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Subject: SLS: discovery for a foreclosure (fwd)

Dear William,

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Many thanks in advance for your 
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/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 10:53 AM 7/15/97 -0000, you wrote:
>A couple of quick things...
>first, it seems my "subscription" to the fwolist has expired.  They won't
>be sending me mail anylonger.  Of course, this is the only list of which I
>was able to garner your posts, so, if you would be so kind as to cc me on
>any pertinent posts of which you send out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Just let me know if and when you might want
to be removed from our list of "Friends".

>second.  what do you think of filing interrogatories to the fed in order to
>obtain the information I would normally have to get under foia? 

The one major advantage of FOIA over all other
methods of discovery, is that the FOIA does not
require you to demonstrate relevance or 
materiality.  And, of course, it invokes the
original jurisdiction of the DCUS.  With 
interrogatories, you may find yourself fighting,
and losing, a MOTION TO STRIKE.  With FOIA requests,
all you need to do is file with a demand for
mandatory judicial notice, pursuant to Rule 201(d)
of the Federal Rules of Evidence, and the FOIA request
and appeal are in there, solidly.

 I mean, it
>is a civil "foreclosure", right?

Yes, and ... ??

  Why not put the attorney on the spot by
>participating in discovery and making him cut his own throat?

They usually do, but ... FOIA only goes to
existing documents which are presently in
the possession of government document
custodians, e.g. disclosure officers, and
such.  How would you propose to use FOIA
in a foreclosure?  

Is it tax-related?

If so, then you submit FOIA requests for
the original assessments, signed by 
assessment officers.  There are no such
assessments in existence, particularly
under Reno's reign, because she has failed
to exhibit her oath of office, breaking the
chain of authority right at the top.  Stay
in the saddle here, and you will prevail.
See U.S. v. Brafman, which says that if
assessments were not signed by assesement
officers, then there were no assessments.

So, attack the assessments from as many
different angles as you can:  "officers"
must have Appointment Affidavits to prove
their "office," so, if and when these 
credentials are exhibited, attack them too
for constituting evidence of the wrong
U.S. Constitution, per Dyett v. Turner, etc.

I would begin by studying Brafman, because
that is a comprehensive authority for
attacking any IRS assessment.

  Just a
>question I'm investigating.  I believe it would also go good in filing the
>counter complaint against the US in that its officers are attempting to,
>now "knowingly", perp a fraud.  What do you think?

I may be jumping to some conclusions here,
but how did the foreclosure begin, in the
first place?  You mention "US";  am I correct
that it is tax-related?

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>William Gordon 

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