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Subject: SLS: Spotlight offers $50,000 Reward (fwd)

>for proof that any of the following statements are false:
>1.) There is a secret Bilderberg Organization that has existed for 40
>2.) Every Year it meets in some highly-guarded location in Europe,
>Canada or the United States.
>3.) It makes every effort to keep its meetings and whatit discussed
>absolutely secret
>4.) All of the persons invited to this secret are either extremely rich
>and politically powerful or they are the spokesmen for those who are.
>5.) Important and powerful owners of big newspapers and magazines and
>television broadcasting companies attend these meetings; however there
>is normally no mention of the meetings in any newspaper in the world,
>except the SPOTLIGHT.
>6.) The decisions of the Bilderbergers are often translated into  public
>policy by governments,including the government of the United States.
>7.) All journalists are taught  that "names make news." However, if they
>write  a story about the importance of the Bilderberger meeting and how
>it relates to National Policy it will be "pulled" by their editors, and
>every  editor knows thatr he is not permitted to run any such story.
>8.) In fact, many editors actually claim ignorance of the Bilderbergers
>rather than admit  that they are part of a conspiracy to supress all
>news coverage  of this important influential group.
>9.)Newspapers  often carry editorials  congratulating  themselves  on
>the alleged "freedom of the press" in America and present awards to
>themselves, knowing all the while they lie.
>10.) The existence of the Bilderberg conspiracy totally refutes the
>fiction that there is "democracy" inAmerica because the voting public in
>general has no idea  that their votes are meaningless and that  all of
>the big political, military, economic and foreign policy decisions are
>made by international plutocrats to further enrich themselves, steal
>taxpayers' money and tighten their hold on the mechanism of government.
>11.) If you can prove that any statement above (1 through 10) is false
>and has been made with actual malice, please send your claim  and
>written or other documentary proof to:
>The Spotlight,
>300 Independence Ave., S.E.,
>Washington, DC 20003 

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