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The heating is not uniform.  It is greatest at the 
equatorial regions.  This heat differential lofts
ocean water, which convects to the poles, where it
precipitates out as ice and snow.  This shifts
the weight of the planet to the poles, which
forces adjustments in the dynamic equilibrium of the
tectonic plates, in turn causing earthquakes
and volcanoes.  Eventually, the poles accumulate
so much ice and snow, that glaciers begin to move
towards the equator, at an accelerated rate.  So, the 
greenhouse effect dissipates the heat into kinetic
energy that ultimately causes the onset of an
ice age, normally lasting 90,000 years.  We are
now very near the end of the warm 10,000-year inter-
glacial period, which began after the last ice age ended.

Details on "The Hamaker Hypothesis" are available upon request
(I coined the term "Hamaker Hypothesis" after John Hamaker).

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>S>By coincidence, another perspective re the "Global Warming/Global Cooling"
>S>question was received at the same time as the post from Horace.
>The facts are that Carbon dioxide and methane molecules have the
>property of allowing visible light through the Earths atmosphere, yet
>they absorb the heat that gets reflected back off the Earths surface
>when visible light interacts with it, preventing it from escaping.
>Obviously this will eventually cause global warming of some sort.
>Another FACT is that the avg. Earth temperature has gone up over the
>last 150 years, but it's not that much YET. Global warming will be a
>factor, other things remaining as they are, that's FACT. BUT it's still
>a matter of debate and speculation how fast this rise will be and to
>what extent, since the models used by scientists to try to predict via
>computer calculations what will happen are still VERY crude and
>simplistic. The FACT is the vast majorities of glaciers on the earth
>are in retreat, yet not all. The fact that SOME parts of icepacks are
>getting bigger is often used to discount warming, yet few consider the
>conditions present before such packs noticably grew. It's possible that
>before this, it was too cold for snow, for example, due to low humidity
>caused by very low temperatures. The undisputable fact is that, other
>factors remaining unchanged, increased concentrations of these gases
>will DEFINITELY lead to higher temperatures. BUT, it's still not known
>how fast these temperatures will rise nor how far ultimately. To
>suggest that such is total hogwash therefore is very foolish and short
>sighted. We shouldn't panic, but we shouldn't let corporate short term
>greed blind us to the need to make sure we're not going to really mess
>things up. Mike
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