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>NOTE:   Bradley Glover is a known infiltrator-provocateur from waaaay
>back and close associate, friend, and "ideological brother" of Stewart
>Waterhouse.  I wonder if he'll "cut a deal" or turn state's evidence, or
>disappear into the federal witness protection program like Jim Ellison
>Stay tuned!  The plot is sure to thicken.
>>From the Dallas Morning News:
>Attack on U.S. bases thwarted 
>7 people are arrested in militia plot, officials say 
>By Bruce Tomaso and Kelly Ryan / The Dallas Morning News 
>A plot to attack Fort Hood and other U.S. military installations was
>thwarted with the arrests in four states of members of a so-called
>militia group, authorities said Wednesday.
>The seven people, taken into in custody in separate arrests in recent
>days, targeted military bases they thought were being used to train
>United Nations troops, said Jim Keathley, a captain with the Missouri
>State Highway Patrol.
>"The discussion was to attack the U.S. government facilities," he said.
>[Note: I believe that is probably the only thing that ever took place -
>a discussion. E.W.]
>Those arrested include two people, Bradley Playford Glover, 57, and
>Michael Leonard Dorsett, 41, who were seized July 4 in a campground in
>San Saba County, Texas, just west of Fort Hood.
>Authorities said the men were en route to the huge Army base near
>Killeen, where they planned an assault to coincide with an Independence
>Day open house.
>Fort Hood officials said they were familiar with the alleged plot but
>declined to comment in detail. At no time, they said, were any personnel
>or visitors in danger.
>[Of course not. 7 people were going to take on a military base?? E.W.]
>"Fort Hood has procedures in place to protect its people and facilities.
>However, as a matter of Army policy, we do not discuss specific
>security matters," said Jim Wittmeyer, deputy director of public
>He added: "It is inappropriate for us to comment on matters under
>investigation by civil law enforcement agencies."
>San Saba County sheriff's officials said they were under instructions
>from the FBI not to discuss the arrests.
>The FBI office in San Antonio is coordinating the Texas facet of the
>multistate investigation. Calls to that office were not returned late
>According to federal documents, at the time of their arrest Mr. Glover
>and Mr. Dorsett were carrying suspected explosive material, what
>appeared to be a homemade silencer made of plastic pipe, two rifles,
>five pistols, 1,600 rounds of ammunition, cannon fuse, a container
>labeled "riot smoke," a night vision scope, a radio scanner, two
>bulletproof vests, and a manual entitled Militia Soldiers Operations
>[Oh. I guess with all of that, they stood a real chance of taking over
>Ft. Hood. -E.W.]
>In all, authorities said, 14 pipe bombs have been recovered from members
>of the nameless militia band, along with machine guns and other weaponry
>and military paraphernalia.
>Capt. Keathley said his agency first uncovered the alleged plot to
>attack military bases state troopers infiltrated a meeting last April of
>the "Third Continental Congress" in Independence, Mo. About 200 people
>from across the country attended the meeting, a sort of convention of
>paramilitary groups, radical survivalists and other anti-government
>While there, the undercover troopers heard a small, splinter group talk
>about overthrowing the U.S. government and replacing it [with a
>Constitutional Republic,] Capt. Keathley said. 
>"They got together to discuss the direction they felt the government
>should go," he said. "Their belief is that the federal government is
>going to take away a lot of their rights, for instance their guns
>rights, that the United States is slowly being taken over by U.N.
>[This is the discussion referred to above. The men probably also felt
>that they might one day be arrested on fictitious charges. Just goes to
>show what loonies they were. E.W.]
>The case was subsequently turned over to the FBI, he said. Capt.
>Keathley said all those involved in the splinter group have been
>arrested. He added that while the group members were heavily armed and
>talked boldly about revolution, their alleged intrigues were thwarted
>with no one having been physically harmed.
>"There have been no bombings or terrorist acts," he said.
>[Imagine that.]
>The others arrested in the case were identified as Terry and Kevin
>Hobeck, who were taken into custody on weapons charges in the remote
>mountain town of Creede, Colo; Thomas and Kimberly Newman of Wichita,
>Kan., associates of the Hobecks who had visited them in Creede; and
>Merlon "Butch" Lingenfelter, of Mondovi, Wis., who was charged with
>possession of two pipe bombs and two machine guns.
>According an FBI agents' affidavit unsealed in Denver, the Hobecks
>offered Mr. Dorsett and Mr. Glover "safe haven," in Creede, a hamlet
>of 360 people high in the Rio Grande National Forest of southwestern
>[Which probably translates into: "How'd you like to come and live on our
>ranch and be survivalists together?"]
>The Associated Press contributed to this report. 
>                            1997 The Dallas Morning News
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