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>To: All C-News Digest Readers
>Re: Summer Issue of MISSION:AMERICA
>From: Linda Harvey, Editor	
>Here are the articles in the Summer Issue of MISSION:AMERICA.  If you 
>would like a sample of our printed newsletter, please e-mail a mailing 
>address to me at missiona@ee.net.(This is not an elctronic newsletter, so 
>a mailing address is needed.  Thanks.)
>1. STORIES THE MAJOR MEDIA WON'T TOUCH-- This issue is dedicated to 
>current "hot" issues that remain unexplored and ignored by the major 
>media.  The truth is refreshing for a change...	
>2. STAY OR LEAVE: WHAT'S A BELIEVER TO DO? by Rev. Nina George Hacker. 
>Amid an environment where sexual immorality was tolerated, witchcraft and 
>goddess worship celebrated, and the Bible dismissed as myth, this 
>conservative woman theologian struggled in her seminary experience, but 
>stayed. When do believers stick it out, and when do they leave the 
>mainline churches?
>3. A WOMAN'S WOUND, GOD'S HEALING--by Barbara Albert. A real life story 
>of post-abortion healing.
>his wife Donna have experienced vandalism, condemnation in the press, 
>death threats by phone, and a fire bombing of their home in San 
>Francisco--all for simply standing without compromise for biblical 
>orthodoxy. Read the story of their twenty years of witness to an 
>increasingly immoral city.
>Lies, half-truths, deliberate misinformation.  There's no other way to 
>say it--gay activists are spreading deceptive propoganda to our children, 
>to teachers and to many parents, using teacher organizations, classrooms, 
>school newspapers, their own advocacy groups, the media, gay novels,and 
>liberal churches.  They are creating a homosexual worldview that is 
>founded on relative values and ignorance.  Read this summary of the gay 
>spin being put on reality--and please feel free to copy and use this 
>article if you feel it is useful.  Help combat truthophobia!
>See our home page with highlights from these articles at 
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