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>.c The Associated Press  
>OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Glenn Wilburn, who was so angry over the death of his
>grandsons in the Oklahoma City bombing and so mistrustful of the official
>investigation that he forced the opening of a new grand jury probe, died
>Tuesday. He was 46. 
>Wilburn's death from pancreatic cancer came just a day after the panel began
>hearing witnesses looking into the possibility there was a larger conspiracy
>and that federal agents had prior knowledge of the attack. 
>Wilburn's grandsons, 3-year-old Chase and 2-year-old Colton Smith, were
>killed in the day-care center of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building when
>it was destroyed by a truck bomb April 19, 1995. 
>``I believe Glenn to be the 169th victim of the bombing. He was so angry,''
>Kathy Wilburn said a few weeks before her husband's death. ``I'm going to
>have him buried out by Chase and Colton.'' 
>Hours after Wilburn's death, state Rep. Charles Key, who joined in the
>petition for a new grand jury, went before the panel and gave it a list of
>potential witnesses. 
>``It's all for him and people like him, the family members and survivors,''
>Key said of Wilburn, an Oklahoma City accountant. ``That's what this is about
>is people like Glenn Wilburn and Chase and Colton Smith.'' 
>In the two years since the blast, Wilburn had devoted much of his time to
>investigating alternate theories of the bombing. 
>Using the death of his grandsons as a lever with reluctant witnesses, he
>talked to several people who claimed to have seen others with Timothy McVeigh
>before the bombing. He and Key collected about 13,000 signatures that forced
>the empaneling of the special grand jury, which convened June 30. 
>Although the federal indictment against McVeigh and Terry Nichols alleged
>they plotted the bombing with ``others unknown,'' federal authorities now
>doubt a larger conspiracy. And they vehemently deny any prior knowledge. 
>The grand jury is expected to call at least six witnesses this week. The
>first two witnesses called Monday were men who claim they saw at least one
>other person with McVeigh the morning of the blast. 
>McVeigh was convicted and condemned to die last month for murder and
>conspiracy in the bombing. Nichols' trial on the same charges is set to begin
>Sept. 29. 
>In addition to his wife, Wilburn is survived by two sons and a stepdaughter. 
>AP-NY-07-15-97 1446EDT
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