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Subject: SLS: Hong Kong paper ... Donation allegations "putting Sino-US
      ties at risk" (fwd)

>This came out of the Hong Kong Daily Standard this morning.  Looks like 
>they don't like where Fred is digging...
>Donation allegations `putting Sino-US ties at risk'
>CHINA has flatly denied trying to influence US elections, saying critics 
>who accuse it of making secret campaign donations
>risk damaging Sino-US relations. 
>Foreign Ministry spokesman Tang Guoqiang, speaking at a weekly news 
>briefing, said the uproar in Washington over claims
>that China funnelled money to American candidates was motivated by 
>domestic US politics. 
>``Some people in the US _ out of domestic political needs _ are, out of 
>thin air once again, slandering China with accusations
>that it is involved in the so-called political donations,'' Mr Tang 
>``This is completely groundless. We hope they respect the facts . . . 
>and stop their mistakes. Don't do this again and damage
>the two countries' relations.'' 
>Fred Thompson, who chairs a Senate committee looking into fundraising 
>abuses during the 1996 presidential and
>congressional races, claimed on Tuesday to have evidence of a ``Chinese 
>plan to subvert our election process''. 
>Mr Thompson did not make public evidence to support his claim, while 
>other members of the committee said they were not
>ready to take claims that far. 
>Mr Tang did not respond specifically to Mr Thompson's allegations, but 
>said China had no interest in meddling in domestic
>politics of other countries. 
>``The Chinese government consistently opposes one country's interference 
>in another country's internal affairs,'' he said. 
>``The Chinese government won't and hasn't wanted to interfere in other 
>countries' internal affairs in any way, because our
>national system doesn't allow this kind of thing.'' 
>Earlier, President Bill Clinton reiterated he had no knowledge of any 
>attempts by China to influence US policy through
>campaign funds, but said such allegations would be of ``serious 
>concern'' if they were true. 
>The hearings of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee opened on 
>Tuesday with startling remarks by Mr Thompson that
>``high-level Chinese government officials crafted a plan to increase 
>China's influence over the US political process''. 
>Beijing has bitterly denied the charges, but the Federal Bureau of 
>Investigation has reportedly uncovered evidence that China
>approached five US senators in an attempt to buy influence. 
>Officials at the Chinese embassy in Washington are also alleged to have 
>raised huge sums for Mr Clinton's Democratic party
>during the 1996 elections. 
>But the president pointed out that even if China made such an effort, it 
>was ineffectual as it never reached him. 
>``Since I don't know (about it), it can't, in any way and shouldn't, 
>affect the policy,'' he said. 
>Mr Clinton repeated his call for ``the most vigorous possible 
>investigation'' into the charges. 
>``And when we have the facts, we will act in an appropriate fashion,'' 
>he said. - Agencies 
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