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I happen to agree with the Supreme Court ("SC") here.

The Qualifications Clauses are supreme Law,
and they do not condition eligibility, or
loss of eligibility, on any number of prior 
years' service in the House or Senate.

Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius.

The principle we are emphasizing here is
that "authority" must be expressed (written) and
enumerated, notwithstanding dicta by Rehnquist
before the University of Arizona Law School
in January of 1997.  For background, read 
"The Lawless Rehnquist" in the Supreme Law
Library at the URL just below my name here.

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Mitchell

>REFORM PARTY of Massachusetts
>PO Box 1408 * Boston, MA 02205
>Voice (413) 783-2918* Fax (617) 288-1228 * prb@world.std.com
>NEWS RELEASE	For Immediate Publication
>To: Political Reporter	Sunday, July 13, 1997
>Cold Blooded Murder!
>With the July 12 decision to kill Term Limits—the people’s will as 
>expressed in the 1994 term limits ballot question—the Supreme Judicial 
>Court lined up over 200,000 signatures against the wall and gunned them 
>down in gangland fashion.  It is distressing for the citizens of this
>Commonwealth to watch the destruction of the oldest functioning constitution 
>on earth by the cabal on Beacon Hill as they blur the distinction between
>Legislators, Supreme Court Justices, and gangsters.
>This is not the first gangland slaying performed by the mob on the hill.
>Recently the SJC was content to watch as the Legislature, Attorney General, 
>and Secretary of the Commonwealth killed the people’s will to repeal the
>outrageous 55% legislative pay raise in drive-by shooting style as they
>sped away with their loot.  Regrettably, 87,000 angry citizens signatures
>on the petition to repeal the pay raise did not act as a deterrent to that
>And let us not forget the SJC’s mac-the-knife performance on the petition
>to reform the Legislature’s rules in 1983 when a broad-based coalition
>collected 120,000 signatures only to be told by the SJC that what the
>Legislature does 
>is none of the people’s business.
>The SJC said that the proper way to bring term limits to the Commonwealth
>was through a constitutional amendment.  Reform minded citizens led by
>Dorothea Vitrac tried that and the mobsters on Beacon Hill strangled it
>with their bare hands by simply not voting as the constitution requires of
>The line between the Supreme Judicial Court and the Great and General Court 
>is blurred.  One seems to be buying the other.  Don’t be surprised if in a 
>month or two a hand full of legislators under cover of an informal session 
>give the SJC the pay raise and perks it has asked for—a fitting reward for 
>the term limits hit squad.
>There is only one way left to fight the mob on the hill and that is to
>elect Reform Party untouchables to the Legislature and Constitutional office.
># # #
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