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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Larry Harris Followers Beware (fwd)

>--Please Pass On To Others In Your Networks--
>Title: Larry Harris, Biological Attack, and Psychological
>       Warfare on America
>By Dr. Len Horowitz
>President, Tetrahedron Incorporated
>Numerous questions have arisen regarding
>Larry Harris's credibility and his predictions and
>prescriptions for biological warfare aimed against
>the United States and our people. I am extremely
>suspicious of Larry Harris for at least six reasons:
>1) Mr. Harris is virtually practicing medicine without a
>license on a public health scale as he has recommended that
>people go out and buy antibiotics to be taken at the first sign of trouble.
>I am not opposed to stockpiling and refrigerating antibiotics as
>a preventive measure, but before treatment is initiated, diagnosis
>is critical. Many antibiotic resistant strains of bioweapons have
>been produced making one's choice of antibiotic moot in the
>absence of laboratory analysis.
>Moreover, on occasion, Mr. Harris has prescribed
>antibiotic dosages that may leave many people
>suffering from nerve damage or other illnesses.
>The correct human dose of tetracycline is 250 to at most
>500 milligrams per day for ten to fourteen days. One gentleman
>personally informed me he was instructed by Mr. Harris to take
>three times that dose for a month--clearly a toxic prescription.
>2) Mr. Harris has been called by some "a fraud" and others
>an "expert scientist." Wherein lies the truth?
>Months ago I was sent Mr. Harris's resume' along with
>portions of his book. I was unimpressed. The many
>spelling and grammatical errors found clearly reflected an
>educational and professional deficit. I'm reminded of the
>phrase "real men don't eat quiche." Real scientists know
>their publications, particularly their curriculum vitaes,
>are a measure of their professional integrity.
>Legitimate scientists would be aghast to have such a
>mistake-laden reflection of their work circulating.
>Likewise, the poor content in Mr. Harris's audio
>and video presentations, as discussed below, reflects
>a possibly sincere laboratory technician, and superficially
>credited microbiologist, but not a highly or even well-credentialed
>man of science, health, or bioweapons research.
>3) Mr. Harris alleges to have been a CIA agent with CDC
>bioweapons laboratory experience. CIA agents have been
>known to be notoriously unreliable and sources of
>counterintelligence propaganda. If Mr. Harris's connections
>to the CIA are true, and I don't doubt Mr. Harris's sincerity
>in believing his reports and CIA connections are, then given
>the nature of his information, and the social/political context
>in which it is being disseminated, I must conclude Mr. Harris
>is being used by elements within the CIA as a counterintelligence
>Case in point, weeks ago when Associated Press announced
>Mr. Harris's guilty plea to fraud charges, it was predictable
>this would further endear Mr. Harris in the hearts and minds
>of many people on the political right and well as
>anti-government groups. It was likewise predictable
>Mr. Harris would then be additionally useful in discrediting
>certain "fringe" elements who favored him or his arbitrary
>health and safety prescriptions. As the attachments show,
>this has all come to pass.
>Regardless of Mr. Harris's personal intent, he is now
>functioning as a tool for propagandists, and the public should
>be forewarned.
>4) Mr. Harris recently pleaded guilty of fraud in a plea bargain
>regarding the illegal storage and transportation of pathogenic
>microorganisms. Had Mr. Harris been a legitimate scientist,
>he might have arranged to have his experimental material
>shipped more safely and legally.
>5) The story of Mr. Harris's friend "Miriam," a Muslim woman
>who, along with alleged allied terrorists, are preparing to release
>bioweapons on American populations, entirely self-incriminates
>Mr. Harris.
>First, this story is consistent with another CIA affiliate
>and government propagandist, best selling author Tom Clancy
>who, in his recent book, presented the same thesis as Harris.
>Next, Mr. Harris's expressed personal knowledge of "Miriam"
>includes granting her a three-day head start to "get away"
>from federal authorities. If this were true, then Mr. Harris
>would be guilty of treason, and aiding and abetting in a
>conspiracy that, according to Harris, may kill well over
>150 million Americans. Is it reasonable to give trust to
>a man who gives such a terrorist three days to escape
>thus jeopardizing the continent of North America and
>Furthermore, as advanced by pharmacist, attorney and
>biowarfare researcher Lawrence Joyce in
>"Lessons From Dugway" [(773) 286-7986], it would be
>counter intelligent for Muslim terrorists to perform as
>Mr. Harris alleged. In Joyce's well considered words,
>"you can get more bang for the buck by getting the world's
>largest economic and military power to concede to your
>demands than you can by destroying it. After all, you
>can't control and manipulate dead people, and you gain
>no power by gaining control over a wrecked economy;
>you gain power by dictating the course of the lives of
>people who are part of a strong economy. The tail will
>always jump at the chance to wag the dog."
>Joyce details additional reasons why a Harris scenario
>is counterproductive and unlikely for terrorist organizations.
>Moreover, common sense would tell you that even Muslim
>hate/extremist groups would not be inclined to attack urban
>areas of the U.S. wherein the vast majority of their
>support emanates.
>My research indicates Americans, and others worldwide,
>are at far greater risk of bioweapons attack by a rogue
>element within our own CIA than from anyone else.
>This must be understood in light of America's principle
>national security interest (and clearly articulated motive)--
>population control, the purveyors of which now
>focus on reducing the U.S. population by
>approximately 125 million, and they have the means
>to do it.
>The world's leading biotechnology laboratories and
>chemical and biological weapons (CBW) contracting
>firms are ours, including institutions such as Merck, Sharp &
>Dohme, Litton Industries, Dow Chemical, and others.
>As documented in "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature,
>Accident or Intentional?"[Toll free (888)-508-4787],
>the insidious nature and international extent of the
>military-medical-industrial bioweapons complex is
>shocking to say the least.
>It should be recalled that the Bush administration supplied
>Sadam Hussein with military and biological armaments up
>until two weeks before our vets, now many ailing from Gulf
>War Syndrome (GWS), invaded Kuwait. U.S. Government
>celebrated and promulgated vaccines, some produced by
>Tannox Biomedical Systems, co-owned by Bush's Secretary
>of State James Baker III, continue to plague our vets
>and jeopardize the public's health while federal authorities
>turn a blind eye to the true hazards of deadly vaccine
>contaminations being given even today to America's children.
>Thus, Mr. Harris's and other propagandists' blaming
>political enemies, and the victims of biological attacks
>(as was recently the case when parents were blamed for
>not getting their children vaccinated in lieu of a
>hepatitis A outbreak associated with U.S. Government produced
>and distributed contaminated desserts, or decades ago
>gay men and Black Africans were blamed for initiating
>the AIDS epidemic, when contaminated vaccines were
>more plausibly the cause) is convenient chicanery, insulting
>to all who see through the ruse. Unfortunately, too
>few do.
>And with more and more conflicting messages
>being passed by people like Mr. Harris, or his handlers,
>it becomes harder and harder to see the forest of
>legitimate threat through the trees of disinformation
>and counterintelligence propaganda.
>6) Mr. Harris has also endorsed certain antibiotics, including
>colloidal silver, and certain manufacturers and distributors
>of these products. I believe that this is a questionable and
>perhaps unethical practice. Though I too favor proven safe and
>effective doses of alternative therapies for specific illnesses,
>I have yet to read one convincing scientific report to substantiate
>Mr. Harris's claims regarding colloidal silver as a universal
>antibiotic and antiviral. Clearly more research needs to be done
>in this area.
>In one advertisement on short wave, Mr. Harris was said to
>have found colloidal silver effective against 600 different
>types of microorganisms. By 1970, the World Health Organization
>and domestic biological weapons establishment had "isolated"
>more than 70,000 different strains of viruses alone.
>Moreover, Mr. Harris's promoters have recommended daily use
>of this antibiotic without citing its undesirable effects on the
>normal intestinal flora. All of this at the time the FDA--
>America's medical mafia--is threatening to regulate colloidal
>silver and other potentially useful, low risk and cost alternatives
>to expensive and toxic, but patentable pharmaceuticals.
>Here again, Mr. Harris is playing right into the hands of our
>shadow governors, pharmaceutical industry barons,
> and their propagandists.
>In concluding my remarks re: Larry Harris, I would urge caution
>in matters concerning public health and biological warfare
>as articulated by him. He may well be, as he claims to have
>been, an agent for the CIA, though much of his information
>appears to be counter intelligent in nature.
>I have no doubt that we will have increasing numbers of
>small to medium size outbreaks of infectious microorganisms
>like E. coli 157, flesh eating bacteria, meningococci,
>new viruses like AIDS, Ebola, Hanta, hepatitis C, and others that CIA
>bioweapons contractors investigated (if not developed), and further
>dispersed, during and after "Project: MKNAOMI," that are now associated
>with widespread illness. These outbreaks will parallel
>rising mortality rates from virus-linked soft tissue cancers,
>including prostate, breast, and lymphomas, and from increasingly
>common exposures to various chemical and environmental
>pollutants and manmade toxins. Some, if not most of these
>exposures will be intentionally and covertly administered
>such as the recent CBS News televised spraying of the human carcinogen
>malathion (and possibly additional toxins) from black helicopters
>over South Florida and Miami beach (allegedly to counter a
>fruit fly infestation). Such activities and exposures may well
>serve a clearly articulated and well documented population control
>agenda now targeting the United States population as others have
>been targeted in years past.
>Moreover, the mainstream news media will continue to ignore,
>and in many cases, obscure the facts.
>This information is relayed in the interest of public health and
>safety by:
>Tetrahedron Incorporated--
>a nonprofit educational corporation
>serving the public's health since 1978.
>No tax deductable contributions or government
>grants are accepted by the company.
>For more information, link to http://www.tetrahedron.org
>or E-mail: tetra@tetrahedron.org
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>Date:          Sun, 13 Jul 1997 06:16:51
>To:            deva777@dedot.com
>From:          Angie Carlson <angie@pop3.connectnet.com>
>The new terror fear: biological weapons
>>>Detecting an attack is just the first problem
>>>America is stepping up preparations to cope with biological warfare. This
>month, at undisclosed locations in Denver, medical and weapons experts will
>begin to assess the city's ability to contend with terrorists using
>biological, radiological, or chemical weapons of mass destruction. Denver
>is the first of 120 cities where federal authorities will evaluate
>emergency capabilities under a $42.6 million Domestic Preparedness Program
>that is the largest civil defense initiative since the Cold War. This
>program begins two weeks after the Pentagon granted the first contract in a
>possible $400 million program to develop a detection system to sniff out
>deadly airborne microbes spread by an enemy.
>>>Three events have created the new urgency: Iraq deployed missiles bearing
>anthrax germs, botulinum (a toxin that spreads the deadly disease
>botulism), and aflatoxin (a poison derived from mold) during the 1991
>Persian Gulf war, and its biological weapons program continues, according
>to intelligence experts; a 1995 Tokyo attack in which the cultlike
>terrorist group Aum spread nerve gas in the subway system killing 12
>people; and a little publicized conviction in Ohio last month of a
>microbiologist named Larry Wayne Harris, who pleaded guilty to fraudulently
>obtaining bubonic plague cultures. Harris, who has ties to right-wing
>groups, was sentenced to 18 months probation and community service. The
>plague cultures were obtained by Harris with such ease that in 1996
>Congress tightened laws on commerce in deadly biological materials to make
>sure they were ordered for legitimate medical and scientific purposes.
>>>Poor man's nukes. The CIA now says Iraq has been joined by North Korea,
>Iran, Libya, Syria, and even China in the quest to make biological weapons.
>Their motive is simple: Biologicals are cheaper and easier to make than
>nuclear or chemical weapons, and they can be equally as devastating. The
>U.S. Office of Technology Assessment once estimated that a small private
>plane, with 220 pounds of anthrax spores, flying over Washington on a
>clear, windless night, could trail an invisible, odorless mist that would
>kill between 1 million and 3 million people.
>>>However, retired Army Col. Karl Lowe, an arms-control expert, argued in a
>recent essay that it would be very hard for terrorists to carry off a
>biological attack. Many biologicals can be dissipated by wind or rain, or
>must be ingested in such enormous amounts as to make their use as a weapon
>of mass destruction impossible.
>>>Though difficult to execute, a biological attack would be virtually
>impossible to detect in its early stages. "Ideally we would like to develop
>a detection system using something remote, like a laser beam that could
>detect and identify a biological agent at standoff distances," says
>Assistant Defense Secretary Harold Smith. But that prospect is years away,
>so the Pentagon is trying to develop a "point detector" that could be
>mounted on a remote-controlled vehicle. It should be able to sniff air
>samples and determine within 15 minutes whether any of 26 dangerous agents
>are present, according to Brig. Gen. John Doesburg, whose command awarded
>the first contract for such a vehicle last month.
>>>The best detector now is a Humvee mounted with what appears to be a small
>Hansel and Gretel house with three chimneys, named in the Army's cumbersome
>fashion the Biological Integrated Detection System, or BIDS. The problem
>with BIDS is that it takes two persons to operate, requires 30 to 45
>minutes to identify biological agents (an eternity in combat), and can
>simultaneously identify only four. Next year, DOD will field a temporary
>improvement, the Air Base/Port Biological Detection system, at bases in two
>areas of high tension, like South Korea and Saudi Arabia.
>>>On the civilian side, a law passed last year requires DOD to go beyond
>troop protection and assist in civil defense. An incident in Washington,
>D.C., last month added urgency to the effort. The headquarters of the B'nai
>B'rith, the national Jewish service organization, received a package with a
>threatening note and the laboratory words for anthrax on it. It turned out
>to be harmless, but had anthrax been loose in Washington's downtown, U.S.
>readiness would have faced the supreme  test.
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>From: TWStough@aol.com
>Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 11:20:33 -0400 (EDT)
>To: TWStough@aol.com
>Subject: Update On Larry Wayne Harris - Direct From The "Horse's Mouth"
>I logged off the internet at 2:30 am and logged back on at 6:30.  I had about
>20 messages, most of whom had to do with Mr.Harris.  I read them all quickly
>and then had to take my wife to the airport.
>On the way back, I called Mr. Harris and confronted him with the allegations
>raised by the Medical Corps and the Montana Militia.
>Here is what he told me:
>1.  The Medical Corps consists of a single former medical corpman with
>absolutely no credentials other than his military training.  He makes his
>living selling used Army manuals to the militias.
>2.  The Montana Militia issued their statement based solely on the basis of
>information they received from the "Medical Corps".   They knew him
>apparently from manual deals in the past.  BTW, did you notice the thinly
>veiled threats in the MM information?
>3.  Mr. Harris is forwarding me the phone numbers of a group of scientists,
>doctors, etc.  which can back up his dosage recommendations.  I will check
>these out and get back to you with further information.
>4.  The dosage recommendations of the "Medical Corps" will be insufficient to
>fight off the disease and people could die from undermedication as opposed to
>statements of the "Medical Corps" that people would die from overmedication
>if they followed Mr. Harris' recommendations.
>I think at this point, it is well established that Mr. Harris is an expert in
>this area  (Remember that the original disinformation was that he was a
>septic tank inspector and that he had no lab).
>I think if the above information is correct, there can be no reliance placed
>on the statements of the Medical Group and Montana Militia statements based
>on information received from the Medical group.
>I think it is also clear that something is wrong with the statements about
>the charges against him which have appeared in various e-mails.   If he
>really had gotten these biological agents and had no legitimate use for them,
>do you think he would be walking around now?  (Yes, I used the wrong term
>(Blue Law) but I think it was clear what I was talking about.)
>It is clear from former Senator Nunn's statements that it was not a matter of
>"if" an attack would occur, it was only a matter of when.  Therefore, this is
>not a matter of whether or not the threat is real.  IT IS.  The only question
>is WHEN the attack will occur.  My point has been from the beginning that we
>should get ready NOW.  Then if the attack is later, we will still be
>I am not sure I mentioned this earlier, but among items faxed by Mr. Harris
>is a copy of a fax to the Governor of Arizona regarding Marshall Law
>exercises about to be conducted in Phoenix.  It also indicates that these
>exercises are about to be declared in several other states.  There also was a
>press release indicating that on May 28th a convoy of 100 trucks, etc. were
>deployed to Phoenix.
>He also sent a copy of a document entitled "The Economic Impact Of A
>Bioterrorist Attack:  Are Prevention and Postattack Intervention Programs
>Justifiable.  This report was issued in the Spring Quarter 1997 issue of
>Emerging Infectious Diseases and were written by three people from the CDC.
>I also received an e-mail stating that this possible attack could not be real
>because we would have no warning if it was real.   I totally disagree.  The
>information was not released by the parties involved but was discovered
>through various incidents.  There is no absolutely no guarantee that this
>will happen.  However, the probability  IMHO is high.  I would rather have
>egg on my face than anthrax up my nose.  Note that there has been massive and
>instantaneous disinformation.  If this was purposefully planted or sent, you
>can only conclude that someone is trying to confuse us and get us to stop
>paying attention to this issue.
>I also want to make it perfectly clear that I do not think that the Iranians
>/ Iraqis / Etc.  are in this alone.  They were either intentionally provoked
>by the Conspiracy or they have recruited these people to do their dirty work.
> One thing is clear.  There HAS to be a reason why those people hate us so
>much.  That reason has NEVER been fully covered in the media.
>I hope this helps you sort out fact from fiction.

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