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>>Why Do We Americans Submit to This?
>>by Susan Huck, McLean, VA:
>>Newcomb Publishers (Tel: 703-893-7302),
>>1997, 202 pages, paperback, $20.00.
>>An Example of Propaganda
>>    The "mean-spirited" way (to use a favorite
>>word of the left) that the mass media maligned 
>>Pat Buchanan, all the while accusing him of 
>>being cruel beyond belief, provides a perfect 
>>example of how propaganda can be used by the 
>>Establishment against its enemies. Accusations
>>against Buchanan, as Huck notes in a piece that 
>>originally appeared in 1996, included such 
>>charges as his being an "extremist," a 
>>"populist," a member of the "radical right," 
>>and even "insane." Why, he was no doubt a 
>>"racist," "bigot," "misogynist," "wimp," 
>>"homophobe" and "xenophobe," as well as 
>>"anti-Semitic," screamed critics. To this were 
>>added epithets such as "protectionist," 
>>"isolationist," and the all-inclusive 
>>    Of course, in wielding the broad brush
>>to tar him, hypocrisy is hardly an obstacle.
>>As Dr. Huck explains:
>>      For at least one generation, more
>>  likely two, the professional politi-
>>  cians have been scientifically slicing
>>  and dicing the American electorate
>>  into handily manipulable voting
>>  blocs. Now, that's "divisive!" Every
>>  line of cleavage has been tried, and
>>  most have been exploitable. So we
>>  have been set against each other,
>>  male-female, black-white, rich-poor,
>>  old-young, North-South, East-West,
>>  white-collar against blue-collar --
>>  just on and on. The game is to pro-
>>  vide members of each bloc with a
>>  highly enhanced sense of grievance
>>  against everybody else, and the de-
>>  lusion that their only friends in the
>>  world are the politicians. Alas, it
>>  works.
>>      Along comes a candidate [Mr.
>>  Buchanan] whose message can over-
>>  ride these carefully cultivated divi-
>>  sions, and the professionals arise
>>  as one man and brand him as
>>  "divisive"!
>>The New American Magazine
>>July 7, 1997 (Vol. 13, No. 14)

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