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>Feel free to use any or all.  Emmilene 
>Senator Trent Lott
>Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich:
> Gentlemen:
>    I would like to convey to you  the reason the republican party is likely
>not to be re-
>elected next term.
>   We out here in the unsophisticated land of  the heartland actually
>understand that the House of Representatives has the power to de-fund a
>program.  No amount of veto power or line item veto, can change that.  No
>presidential temper tantrum can overturn it.  
>    We were promised the abolishment of all these Federal unconstitutional,
>power grabbing, tax money draining programs would be done with. This "ploy"
>of attaching it to other bills, thereby enabling the famous Clinton "I'll
>show you" veto, is nothing more than  an excuse for continuing these
>    The hue and cry of "mean republicans, the public doesn't really want to
>do this", is
>nothing more than a smoke screen for sidestepping the issue.  IF there are
>some weak kneed congressmen who think by not standing firm with us out here
>is going to get them re-elected I have a news flash for them.  IT WON'T.
>     I find it hard to believe that anyone would actually think the media's
>propaganda is real. 
>    There is a movement in the country to rid ourselves of a two party system
>that is hard to distinguish anymore. It is apparent that both are heading
>toward the same goal.
>    Socialism, NWO, U.N. order.  The loss of our industry, jobs, lands, tax
>money, individual freedoms, constitutional doctrine, 2nd amendment rights,
>children used as pawns in the socialist doctrine in government schools, our
>ever growing money draining social programs, all add up to one thing.  We
>have to clean house in Washington , District of Corruption.  
>    There "may" be time for the republican party to do a turn around and come
>back to the principles it once but no longer hold.  I doubt it.   I am
>bitterly disappointed with my party.  And there are millions more like me.  I
>no longer call this my party as its too embarrassing. It is time for us, the
>citizens of the united States to regain the constitutional government we once
>had long ago.  It will no doubt be a battle royal but you may rest assured
>that we are serious.  Things have progressed to far to ignore any longer the
>direction our country is going.  WE REFUSE to become a socialist country
>beholden to any NWO.  
>    I hope this is taken in seriousness, as time is running out for this
>land.  WE understand that, do you?  Time for games is over, the real struggle
>is about to begin. 
>citizen of the several states

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