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>You're going to like this.  Here is the web site it came from:
>The main point of interest is at bottom, but some stuff before is kinda
>nice and is left in case you might like it.
>   United States Postal Service
>     _________________________________________________________________
>     * Abbreviations 
>     * Addressing Mail 
>     * Dual Addressing 
>     * ZIP Code 
>     * ZIP+4 
>     * Minimum Size Standards 
>     * Nonstandard Size Mail 
>     * Packaging and Addressing Parcels 
>[This next part is probably similar to what is found in #221, but I dunno
>yet cuz I can't read Adobe Acrobat.  Nevertheless, it shows you
>interesting info including how to do international post, which would
>pertain to inter-Union state post.]
>   [INLINE] Destination Address 
>   Be sure to include:
>     * Recipient's name (and/or company name, if applicable).
>     * Recipient's street address, post office box number, rural route
>       number and box number, or highway contract route number and box
>       number. In addition, include the following in the address line:
>          + Suffix: AVE (Avenue), ST (Street), DR (Drive), RD (Road), PL
>            (Place), CIR (Circle), etc.
>          + Directional: E (East), NW (Northwest), etc.
>          + Locator: RM (Room), STE (Suite), APT (Apartment) number, etc.
>     * Recipient's city, state, and ZIP Code or ZIP+4 Code if known. For
>       international mail, include the city or town, and province or
>       state name. The applicable foreign postal code, if known, should
>       go on the same line as, and in front of, the city or town name.
>     * The country name, in capital letters, should be on the last line
>       of the address for international mailonly.
>   ZIP Code
>   The ZIP Code is extremely important in the processing and delivery of
>-->mail. While use of the ZIP Code is voluntary, we urge you to include
>   it in your return address and the mailing address. Complete ZIP Code
>   directories are available for sale at your local post office. For
>   individual ZIP Codes, contact your local post office or check out our
>   on-line lookup.
>   ZIP+4
>   In 1983, the Postal Service began use of an expanded ZIP Code called
>   ZIP+4. It is composed of the original five-digit code plus a
>-->four-digit add-on. Use of the four-digit add-on number is voluntary.
>   However, this add-on number helps the Postal Service direct mail
>   efficiently and accurately. Even if you prefer not to use your
>   four-digit add-on number, using the correct five-digit ZIP Code helps
>   prevent delays.
>[Well, they say it right on their own web page.  I'm printing that out.
>Hrmm, I remember strong copyright restrictions, I'm going to have to
>check that.  Please delete this e-post and get your own copy from the
>web site I put at the beginning.  Thank you.]

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