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Subject: SLS: Life rafts departing the rudderless NRA (fwd)

>    THE LIBERTARIAN, By Vin Suprynowicz
>    Life rafts departing the rudderless NRA
>    As resistance spreads among real Second Amendment patriots, to the
>disastrous back-pedaling and endless sell-outs of The Nation's Largest Gun
>Control Organization, Sarah B. Thompson, M.D., of Sandy, Utah
>(righter@therighter.com) forwards me a copy of her July 8 letter to Marion
>Hammer and Wayne LaPierre, of the National Rifle Association.
>  It reads:
>  Dear Ms. Hammer and Mr. LaPierre,
>  I have received several requests from each of you to renew my membership in
>the National Rifle Association. I am unwilling to do so now, or in the
>  You see, I'm one of those "extremists" whom you feel you need to purge
>from the
>ranks of the organization. I know better than to go where I'm not wanted. I
>certainly know better than to pay for such treatment.
>  I believe that many, though still a minority, of our law enforcement
>agents do
>behave like "jack-booted thugs," and that calling them what they are is
>appropriate and necessary.  I believe that federal law enforcement should
>be severely curtailed and should always work under the supervision of local
>  I believe the Second Amendment guarantees me the right to own any weapon I
>choose, specifically including fully automatic machine guns. In fact, if the
>Second Amendment is to have any meaning, then we are obligated to own fully
>automatic weapons and weapons of mass destruction in order to resist the
>depredations of a corrupt, unconstitutional government that would sell us
>and our children into slavery.
>  I believe I do not need anyone's permission to own or carry the weapon
of my
>choice. I most assuredly do not need anyone's permission to defend myself, my
>family, or my property. I will not beg, and I will not subject myself to
>by a government that presumes I am "guilty" until it determines my innocence.
>  I do not, and will never, concede that the police, the military, the
>legislature, the
>ATF, our despicable president, or anyone else is my intellectual or moral
>superior and has the right to judge me. Only a fully informed jury of my
>may do that, and then only where it has lawful jurisdiction.
>  I believe that all gun control laws are inherently evil. It is not enough
>to say that
>Brady will "sunset." If you're willing to tolerate evil for one day, will
>you tolerate it for two?  If you are willing to tolerate it for two days,
>will you tolerate it for a
>year? And if you tolerate it for a year, why should anyone believe you
will not
>tolerate it forever? Honor and integrity dictate that we demand a repeal now!
>  Domestic abuse is a heinous crime and must be treated as such. But I will
>condone the removal of rights as punishment for a misdemeanor. Likewise I
>never condone the removal of a person's right to self-defense in response
>to a non-violent crime, nor will I condone the denial of basic rights to
>those persons
>who, through no fault of their own, suffer from a mental illness, but pose no
>threat to others.
>  I find your support for the overturning of the Religious Freedom
>Act, which denies First Amendment rights as "necessary to get tough on
>abhorrent; it is an indication of your true nature and goals.
>  NRA-ILA has done many wonderful things. Your educational programs are
>excellent, have taught the joys of gun use and ownership to many, and have
>no doubt prevented many deaths and injuries due to your emphasis on safety
>training. ...
>  However, the time for compromise is past. This is no longer about
>hunting, or target shooting. It's not about safety. It's not about begging
>for permission to
>exercise rights that existed long before either government or man.
>  It's about survival: individual survival and family survival. It's about
>survival of
>the form of government envisioned by the founders of this nation. It's
>about the
>survival of the gun culture in the face of a government that would
>willingly commit genocide against it. If you think I'm a wild-eyed radical,
>just look to Clinton's soul mate, Tony Blair, who has publicly announced
>that gun bans have nothing whatever to do with public safety; that the
>issue is the elimination of the gun culture.
>  Far too many others have attempted genocide against my people. I will not
>close my eyes. I will not lie down. I will not go willingly. I will resist
>until there is
>nothing left of me to resist.
>  I will not register my guns, my ammunition, myself, or my family. I will
>consent to background checks, especially when performed by a fascist
>government. I will not ask permission from anyone to do what is right. When
>you decide to stop selling our birthright, When you decide to stop
>supporting permits, When you proclaim that each and every one of us is
>innocent until proven guilty; that we need not subject ourselves to
>"background checks," registration or bureaucracy, When you refuse to
>tolerate evil, When you are willing to call evil by its rightful name, When
>you are willing to call genocide by its rightful name, When you stop
>distracting yourselves and others with peripheral issues, When you learn
>that a compromise with the devil is no compromise at all, Then, and only
>then, will you have my support.
>  Until that time, may your chains rest lightly.
>  Sarah B. Thompson, M.D.
>Vin Suprynowicz is the assistant editorial page editor of the Las Vegas
>Review-Journal. Readers may contact him via e-mail at vin@lvrj.com.
>Vin Suprynowicz,   vin@lvrj.com
>Voir Dire: A French term which means "jury stacking."
>>From Springfield-Missouri.  
>Freedom now days is a state of mind.
>Has anyone announced the soon-to-be maximum leader that will 
>soon descend on us or will that be briefly announced in the 
>comic section of a future Sunday morning paper?
>Just another day in paradise or is the "paradise"
>quickly disappearing or just simply disappeared
>and a great many people haven't figured it out yet?
>Be watchful for the federal thought police and
>their unfriendly associates--who may, someday,
>be coming soon to a city, town or village near you.
>Mail me with BCC: please, thank you.

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