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>Constitutional Issues for Lawmen
>Vol. 3, No. 4
>Dear Confederates,
>	This is my first communication with your organization.  The political
>climate in the military being what it is, I trust you will keep my identity
>	My thoughts and beliefs are somewhat confused these days.  But, I want to
>express some feelings I've kept inside for some time.  I'm a ____Sergeant in
>the U.S. ________ with ___ years in service.  I've been out of country for 11
>months this tour.  Not certain when I'll return home.  Our ____Lieutenant,
>risking his bars, gave several of us copies of your military and police
>publication several months ago.  I've read one other over the last few years.
> This issue was very cogent as it covered comparisons of the American
>Constitution with the United Nations charter.  The realization that soldiers
>can't serve under the United Nations without violating our national oath that
>your publication imparts did enhance my blood pressure.  It also reinforced
>in me once again that even though many soldiers feel something is wrong with
>some of our missions and some of the things we are being commanded to do, so
>few actually know what is going on in the military and the world today.
>	In my career, I've seen first hand, up close, how American soldiers and the
>soldiers of other nations have been used to take guns and freedom away from
>poor, black, Asian and Hispanic people who need their guns to try to retain
>their freedoms by fighting against communist renegade leaders in their own
>nations and governments.  The people of Somalia was a prime example.  Going
>in, we were not aware that they were fighting to resist violent Marxist
>forces and endeavoring to live free.  "PEACE ENFORCEMENT," they called it.
> As I viewed it, we disarmed the wrong side:  the good people in the towns.
> Forthwith, the people no longer have a way to resist the barbaric,
>UN/U.S.-backed communist War Lords.  Some of us lost good friends in that
>"peace enforcement" effort against the poor, Somali people.  Many of them,
>for good cause, now detest us.
>	In Haiti we accomplished the same, installing a Marxist dictator
>(thankfully, I had no part in that U.S./U.N.-backed communist takeover).
> South Africa, thanks to strong American and European pressures, now suffers
>under a communist junto.  Several million black Christian brothers and
>sisters are being dispatched, as I compose this letter, by the communist
>terror our nation advanced there.  Inquiring of our superiors "why," we get
>no logical answer.  World Peace under U.N. communism is a fraud.  Our
>military leaders go about bewildered but undaunted.  One wonders if they
>understand these geo-political machinations.
>	As did most, I entered the military to serve and protect the freedoms and
>property of the people of my own nation against totalitarianism, communism,
>or fascism (which are all the same).  Can anyone logically articulate how we
>are assisting our country, or these other poor nations' people, by forcing
>them under world communism?  This kind of thinking has drawn me some heat,
>regardless.  I suppose that since I performed well at removing the freedoms
>of one nation's people I'm now in a "special unit" in another nation using my
>talents to enslave another people.  Several of us, including the Lieutenant,
>understand that we are once again being used here to undermine the present
>government of this non-communist dictatorship and prepare it to become
>another asset of the United Nations.  Understanding this, as you can imagine,
>puts us in a shameful and stressful situation.  It's difficult to change
>one's job description from one of guarantor of freedom to one of facilitator
>of world sla
>very.  I don't mean to denigrate other fellow military members, but from an
>historical position, this enslavement of poor people is particularly
>difficult for Afro-American soldiers.
>	Most of us in the U.S. military do not understand what we are a part of.
> Soldiers, and "the folks back home" are told that we're helping the poor and
>oppressed people in other countries.  I could live with that, but it's not
>true.  It's like we are mercenaries for the highest bidder, not American
>soldiers.  We, of course, can't speak out-loud about these feelings, for
>reasons you're already aware of.
>	I've heard of your educational activities and publications for several
>years.  Your publications are passed around "quietly" because there are some
>political problems associated with being caught with patriot or
>constitutional materials.  We have been instructed that any U.S. individuals
>or groups that espouse or publish about "patriotic activism," "constitutional
>violations" or government conspiracies are subversives and it will do our
>careers severe damage to express interest or get involved.  That speaks
>volumes, since some in the military (including up the Chain) are members of
>anti-American, leftist movements or groups.  This has no deleterious effect
>on their careers.  More factually stated, having a leftist world view is
>somewhat beneficial at promotion time.  We see this and more and discuss it
>quietly.  As I see it, more of us are beginning to see the truth and that's
>good, but it does seem the day may come when we will all have to decide whom
>and what we will serve.  Th
>ere is no longer the pride we once experienced in the days when we served
>only our nation and its people.  Will we see a return to those days?
>	We ask you to gird yourselves for rough times and continue sending out the
>newsletters as long as you can.  The knowledge passed on through its pages to
>those of us in the active service of the U.N. (not the U.S.) is important and
>timely.  In that regard, pass this on to the citizens stateside who are told
>that "We are now serving under NATO."  NATO is a red herring; it's still the
>U.N. in power.  They changed the command to NATO to protect the U.N. program
>from the growing storm of contention and controversy over their Marxist goals
>and leadership.  NATO is under U.N. control, according to past records of
>agreements. (Investigate and be clear.)  The test is to look and see what
>colors fly.  Look closely and observe the U.N. blue and white.
>	Those of us who have seen it first hand, and now understand, are saddened
>that many of our Afro-American brothers and sisters, along with the
>Hispanics, are misled to believe that a one-world system is going to be our
>people's answer to total equality and freedom.  "Quality" time in the
>military has allowed some of us to see the truth.  I've beheld communism's
>true FACE, its history written in the drawn, despondent faces of millions.
> "All races and many creeds…just as dead under that exploitive system!"
>	There is one positive thing about communist internal subversive takeovers.
> They always kill the captured nation's traitors, since they understand that,
>if they would sell-out their own people, they certainly cannot be trusted.
> This serves to help purify the gene-pool!
>	The communist leaders are hiding the fact that they are very wealthy from
>money and property they take from the poor, not the rich, yet they speak of
>"liberation of the poor."  They "liberate" the poor of what little they have,
>under the banner of "equality" and secretly live opulent lifestyles
>themselves, secretly always retaining power and untold riches.  I see now
>that this is the same falsehood they have instilled in my people in the U.S.
>	Some of us can now see plainly that, under the United Nations world
>government plan, the only difference is, this time Afro-Americans will not be
>enslaved alone.  The rich Marxists in America and around the world are no
>respecters of persons.  Afro-Americans will be enslaved right along with all
>other non-wealthy Anglos, Hispanics, Asians, and other indigenous peoples of
>the world, all made to serve the masters of a "world plantation."  There is
>no satisfaction for my people in this arrangement.  Therefore, we must all do
>our part, our duty, and see that this world imperialism does not succeed.
>	Sincerest gratitude to all our fellow soldiers and police assisting in your
>efforts to stop this insidious one-world program, and in addition, for
>sending out the special military newsletters.  Tell all there that the most
>gratifying message you send us is that of assuring us we're not alone in this
>	Well-worn copies of your publications are passed on to members of my unit
>and then on to others.  Be advised some of us here will continue to educate
>as many as we can in regards to real duty and true freedom, until we prevail.
>Semper Fi, CO-DE
>[STAFF NOTE:  We pray this brother and his team stay safe and continue to
>focus upon God, not man.  Man without God always has and always will screw up
>the world.  Yes, we receive communications regularly from soldiers and lawmen
>in sensitive career positions, who have a need to get some things off their
>chests, sharing with those who understand.  For all those reading this
>letter, believe us when we tell you that we do our very best to keep your
>identities secure.  But we do ask for permission to air your thoughts with
>our fellow Americans in uniform.  These times of sharing thoughts and
>experiences help many "in the trenches" who may be too afraid (or too wise)
>to communicate.  All original communiqués are destroyed forthwith.]
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