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Subject: SLS: Seattle Federal Court Travesty of Justice (fwd)

>Just in case it is not crystal clear yet, the Federal government has 
>never tolerated any armed insurrection. As also is obvious as in the 
>Weathermen 1960's radical student group, the Black Panthers black civil 
>rights group, the Branch Davidians, the Georgia Militia, the NYC trade 
>center bombing, the Oklahoma bombing, the Viper Militia; all of these 
>groups were infiltrated by FBI informants and the informants did most of 
>the illegal activity of talking, building and conspiring to make bombs or 
>class 3 weapons. This makes any person present at any of the meetings 
>guilty under the federal racketeering act and now the anti-terrorism and 
>crime bill acts as well as several firearms acts. Then just to make sure, 
>the FBI and justice department along with the federal Judges allow any 
>form of jury and evidence tampering, entrapment, fabrication of evidence, 
>introduction of hearsay, and use of convicted and paid informants. Any 
>attempt by the defense to use the Constitution or ideas of federal 
>conspiracy are not even allowed to be introduced to the jury and the 
>defendant and defense team are usually put under a gag order preventing 
>them from telling their story to the press.
>Should you become alarmed by this activity you need to know this is 
>nothing new and has been going on for 200 years. The only legal and 
>viable way to stop the Federal Leviathan is to get supporters elected to 
>a local city or county government who could then legally challenge the 
>abuses of the other governments. Nye county New Mexico is doing this. 
>Then we would have to get supporters elected to the state government to 
>do more of the same. Any other attempt to form a group to oppose the 
>elite power structure will rapidly end in disaster. This includes all the 
>so called "Patriot" state citizen, and other ideas. The federal courts 
>have never been on the citizens side only the federal elite and its various
>corporation and government forms.
>All offices and services of the federal government and now most of the 
>law enforcement state and local levels are in a joint task force with one 
>mission: To stop all forms of dissent that could lead to the erosion of 
>the power elites hold on the common citizen. Many of the daily government 
>workers do not even know this as they are snookered into one feel good 
>program after another such as the "war on drugs", "dead beat dads", 
>"domestic violence", "child abuse", "air pollution", "wet land 
>preservation", "anti smoking", "gun control", "social security", 
>"uninsured children", "smut on internet", "violence in movies and TV", 
>and so on. 
>The ink on the Constitution was hardly dry before the old ruling class 
>elites of European nobility and new moneyed Americans started attacking 
>the system. They never were contempt with sharing power with the common man.
>England soon attacked and we had the war of 1812. The alien and sedition 
>acts were passed soon after when one of the sons of the founding fathers 
>who was in Congress blew the whistle that we paid war reparations to 
>England even though we won the war. The acts were to prevent future 
>criticism of the actions of the Federal government.
>The infiltrators of the day in the form of the Rebel, Southern Masons, 
>Copperheads, and others soon got the South to attack a federal fort 
>instead of legally dissolving the Constitution contract.  
>The highest level of U.S. masonry, the Scottish Rite was the
>instrument through which the British Crown had reestablished the
>loyalty of American masons after the American Revolution.  The
>northern section of the Rite had rallied the Copperheads against
>Abraham Lincoln's Civil War efforts, aiding the Rite's southern
>chief Albert Pike in secession and in other British white supremacy
>projects, such as the Ku Klux Klan.
>When they realized Lincoln was going to reconcile with the South they 
>killed him. After the war the South was occupied under military rule and 
>fell under the jurisdiction of the War departments Army during the 
>Reconstruction acts. Not wanting to end the new War powers a new act was 
>passed creating the new position moving only the Civil law of occupation 
>out from under the Army Adjunct General to a newly created position the 
>Attorney General, AKA Janet Waco Reno. Later this Attorney General of 
>civil law of reconstruction war powers was consolidated into to a new 
>department, the Justice Department to oversee the civil rights of 
>occupied citizens of war. Under FDR these new federal powers were 
>expanded and enveloped all American citizens and all forms of commerce, 
>banking, agriculture, transportation, and communication. Others who 
>refused to go along or who threatened the elite were soon killed or 
>removed from power: JFK, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Nixon, 
>and George Wallace.
>Most people today including most government workers, legislatures and 
>office holders do not know this big picture. We have all been living in a 
>lie a fairy tale. Just like the story of King Arthurs court and the 
>Knights of Chivalry of the Round Table. It never happened that way, the 
>United States of America was only the ideal form for about 20 years until 
>the first Federal Attack on its own citizens. That does not mean it is 
>wrong or that it can never be that way again. It only means that our 
>shock, dismay and outrage over such things as the attack on the Branch 
>Davidians or the lack of justice in the Federal Kangaroo courts is not 
>really justified when reviewed against the real history of America.
>Paul Watson, Dallas Texas
>Subject: The real reason behind gun control
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>Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 10:46:59 -0800
>Posted on the right2arms mailing list. Bunch of headers and extra stuff
>>Alternative Politics, SA News, Jan 27 - Feb 10, 1994
>>Next Wave
>>by Benedict D. LaRosa
>>The Real Reason Behind Gun Control
>>With public attention riveted on the murder/conspiracy trial of the
>>Branch Davidians, little attention has been paid to the Treasury
>>Department's investigation of the conduct of the Bureau of Alcohol,
>>Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF). Most of the media quickly saw through the
>>veneer of objectivity and rightly ignored the report released last
>>September. However, as with most government documents, there is some
>>truth hidden among the chaff. Appendix G of the report is a brief
>>history of federal firearms enforcement. It is startling in its candor
>>in revealing the real reason behind the gun control movement in this
>>Gun control is being sold to the American people as a crime fighting
>>measure. (There are also attempts to make it an environmental and health
>>issue.) Sarah Brady has publicly admitted that the Brady Bill -- signed
>>into law last November 30 -- will have little effect on crime. But, she
>>added, it was a necessary first step. President Clinton warned, "This is
>>the first step. There is more to be done. We cannot stop here." To what
>>are Sarah Brady and President Clinton referring? Appendix G provides the
>>The report admits that the BATF raided the Branch Davidian community at
>>Mt. Carmel to enforce contemporary gun control laws. It adds:
>>"In a larger sense, however, the raid fit [sic] within an historic,
>>well-established and well-defended government interest in prohibiting
>>and breaking up all organized groups that sought to arm or fortify
>>themselves.... From its earliest formation, the federal government has
>>actively suppressed any effort by disgruntled or rebellious citizens to
>>coalesce into an armed group, however small the group, petty its
>>complaint, or grandiose its ambition."
>>Appendix G relates how the experience of Shay's Rebellion (1786-87), the
>>Whiskey Rebellion (1794), Fries Rebellion (1799), the fugitive slave
>>rescues of the 1850s, John Brown's raid on the Harper's Ferry federal
>>arsenal (1859), the Civil War, Southern resistance to Reconstruction,
>>the Pullman Strike (1894), etc., created an intolerance to organized,
>>armed groups on the part of the federal government. This paranoia led
>>Congress to pass the National Firearms Act of 1934, not "to curb the
>>gangsters' ability to arm themselves" with automatic weapons and
>>sawed-off shotguns as advertised, but "to discourage ownership of such
>>weapons without outlawing them." It admits that "No self-respecting
>>gangster would want to register, much less pay the tax, on his
>>Tommygun." It goes on to say:
>>"The passage of the National Firearms Act of 1934, the first federal
>>effort to control ownership of firearms, grew out of this historic fear
>>of armed organizations.... In recent times, the federal government has
>>shown itself even less patient with armed groups.... As both history and
>>recent events clearly show, the United States has never tolerated armed
>>groups residing within its borders. The intent of the particular
>>organization, whether ideological or criminal, mattered little.... ATF's
>>enforcement focus retains the flavor of that historic concern with armed
>>The Branch Davidians were not criminals and cults are not illegal. It
>>was not criminal activity that brought the Branch Davidians to the
>>attention of the federal government, but the fact that they were an
>>organized, armed group dissatisfied with the status quo. Government
>>agents created the impression of illegality to justify their suppression
>>of the Davidians and to dissuade similar dissenters. This is why
>>Attorney General Janet Reno warned that "more Waco-like standoffs will
>>occur in the near future. I hope an example has been set ... to
>>discourage those who are tempted to join cults." The Brady Bill and the
>>even more draconian gun control measures in the upcoming crime bill are
>>but the latest steps dating back to colonial times to disarm the
>>American people, not criminals, in defiance of the Second Amendment.
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