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Subject: SLS: "Sewergate," by Rep. James Traficant

>A perspective from the RNC
>     "Mr. Speaker, let us tell it like it is.  When nuns and monks
>who take a vow of poverty give $140,000 to a presidential
>campaign, ladies and gentleman, when a welfare worker who makes
>$20,000 a year gives the entire $20,000 to a presidential
>campaign, something is funny.
>     "If that is not enough to freeze your stir fry, when an
>assistant secretary of commerce responsible for international
>trade raises 3.5 million Chinese dollars for a presidential
>campaign, this is not China-gate, this is sewergate.  This is not
>about Democrats, this is not about Republicans.  This is about
>national security and communists, communists who may have
>compromised big people in high places in our government.
>     "But let me say this, Congress.  These Chinese communists did
>not provide all those bucks because they are enamored with and
>love America.  Beam me up, Mr. Speaker.  I say, let the dragon
>chips fall where they may."
>Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (D-OH)
>Washington Times, July 10, 1997
>(Visit http://www.rnc.org for the latest news and information)
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