies -- through modulating the frequencies of forms of
>consciousness. They could feed themselves. They could keep themselves in a
>existence. They began to figure out that this is how the Prime Creator
>nourished itself. It sends out others to create a food source for itself. 
>Now, the new owners of your planet -- this principality in space out on the
>fringes of your galactic system had a different appetite-- different
>preferences than the former owners. They nourished themselves off of fear.
>They nourished themselves off of chaos -- though fear was their primary
>food source. In some ways, it fed them -- it stimulated them -- it kept
>them in power. Understand? So 300,000 years ago, these creator gods that
>your Bible speaks of --that the Babylonian tablets speak of -- that texts
>all over the world, in actuality, speak of-- they came, and they rearranged
>what would be called the native specie man. And they rearranged what would
>be called your DNA, in order to have you broadcast within a certain limited
>frequency band. This has been going on for a long time now. 
>What part do you play in it? Why are you here? Why are you created here in
>this story? For some of you, this is just like a dream. We are reminding
>you of what you know inside of yourselves. We have come onto your planet to
>trigger your memory banks. We have come onto your planet to inspire the
>human race through the Family of Light, to begin to create their own
>reality. We, as Pleiadians, create our experience. We come back through
>what is called time in your terms, into what would be called perhaps, our
>past, into a vestige of representatives of Light, in order to share a
>frequency with you -- a frequency that each one of you has agreed to carry
>on this planet -- to change the DNA of the rearranged human race. This is a
>big story -- it could make headlines, you know. 
>Now, of course the original planners were not about to lose the territory
>-- did you think they were going to give up so easily? Of course they exist
>in a different time sector than you. So the new owners came and worked in
>their laboratory, and created workers, created versions of humans with a
>different DNA -- the two-stranded double-heli DNA. They took the original
>DNA of the human specie, and they disassembled it. Yes isn't that clever?
>They disassembled the original DNA. And they left it, of course, within the
>human cell -- they simply split it apart. 
>Within the human cells are what we call Light encoded filaments -- fine
>glosimar threads of energy that carry information. And when those glosimar
>threads are working together -- like a cable -- fiber optics as it would be
>-- they form the heli -- the helix of your DNA. Of course when you were
>rearranged, you were left with two heli -- the double helix -- half lit. In
>other words, anything that was unnecessary -- that would keep you informed
>-- was unplugged. And so you were left with a double heli that would keep
>you in what would be called certain controllable, operable frequencies. And
>you were set, of course, on your free-will zone -- you, we are speaking of
>the humans, not necessarily those of you in this room of course -- you are
>the Family of Light, which is more than human-- much more than human. We
>will get to that in a bit. 
>And so, let us say that something like an electrical fence -- frequency
>fence -- was put around the planet. Some of you have seen what your
>technological scientifics have created an electrical fence that you can
>keep animals with in? So it is that the electrical fence was put around
>your planet -- as a control as to how much the frequencies of the humans
>could be modulated and changed. So, as the story goes -- this frequency was
>set around the planet, and it was made very difficult for frequencies of
>Light frequencies of information to penetrate. And, when these Light
>frequencies were able to penetrate the frequency control, who was there to
>receive them? -- the DNA was unplugged. The Light encoded filaments were no
>longer organized. And so the creative Cosmic rays that bring Life did not
>have something to plug into and to hold onto. 
>Now there were many noble experiments. And of course the original planners
>began to call on what would be the Family of Light, to go to infiltrate the
>project to begin to incarnate -- to begin one-by-one to bring Light
>information into the place it was lost. And so the Family of Light began
>its work here -- coming into a system that was devoid of Light -- devoid of
>information-- and allowing through what would be called the redefining of
>the laws of man to let these creative Cosmic rays pierce the body
>individual by individual -- and then group by group. In very small numbers
>throughout these eons were these frequencies of information brought onto
>your planet. In times, great battles were fought-- wars were fought --
>information was always looking to be expressed. The original planners knew
>that, Cosmically speaking, this was a lesson for them, in allowing in
>understanding the creator gods who took their project. 
>And so they set about to create their own version of a plan -- at a time
>when the frequency of the Earth would be altered -- a time when the owners
>would perish if they could not change their frequency. Their food source
>would be taken away -- food source of fear food source of anxiety chaos --
>hunger -- despondency. Get the picture? 
>Guess who is removing the food source? You are! As members of the family of
>Light, you are renegades. You are systems busters. You love to go in and
>cause trouble. You are famous, your branch of the Family of Light -- your
>division you are famous for going into system of reality and altering the
>frequency bringing always, information. It is not your task, as members of
>the Family of Light, to proselytize. You simply, as members of the Family
>of Light go into systems, and you act as a receptacle, and you receive the
>creative Cosmic rays into you body, the bodies that you occupy as humans
>because you are in disguise as humans -- and your begin to allow a process
>to take place. Because you are codified, and your memory begins to rise and
>you begin to respond to the plan that you came here to participate within
>-- to alter the frequencies -- to hold to keep -- to maintain a certain
>frequency -- and then to live it -- and as you live it, you affect
>everyone, every place that you go. This is what you are doing now. 
>There are many who understand their assignment. There are many whose
>memories are beginning to rise. We will explain in a few minutes how those
>memories begin to arise. 
>The plan to change the frequency modulation of the human specie has to do
>with the rebundling of what would be called your DNA, the rebundling of the
>Light-encoded filaments. There is a plan that is gigantic at this time.
>That you, as members of the Family of Light, are operating in many, many
>places. In other words, you are not just on assignment on Earth. You are
>multidimensional, and you have many other versions of yourself where you
>are busting systems. Paradigm breakers as it would be. So it will be part
>of your assignment to make contact with these selves, and to understand how
>other versions of your selves are handling their dilemmas-- how they are
>busting their systems. Because you see, there are certain Gods, as you
>would call them Gods, who are behind this process -- what would be called a
>universal process. 
>Right now, it looks like it is a very local, Earthly process. It is much
>more involved then all of that. The Earth is assisting, in its own way, the
>evolution of the Universe. The Earth is where things are happening at this
>time -- it is the destined point of frequency modulation. And the human DNA
>is the recipient and the beginning of this whole process that it is going
>to affect many, many, many worlds. So, as members of the Family of Light,
>you agreed to come onto the Earth many times, in many guises, and many
>different time frames as it would be, to learn the ropes -- to figure out
>the territory, as it would be -- to become trained to experience Earth and
>to prepare yourself for the time when the frequency alteration would be
>designed into the plan, and where you would all be called to incarnate in
>large numbers, and to bring the plan into action. 
>This is the plan that is in operation, as we can most neutrally explain it
>to you, on your planet at this time. This is why the Family of Light,
>everywhere, is beginning to unite. One thing you must all realize -- you
>must focus on what you have in common, not what you do not have in common.
>As members of the Family of Light, you bring information lo the planet
>neutrally to stimulate your own growth. You need to do this. 
>The specifics of the plan have to do with an evolving DNA -- a DNA that
>will evolve from two heli to twelve heli. These twelve heli will correspond
>to what would be called 'energy centers-- chakras, vortices whatever clever
>name you wish to attach to them inside and outside of your body. There are
>millions of you at this time on the planet on assignment, who have agreed
>to do this. Handfuls of you are becoming impeccable. The handfuls are
>affecting the others, and soon you will begin to have great clarity as to
>who you are, and what your assignment is. 
>The chakra centers inside the body are seven-- seven basic ones as they
>have been understood on your planet for a while, although they are simply,
>let us say, representatives -- token representatives of certain areas --
>there are many, many energy centers in the body. In order not to blow the
>experiment, so to speak, and to have the frequencies of humans blow their
>minds to bits, as it would be, great care was taken to bring certain rays,
>and to temper them, so that humans could evolve quickly with the changes of
>knowledge, identity, and information. The third heli, when it was evolved
>in the human, brought about the recognition of feeling, and brought back to
>the planet the use of the third chakra center. The first two heli -- or
>double helix-- are involved with your first two chakra centers, survival
>and sexuality. And if you look around the planet, you will see that the
>large majority of those on the planet are cycling through those two centers
>for eons, over, and over, and over again. The third heli, as the Light-
>encoded filaments begin to bundle, open the potentiality for this (solar
>plexus) area of your body, the feeling center, where you can begin to
>perceive information. Where you can begin to perceive reality. Where you
>can begin to feel connected to your environment, your Earth. 
>The three heli, once they were taken in certain human bodies, in time,
>would evolved to three more. They would correspond to the fourth, chakra of
>the heart the fifth, the throat -- and the sixth, the third eye. They would
>begin to move the experience of man upward -- beyond the same old junk --
>into something grander -- into something compassionate and loving and
>feeling expressive in new vision -- to really be able to experience and not
>just say it. 
>Then, the next three, connect to the crown, which when open, allows the
>frequency of Light to enter, to rearrange the body -- to connect man with
>his spirit self. It is the doorway, the gateway between the physical and
>non-physical. The seventh, the eight, and the ninth -- the eight is an
>information center located outside of the human body -- for some people a
>few inches, a few feet, for some, many feet, maybe even many miles --
>depending on how far one is able to push one's information gathering
>center. The ninth chakra, of course, is a chakra center that exists outside
>the atmosphere of your planet. So it is a planetary chakra. It gets you in
>touch with the energies of your planet, and the areas in space just outside
>your planet. 
>The final three heli which have not been implemented in most humans on a
>general frequency basis. We can tell you that the story of the heli
>involved the evolution of the solstices and equinoxes throughout this year,
>and the final three of the twelve, for those who are able to handle this
>mutation of energy, will come about in the month of December -- in a period
>of 33 day energy acceleration (December 1st through January 2nd), where
>these rays will begin to further rearrange those who have been already
>Now the final three chakras -- what are they going to do? They are going to
>connect you with your 10th, 11th and 12th centers. You are going to begin
>to accept, in great volume, off-planet information. And off planet
>realities are going to begin to really show their faces. They are going to
>begin to be acknowledged. Because that is what is necessary. The final
>three-- the 10th is a solar chakra. It exists within your solar system,
>feeding you information. The 11th is a galactic, and the 12th is a
>universal -- out in the auspices of your universe. 
>Once you, as members of the Family of Light, are able to take this mutation
>into your body, and are able to integrate various centers of information --
>what will happen to you? You will go beyond your personal dramas. Many of
>you are already beyond your personal dramas -- the nitpicking, the
>aggravation of everyday life. You relate to it -- yes, so that you can
>understand how humans contract themselves. It is not for you to become
>entrenched in these dramas. It is for you to understand that you create
>your experience to become a conscious creator. And more than that, to
>become a conscious rememberer of who you are. So as the 10th, 11th, and
>12th chakra begin to open themselves, many off-planet energies will begin
>appearing in your lives, and appearing on your planet, as more, and more,
>and more of you hold this frequency. As you hold this frequency, you bring
>information onto the planet. You bring information that will astound and
>shock most of the world. This process will grow and change over what we
>call about a 20-year period. 
>Already many things in certain portions of your world are coming out, and
>in others they are still in the stone age. There will be a merging of
>identities -- there will be a merging of cultures --there will be an
>infusion of many new world orders. There will be much chaos and much
>confusion. As members of the Family of Light you are to observe it, you are
>to understand that here is an evolutionary process taking place-- frequency
>modulation -- and that those who can handle the change frequency by all
>means will evolve. And those who cannot handle the frequency modulation, by
>all means still create their reality, and they are never ever, ever, ever
>victims. The planet is jam-packed with humanities at this time. Those who
>are here knew darn well what was going to occur in this place -- they
>wanted to be in the vicinity of great change. So that, in a nutshell, is
>the plan. It is a good plan, is it not? 
>We have done our best to give you a summary of what has been going on what
>you have been battling against, around, and for. And now we would like to
>turn it over to you to have questions. 
>To soar the Realm Angelic, take a pinch of psychedelic
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