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>"Peacekeeping" Armies Train for Global Control 
>The New System's War Against Civilians
>    A cover story in U.S. News and World Report entitled "Wonder 
>Weapons" (July 7, 1997) catalogued a growing inventory of sophisticated, 
>non-lethal weapons being developed by the U.S. military. Illustrated 
>with grotesque, comic book style illustrations of futuristic soldiers 
>firing stun guns at civilians, the article underscored the shift of the 
>military's mission from national defense to a sort of world police 
>force. The USN article is just one of many indicators revealing that the 
>military is being reinvented and re-equipped for the conflicts of the 
>21st century.
>New Weapons for a New Conflict
>    The "non-lethal" anti-personnel weapons described in the USN article 
>fit into three categories, the first being a laser type of weapon 
>designed to disable an adversary with temporary blindness. Other weapons 
>fit into the acoustic or "sonic" category. Acoustic weapons, set to 
>resonate at certain frequencies, can vibrate the internal organs of 
>targeted personnel, stun them and induce nausea or even "liquefy their 
>bowels and reduce them to quivering diarrheic messes", according to the 
>Pentagon. A third type of weapon is electromagnetic which emits radio 
>frequencies that heat a target like a microwave oven, the effects 
>ranging from discomfort, fever, or death, depending on the distance. 
>Very low frequency electromagnetic radiation has been used to put test 
>animals into a stupor or cause their brain cells to release histamine 
>that would cause flu-like symptoms in a human. (Source:U.S. News & World 
>Report, 7-6-97). New anti-personnel weapons come in a variety of sizes. 
>A laser may be mounted on a soldier's rifle and acoustic weapons could 
>be mounted on helicopters, humvees or armored personnel carriers, 
>promising a wide array of delivery options for maximum effectiveness.
>    In 1995 an annual meeting of four-star U.S. Air Force generals 
>reviewed more than 1,000 potential projects in this field, leaving the 
>possibilities to be limited only by one's imagination. Secrecy enshrouds 
>new anti-personnel weapon technology. After research and development, 
>successful prototypes are classified as "top secret" and disappear into 
>the realms of the defense department's "black budget" - safe from the 
>scrutiny of Congress or the public. "People [in the military] go silent 
>on this issue...more than any other issue. People just do not want to 
>talk about" anti-personnel research said Louis Slesin, editor of the 
>trade journal Microwave News. (ibid.)
>    <Picture>Cities and Civilians in the Next War
>    The increase of "non-lethal" technology is matched by a 
>corresponding increase in military training in "low intensity conflict" 
>situations. This was best illustrated by the recent Cooperative Nugget 
>'97 exercises, conducted from June 11 through July 4, 1997 at the U.S. 
>Army's Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, Louisiana. 2,500 
>U.S. troops as well as 1,100 troops from NATO and "Partnership for 
>Peace" countries participated. Even Albania, in the clutches of anarchy 
>and occupied by foreign troops, sent a platoon to participate at NATO 
>expense. Exercises emphasized "peacekeeping" skills such as how to deal 
>with hostile civilians, protesters, conflict between ethnic groups, 
>snipers, how to evacuate the wounded, etc. Americans dressed in civilian 
>clothes served as role players in the drama acting as antagonists or 
>passive civilians in need of evacuation or medical help. The civilian 
>theater of operation was striking, as was the emphasis on the close 
>"cooperation" between the soldiers of different nationalities.
>    Military training for civilian unrest is not limited to Cooperative 
>Nugget 97, but has been ongoing in various places in the U.S. over the 
>past 3 years. On May 3, 1994, President Clinton signed Presidential 
>Decision Directive 25, which describes how American troops will serve 
>under foreign commanders (released only to top administration 
>officials). On May 10, 1994 the million dollar question was popped via 
>The Combat Arms Survey created by Lt. Cdr. Guy Cunningham, USN to U.S. 
>Marines at the Twenty-nine Palms Marine Base in California. Question 46 
>asks if Marines would obey orders to fire on U.S. citizens who refuse or 
>resist firearms confiscation by the U.S. government.
>    On April 22, 1994 soldiers from the U.S., France, the Netherlands 
>and Surinam trained in Operation Agile Provider '94, which was conducted 
>in several southern U.S. states and trained in "forcible entry", among 
>other things. On June 13 and 14, 1995 helicopters from the U.S. Army 
>Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, N.C., flew to two Chicago 
>suburbs at low level at night without notifying the public beforehand. 
>There was gunfire, explosions, windows in homes were rattled, and an 
>abandoned seminary was invaded to "give the pilots a chance to train in 
>an urban environment," according to the Defense Department (Source: Road 
>to Socialism and the New World Order by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D.) There are 
>many credible reports of military forces suddenly "invading" a peaceful, 
>American community, terrorizing its inhabitants and causing an uproar, 
>all in the name of a "training exercise."
>The Evolution of Post Modern Warfare
>    A projection published in the January '96 professional journal of 
>the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, 
>N.C. sheds even more light on this ominous evolution of military 
>doctrine. In the scenario the ongoing "revolution of military affairs " 
>(RMA) will lead to a 21st century police state capable of using 
>"bioelectronics", "psychotechnology" and chemical tranquilizers to fight 
>"conflicts short of war" and subdue restive populations -- including 
>Americans. The U.S. adopted a strategy of "dynamic defense", a use of 
>"computer-controlled perception-moulding systems" and other forms of 
>mind control. "The old Cold War structures - Department of Defense, 
>Department of State, Central Intelligence Agency", etc., were replaced 
>by two organizations called "The Conflict Preemption Agency" and the 
>"Conflict Containment Agency". The latter agency "integrated the 
>military [and] civilian law enforcement" and intelligence agencies. "The 
>organizational division between the military and law-enforcement was 
>abolished." (Source: The New American magazine April 29, 1996).
>    On July 12 President Clinton suggested that U.S. troops might remain 
>in Yugoslavia after the current NATO mission expires a year from now, 
>according to theWashington Post.. Bosnia is the current laboratory for 
>this "revolution of military affairs" and, even though most Americans 
>and the Congress have expressed their opposition to stationing U.S. 
>troops there, the president sent them anyway and will incrementally 
>extend their presence indefinitely. A 1952 globalist map, adopted by the 
>World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government and made 
>available by the National Economic Council of New York City, predicts 
>the presence of U.S. troops in Yugoslavia as a police force, with 
>foreign troops policing U.S. territory. The future is now.
>What Is This For?
>    From new non-lethal anti-personnel weapons to joint "peacekeeping" 
>exercises and future blueprints for "conflict containment", the pieces 
>of the puzzle have fallen into place. The New Order is anticipating and 
>preparing for "low intensity conflict" (civil unrest) on a massive 
>scale. One might wonder why the military would bother with non-lethal 
>weapons until it becomes clear that they are preparing for conflict with 
>civilians. The world's military forces are being severed from national 
>loyalties and are being integrated into regional alliances such as NATO 
>and Partnership for Peace. Machine guns and bombs are not always 
>practical for use against restive populations. Non-lethal weapons 
>combined with "peacekeeping" strategies are a method of force more in 
>keeping with the ruling elite's self-image of a "benevolent 
>    <Picture>As the Cooperative Nugget '97 exercise began, General John 
>Sheehan, USMC, Supreme Allied Commander NATO Atlantic spouted Orwellian 
>doublespeak in his opening remarks. He said, "To the soldiers assembled 
>here today, I congratulate you because you truly are the next generation 
>of peacemakers, the peacemakers who are so necessary to the world we 
>live in, because it will not take less soldiers to do the work we are 
>involved in, it will take greater soldiers who understand what working 
>together means....We are truly at the beginning of a new millennium 
>where nations can and must work together." "Peacemaker" interpreted 
>means "one who enforces the edicts of the New Order on uncooperative 
>civilians", and "greater soldiers" being those who have successfully 
>stifled national loyalties in favor of world government. 
>    Speaking of this New Order, the Scriptures declare, "And his power 
>shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy 
>wonderfully....and by peace shall destroy many. He shall also stand up 
>against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand." 
>Daniel 8:24, 25.
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