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>N.Korea Opens Fire with Artillery
>5.13 a.m. EDT (913 GMT) July 16, 1997
>SEOUL, South Korea  North Korea launched artillery shells at a Southern
>border post on Wednesday during a fierce exchange of fire, Seoul military
>officials said, describing the incident as a "serious provocation.'' 
>North Korea in a Pyongyang radio broadcast accused the South of a "grave
>military provocation act.'' 
>It said several North Korean soldiers were wounded, without giving an exact
>number. Yeo Sook-dong, the chief spokesman for South Korea's Joint Chiefs
>of Staff, told reporters that North Korean forces fired 10 artillery rounds
>that landed near a guard post on the southern side of the Demilitarized
>Zone (DMZ). 
>No southern casualties were reported in the bombardment that followed an
>exchange of rifle fire. 
>It was one of the most serious border incidents in recent years. 
>South Korean troops spotted an ambulance heading to a North Korean guard
>post shortly after the shooting, Yeo said. 
>"It is a rare and very serious provocation by North Korean troops,'' said a
>defence ministry official, who declined to be identified. "The move appears
>to be intentional.'' 
>The shooting occured only three weeks before the two Koreas, the United
>States and China were due to hold talks to pave the way for negotiations
>aimed at thrashing out a peace treaty to replace a truce that ended the
>1950-53 Korean War. Senior officials from the four nations are due to meet
>in New York on August 5 to set an agenda and other procedural details for
>the peace talks. 
>Yeo said the incident began at 10:57 a.m. (0157 GMT) when a group of North
>Korean soldiers crossed the Military Demarcation Line that runs through the
>middle of the DMZ bisecting the Korean peninsula. 
>After repeated broadcast warnings, South Korean troops fired warning shots
>into the air. North Korean forces responded by aiming 70-80 rounds of rifle
>fire at two guard posts, which responded with a similar burst of fire. 
>North Korean forces escalated the incident with the artillery barrage, Yeo
>said. The south responded with one round from a recoiless rifle. 
>The shooting ended after about 50 minutes when the Southern side broadcast
>a ceasefire proposal. 
>The DMZ was set up as a buffer zone at the end of the war, but is now one
>of the world's most heavily fortified frontiers. 
>In April, North and South Korean troops exchanged warning shots at the DMZ
>shortly before visiting U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen flew to the
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