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Dear Clients and Friends,

Lest anyone should have any delusions about Chinagate,
it now apparent that Huang and his cohorts were running
a military espionage exercise inside the White House,
and donating large sums of money to the Democratic
National Committee, to grease the skids.  Although I am
opposed to capital punishment, please be advised that
one of the penalties for treason is death.  See Title 18
for other applicable penalties imposed by Congress.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Huang Received Secret Intelligence on China
>By Steve Holland 
>WASHINGTON (Reuter) - Political fund-raiser John Huang received secret
>briefings about China and visited the Chinese embassy as a U.S. Commerce
>Department official even though his boss had ``walled him off'' from China
>policy, a Senate panel learned Wednesday. 
>The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee traced Huang's path as an
>Asian-American supporter of the Democratic Party to how he got hired in
>June 1994, with powerful support from Indonesia's giant Lippo Group
>consortium, as a deputy assistant secretary at the U.S. Commerce
>On a day marked by a testy exchange between the committee's Republican
>chairman and its senior Democrat, Huang's former boss, ex-Commerce
>undersecretary Jeffrey Garten, said he blocked Huang from having any role
>in China policy at Commerce because he was ``totally unqualified'' and
>lacked the necessary experience. 
>``In my view he should not have been involved with China in any way at
>all,'' Garten said. 
>Committee chairman Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee told Garten, ``There is
>evidence demonstrated that even though Mr. Huang was walled off from China
>policy by you, that he visited the Chinese embassy at least six times and
>received a number of calls from Chinese embassy officials. Does that
>surprise you?'' 
>``Yes it does,'' Garten said. 
>A CIA official, John Dickerson, testified that he gave Huang 37 classified
>intelligence briefings during his 14-month tenure at Commerce, concerning
>trade in Asia and China in particular. 
>He said a senior Commerce official at the time, the late Charles Meissner,
>who died in the 1995 plane crash that killed Commerce Secretary Ron Brown,
>wanted Huang up-to-date on those topics. 
>Testifying with an opaque screen protecting him from the view of
>reporters, Dickerson said he let Huang read several hundred pages of raw
>intelligence and left 12 written intelligence reports with him for Huang
>to use as a reference tool and to keep in his safe. This was a typical
>practice, he said. 
>But Dickerson and a Commerce intelligence official, Robert Gallagher,
>under sharp questioning from Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Arlen Specter,
>said they had no evidence that Huang had ever misused the information. 
>Gallagher said Huang did not seem interested when Gallagher suggested to
>him that he try to upgrade his security clearance to see more sensitive
>The committee later went into closed session to examine the secret
>material to which Huang was given access. 
>Thompson began his hearings last week saying there were indications of a
>plot by China to influence U.S. elections. But Democrats insisted it was
>not clear from the evidence that illegal aspects of such a plan was ever
>put in motion. 
>Republicans seeking to portray Huang as a lackey for the Lippo Group's
>powerful operating family, the Riadys, disclosed a Feb. 17, 1993, memo
>from a woman close to the Riady family appealing to the White House for
>Huang to be given a job. 
>The woman, then working for a California state senator, wrote that Huang
>``is the political power that advises the Riady family on issues and where
>to make contributions. They invested heavily in the Clinton campaign. John
>is the Riady family's top priority for placement because he is like one of
>their own.'' 
>The committee established on Tuesday that Huang funneled a $50,000
>contribution from Lippo in 1992 to the Democratic National Committee, and
>received a severance package of close to $500,000 when he left the Lippo
>Bank of Los Angeles to join Clinton's Commerce Department. 
>Gary Christopherson, a bureaucrat who helped hire political appointees in
>Clinton's first term, said it was Huang's status as an Asian-American that
>made him attractive and that he never saw the letter in question. 
>Thompson and the panel's senior Democrat, Sen. John Glenn of Ohio, crossed
>swords over the circumstances of Huang's hiring. 
>Glenn said Republicans were trying to create a scenario in which Huang was
>``some sort of mysterious character that was placed for subversive reasons
>or for some nefarious purpose, that there was some kind of plot in getting
>him into this specific position.'' 
>``I just saw nothing sinister about the process that was used to put him
>in that position,'' Glenn said. 
>Thompson fired back that Huang was apparently involved in millions of
>dollars in illegal funding for the Democrats in the 1996 campaign and it
>was important to find out as much about him as possible. 
>19:38 07-16-97

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