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Subject: SLS: Phoenix NON martial law (fwd)

>Subject: Phoenix NON martial law
>2010 hours Central time 7/13/97
>I just spoke to Carol in Jack McLamb's office. Phoenix is NOT under martial
>law. 27 cities have been picked to simulate a "terrorist" attack for training
>of FEMA and Phoenix is one of them. Permission was to be asked of the cities
>for this exercise. The Phoenix city council had this on the meeting agenda
>for last week. When Jack and some patriots heard of it, some of the patriots
>attended the meeting. The council stated there wasn't enough present for a
>quorum so it was not brought up. The discussion/exercise has been shelved
>(yea, sure!) until the fall.
>Dave Rydell's computer is dead in the water. He can't send or receive e-mail.
>Drew Rayner, Commander
>Mississippi Militia

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