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Subject: SLS: Truth in Media's GLOBAL WATCH Bulletin 97/7-6 (11-Jul-97)

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> Truth in Media's GLOBAL WATCH Bulletin 97/7-6    11-Jul-97
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>      * * *
>The "Official" Story... and the Other (Serb) Side of the Coin
>      * * *
>Was the New York Times Tipped Off About the NATO Raids?
>      * * *
>But Who Will Guard the Guards?
>      * * *
>Clinton Move Over, Bring Back Capone
>      * * *
>PHOENIX - Some 20 masked gunmen kidnap a person after luring him to a
>meeting using deceitful tricks.  They whisk him across several
>international borders into a foreign country where they lock him up (see
>TIM GW Bulletin 97/6-8, 6/29/97).  The masked gang's leaders publicly
>gloat over this "feat," seemingly unperturbed that such kidnapping and
>entrapment are considered criminal acts in most civilized countries.
>Al Capone's Chicago gangland reincarnated?
>No.  The New World Order's "international justice" at work.  And at
>that, the relatively benign variety - the United Nations'.
>What happened on July 10 was a progression from benign to a deadly
>strain of "international justice."  The NATO "peacekeepers" (what an
>oxymoron!) in Bosnia, killed one person in the Bosnian Serb Republic,
>while kidnapping three others.  None publicly indicted!
>"It's 2-0 to us," a British diplomat boasted to Canada's Globe and Mail
>(July 11), as if killing and kidnapping people was some sort of a
>sporting event.  "I'm bloody proud it was a British effort."
>"Bloody proud" of spilling blood in cold blood?  Doubt that even Don
>Capone would have rejoiced at something like that.  After all, killing
>to Don Capone was settling business, not soccer, scores.
>Yet President Bill Clinton, the British and German defense ministers,
>along with scores of other NWO cheerleaders, including the Canadian War
>Crimes Tribunal's prosecutor, Louise Arbour, cheered NATO's July 10
>raids.  But the Russian government, which also has U.N. "peacekeepers"
>in Bosnia, took a dim view of the NATO assaults.  "Such cowboy raids
>threaten the whole Dayton peace process," said the Russian foreign
>ministry, in a July 11 statement.
>Amazingly perhaps, some of the NWO's self-appointed "human rights"
>organizations also gave thumbs-up for such blatant violations of human
>rights by the NATO troops.  Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch
>and the Institute for War and Peace called on NATO countries to speed up
>the capture of indicted war criminals in former Yugoslavia.
>"What happened yesterday was hugely important, but it is just the
>beginning,'' said Amnesty's Director of Legal and International
>Organizations Program, Nicholas Howen.
>The "Official" Story...
>So what did happen on Thursday, July 10 in Bosnia?  There are
>conflicting stories about it, to be sure, although you'd never get that
>impression if you only read the Western press...
>The Western media told us that an unspecified number of the British
>Special Air Service troops assaulted a party of Serbs who were about to
>go fishing at a lake near the town of Prijedor, in northwestern Bosnia.
>One of the men, the former chief of police in Prijedor, Simo Drljaca,
>drew a gun and fired as the threatening NATO troops ran toward him.  He
>wounded one of the soldiers in the leg, according to the British defense
>secretary, George Roberts.
>We are also told that Drljaca was killed in the gun fight which ensued.
>His son, Sinisa, 17, and his brother-in-law, Spiro Milanovic, were taken
>prisoner and transported to The Hague.  They were returned to Prijedor
>the following day (July 11), after the U.S. Secretary of state Madeleine
>Albright intervened, at the Bosnian Serb President's, Biljana Plavsic's
>The raid, code-named "Operation Tango" during the planning stage, was
>staged with prior approvals by President Bill Clinton and the British
>Prime Minister, Tony Blair.  And although no U.S. troops took part in
>the assault, the American military provided logistical support.  "It was
>the right thing to do," Clinton told the media on July 11 aboard the Air
>Force One.
>...And the Other (Serb) Side of the Coin
>The above was the "official" NATO version of the July 10 incident.  And
>now, here is the other side of the coin, the side which the NWO media
>would not let us see.  The story you're about to read is based on
>eyewitness accounts.  If these testimonies are true, what happened in
>Prijedor, Bosnia, on July 10 was a gangland-style premeditated murder, a
>"hit," in the mob's terminology.
>An eyewitness to the Drljaca shoot-out, a man whose back was turned to
>the camera to avoid identification, told the Bosnian Serb TV (SRT) in
>the evening of July 10, that Drljaca was at first only wounded, and that
>one of the NATO assailants then "finished him off."
>The following day (July 11), Drljaca's son, Sinisa and Milanovic, the
>brother-in-law, both of whom were with him at the time of the shooting,
>provided additional details about what happened.  Their accounts of what
>they saw and heard follow below.  They were recorded almost verbatim by
>the Truth in Media's Belgrade correspondent, who watched their SRT
>interview, which aired at about 10 p.m. local time the evening of July
>11 (4 p.m. EDT):
>   The three Serbs were having breakfast when six men, five in NATO
>   uniforms and one wearing his civvies, dashed out of the nearby woods 
>   yelling (in Serbian), "Simo lezi, Simo lezi" (in translation -
>   "Simo (Drljaca) drop down, Simo drop down").
>   The boy (Sinisa, 17) and Milanovic immediately dropped to the ground.
>   But Drljaca (the father) began running toward the lake.  The NATO
>   soldiers started after him.  Three of them eventually caught up to
>   Drljaca and jumped on his back.  But he managed to throw them off for 
>   a moment, before being eventually overpowered with the help of 
>   additional NATO troops.
>   At that moment a black man walked toward the two Serbs who were lying
>   on the ground (Drljaca's son and Milanovic), and ordered them to look
>   straight down into the dirt.  A shot was fired.  The young Sinisa 
>   could not resist the temptation and turned his head to see what was
>   happening.  He saw the man in his civvies fire twice into his father
>   and yell some obscenities at him.
>   Two NATO soldiers then lifted the dead man and threw his body over 
>   the fence.  A NATO helicopter showed up on the scene.  The soldiers 
>   loaded the body and the two prisoners into it.
>Milanovic, Drljaca's brother-in-law, provided the following
>additionalimportant details to the SRT viewers:
>   Milanovic said that Sinisa and he only wore swimming suits at the 
>   time of the NATO raid.  Drljaca (the shooting victim) was wearing a 
>   track suit.  None of the three were armed.  The only shots fired
>   were fired exclusively by the NATO assailants.
>NATO spokesman, Maj. Chris Riley, said on July 11 that the Serb
>allegations that Drljaca had been "murdered" were totally false.
>Another Serb, Milan Kovacevic, was also apprehended July 10 in Prijedor
>by the four British soldiers pretending that hey were delivering a Red
>Cross parcel to him at the Prijedor hospital, of which Kovacevic was
>director.  Like Drljaca, Kovacevic was not on the published list of
>people indicted by the International War Crimes Tribunal, but was said
>to have been secretly indicted in March.
>One day after the shooting, thousands of people marched in Prijedor and
>Banja Luka to protest the NATO brutality.  The funeral of Simo Drljaca
>is planned for Monday, July 14, although his body has not yet been
>returned to the family.  The Serb authorities are appealing for calm,
>but many fear the events of July 10 may cause spontaneous violence, or
>maybe even spawn guerrilla warfare against the NATO troops, whom the
>Serbs see as foreign occupation forces.
>Was the New York Times Tipped Off About the NATO Raids?
>The fact that we have not heard nor seen "the other (Serb) side of the
>coin" in the Western media at all, exemplifies the NWO government and
>media collusion in crafting stories their way.
>The British soldier, for example, who was alleged to have been shot in
>the leg, was never identified in a any of the U.S. or British media
>reports we have seen.
>Why not?  We can only hope that some poor British grunt won't have to be
>shot in the leg by the NWO criminals to save face of the Western
>leaders, just in case they can't find an injured British soldier on the
>NATO payroll whom they could parade for the occasion.
>Furthermore, the NATO Bosnia-Prijedor story was NOT a front page news in
>any of the U.S. regional papers we've checked out.  Yet it was the top
>of the front page story in the New York Times.  It rated a total of
>about 100 inches of ink (about 3,300 words) in its July 11 edition, far
>more than many bigger stories rate, the day after.
>Why so much focus on a relatively obscure event, from a local American
>The Times also dispatched its reporter, Chris Hedges, who wrote the
>47-inch cover story, to the former Yugoslavia only days prior to the
>Prijedor raids.
>And the New York daily even had a color photo of Drljaca, the shooting
>victim, ready in time for its early editions.
>How would the New York Times editors explain such an extraordinary
>prescience?  Or the amazing quickness and breadth with which they
>reacted, including an editorial and an OpEd piece by Richard Holbrooke,
>no less, the former chief Dayton agreement negotiator?  To be published
>on July 11, all these pieces had to have been written the same day the
>NATO raids took place.  Or were they written before, with just the
>dates, names and details inserted?
>Justice, the U.N. Variety
>Slavko Dokmanovic, 47, the former Serb mayor of Vukovar, a town in
>Eastern Slavonia, former Yugoslavia, which gained notoriety during the
>civil war in Croatia in 1991, was invited by Jacques Klein, the head of
>UNTAES (a United Nations authority policing this predominantly
>Serb-populated region), to a meeting.  As he crossed the Danube (river)
>on June 27, Dokmanovic was seized and handcuffed by about 20 masked
>gunmen, according to the education minister in the Republic of Serb
>Krajina government, Milan Knezevic, who was with Dokmanovic at the time.
>Later the same day, the U.N. reported that Dokmanovic was taken to the
>war crimes tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands. "He was lured into
>(Eastern) Slavonia with false promises," said Toma Fila, a Belgrade
>lawyer who took up Dokmanovic's defense at The Hague, according to a
>July 4 issue of NIN, a weekly magazine.  "They lured him there by
>deceitful tricks.  Their (U.N.) conduct was a textbook case of using
>gangster methods."
>Worse, it was only then that we learned the suspect was supposedly
>indicted by the U.N, "Kangaroo Court" on March 26, 1996.  Dokmanovic's
>indictment was issued secretly, according to the Associated Press.  No
>details of the charges against Dokmanovic were available.  Fila (the
>lawyer) said that "there is no factual evidence," either, to support the
>But Who Will Guard the Guards?
>Ever heard of secret indictments?  Arrest on unspecified charges?
>We hadn't.  Not until June 27.  Given such new "law enforcement"
>practices, anybody, including you and I, might be on the list of the
>"secretly indicted" enemies of the NWO.  What if what's happening in the
>former Yugoslavia is only a warm up, a trial balloon for the kind of
>international justice we can expect right here, in the U.S., should the
>NWO succeed in hijacking the American Constitution?
>An exaggeration?
>Let's flash back to World War II, the images of which are still very
>much alive in the minds of the Bosnian Serb families who were massacred
>by the tens of thousands by the Axis powers.
>Let's imagine the man in the civvies, who allegedly killed Simo Drljaca
>in cold blood, as a Gestapo agent.
>Let's imagine the British NATO soldiers who assisted him as the dreaded
>Nazi "SS" troops.
>Let's imagine the New York Times as one of Herr Goebbels' famed
>mouthpieces (probably the easiest thing to imagine :-) ).
>We don't have to imagine the consequences of this kind of "justice" -
>two bullets in the chest.
>In other words, we see frightful similarities between the New World
>Order, circa 1997, as the one circa 1937.  Which should give mankind of
>plenty of reason to worry.  For, we all know what happened after 1937 -
>World War II.
>With the increasing concentration of power in the hands of an ever
>smaller number of people, just as in the Nazi Germany, or the Soviet
>Union, one cannot help but recall what Juvenal (a.d. 60-130) said about
>a similar situation some 21 centuries ago: "But who is going to guard
>the guards themselves?"
>The U.S. Constitution has been such a guardian of American liberties for
>over 220 years.  But some people want to change that.  They want to take
>away our liberties.  We must not let them.  Lest we want to end up like
>the Germans or the Russians.
>Clinton Move Over, Bring Back Capone
>Let's recap: A man was killed in Bosnia on July 10.  Some say he was
>murdered in cold blood.  Three men were kidnapped.  None of them had
>been publicly accused of any wrongdoing.  And the "Dayton Holbrooke"
>gloats that the "news was good indeed."  Yet the United States President
>says that's "the right thing to do."  And the "international community"
>Bring back Al Capone.  At least he didn't use taxpayers' money to fund
>his crimes.
>Bob Djurdjevic
>Phoenix, Arizona
>e-mail: bobdj@djurdjevic.com
>LINKS:  http://www.forbes.com/tool/html/97/july/returns0708/einstein.htm
>        (Djurdjevic's July 1997 FORBES column, "Move Over Einstein,
>        Signor Da Vinci Is Back")
>        http://www.forbes.com/tool/html/returns0610.htm
>        (Djurdjevic's June 1997 FORBES column, "Is Big Blue Back?")
>        http://www.beograd.com/truth/index.html
>        (Truth in Media home page - 'under construction')
>        http://www.djurdjevic.com
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