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Subject: SLS: Thou Yeasty Fen-Sucked Clotpole! (comic relief)

>No one should be without this important skill. 
>To construct a Shakespearean insult, combine one 
>word from each of the three columns below, and 
>preface it with "Thou."
>Column 1         Column 2            Column 3 
>artless             base-court           apple-john 
>bawdy              bat-fowling           baggage 
>beslubbering     beef-witted           barnacle 
>bootless           beetle-headed      bladder 
>churlish            boil-brained          boar-pig 
>cockered          clapper-clawed     bugbear 
>clouted             clay-brained         bum-bailey 
>craven              common-kissing   canker-blossom 
>currish              crook-pated          clack-dish 
>dankish            dismal-dreaming   clotpole 
>dissembling      dizzy-eyed           coxcomb 
>droning             doghearted           codpiece 
>errant                dread-bolted        death-token 
>fawning             earth-vexing         dewberry 
>fobbing              elf-skinned           flap-dragon 
>froward              fat-kidneyed         flax-wench 
>frothy                fen-sucked           flirt-gill 
>gleeking            flap-mouthed        foot-licker
>goatish              fly-bitten              fustilarian 
>gorbellied           folly-fallen           giglet 
>impertinent         fool-born             gudgeon 
>infectious           full-gorged           haggard 
>jarring                guts-griping         harpy 
>loggerheaded      half-faced           hedge-pig 
>lumpish              hasty-witted        horn-beast 
>mammering        hedge-born         hugger-mugger 
>mangled             hell-hated           joithead 
>mewling              idle-headed        lewdster 
>paunchy              ill-breeding         lout 
>pribbling              ill-nurtured          maggot-pie 
>puking                knotty-pated       malt-worm 
>puny                  milk-livered          mammet 
>qualling              motley-minded     measle
>rank                   onion-eyed          minnow 
>reeky                 plume-plucked     miscreant 
>roguish               pottle-deep          moldwarp 
>ruttish                pox-marked         mumble-news 
>saucy                reeling-ripe          nut-hook 
>spleeny              rough-hewn         pigeon-egg 
>spongy              rude-growing        pignut 
>surly                  rump-fed             puttock 
>tottering             shard-borne         pumpion 
>unmuzzled         sheep-biting         ratsbane 
>vain                   spur-galled          scut 
>venomed            swag-bellied        skainsmate 
>villainous            tardy-gaited         strumpet 
>warped               tickle-brained       varlet 
>wayward             toad-spotted        vassal 
>weedy                unchin-snouted    whey-face 
>yeasty               weather-bitten      wagtail

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