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Subject: SLS: The Estimable James Traficant on Foster (fwd)

>The estimable James Traficant, who is probably
>the only truth-telling member of the Congress, with
>a proven capacity for cutting through both
>Republican and Democratic bullshit, is unimpressed
>by Kenneth Starr's report on Foster.
>>From The Drudge Report:
>---- BEGIN ---
>Elsewhere, Congressman Traficant, Dem. OH, said live on the NET Political
>Talk News Network and the Paul Weyrich Direct Line Show late Tuesday that he
>had never before stated his exact thoughts regarding the Vince Foster Case.
>"As a former Sheriff, I must tell you that this case Stinks."   He cited the
>variety of fibers all over the dead man's clothing and declared that the
>case was full of holes...
>--- END ---
>The best proof that the report is full of holes
>is that it is not being released. Kenneth Starr
>and his staff are probably terrified at how easy
>it will be to tear the report to pieces, and
>expose its deceptions.
>The government will find one excuse after
>another to delay the publication of the full
>report, and to prevent it from being analyzed
>on the Internet. Safe prediction, friends.
>The best proof that the Foster case stinks is
>that Starr is afraid to release his report to the
>world. If the case for suicide was solid, the
>report would be released instantly with no
>Of course the big media are going to
>extraordinary lengths not to mention these
>obvious facts. Something about the Foster
>case scares the hell out of them.
>Wayne McGuire

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