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> Truth in Media's GLOBAL WATCH Bulletin 97/7-8    17-Jul-97      
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>      * * *
>The "Russ" and the "Khazars" - Historical Enmities
>      * * *
>The "Russian Revolution" Was Not Russian At All
>      * * *
>Clinton and FDR: Birds of a Feather
>      * * *
>The "Unnecessary War:" How America PROVOKED the War with Hitler
>      * * *
>"Where Did Hitler Get His Six Million Jews?"
>      * * *
>Appeasing Stalin
>      * * *
>Warning to Americans: The U.N. Charter is NOT the U.S. Constitution
>      * * *
>This 1951 book by Col. John Beaty, a distinguished scholar and a U.S.
>military intelligence officer in World War II, warned Americans about an
>impending peril: Some 46 years ago, this patriotic American foresaw the
>threat which a Clinton-type "Amerika" would pose for the Christians in
>the United States, just as the Soviet state did for the Russian
>				----
>		"And ye shall know the truth, 
>		and the truth shall make you free"
>		Jesus Christ, speaking in Jerusalem
>				----
>PHOENIX - A book by a former high-ranking U.S. military intelligence
>officer and a Columbia University historian covers the Communist
>infiltration and subversion of America. It begins with early history of
>the Jews and ends in 1952.  
>Here is what some prominent Americans, Beaty's contemporaries, had said
>about it:
>Senator William A. Langer, former Chairman, Judiciary Committee: "I
>think it ought to be compulsory reading in every public school in
>Lt. Gen., George E. Stratemeyer, USAF Ret.: "I congratulate you on your
>book and the service you have performed for our country. If my health
>would permit it I would go on a continuous lecture tour gratis and
>preach your book and recommendations. My 'Iron Curtain Over America'
>will be on loan continuously and I intend to recommend its reading in
>every letter I write. 
>Lt. Gen. Edward M. Almond, US Army Ret.: "It is an inspiration to me to
>find an author with the courage and energy to research and to secure the
>publication of such information as you have assembled in order that the
>poorly informed average American may know wherein the real threats to
>our Country lurk. Your book is a magnificent contribution to those who
>would preserve our American ideals." 
>Vice Admiral T. G. W. Settle, U.S.N. Ret.: "'The Iron Curtain Over
>America' is a most pertinent and excellently presented treatise on the
>cancer on our national set-up. "I hope this book has had, and will have,
>the widest possible dissemination, particularly to our leaders-in
>Washington, and in industry and the press,—and that our leaders who are
>"uncontaminated" will have their serious attention engaged by it." 
>Lt., General P. A. Del Valle, USMC Ret.: "I am impelled to write to you
>to express my admiration of your great service to the Nation in writing
>this truly magnificent book. No American who has taken the oath of
>allegiance can afford to miss it, and I heartily recommend it as an
>honest and courageous despeller of the fog of propaganda in which most
>minds seem to dwell." 
>So if a U.S. Senator and four generals from four different branches of
>the U.S. military give a book such a ringing endorsement, chances are
>it's a "must read," right?  
>It is.  But we have to warn you - it may also be a "musty read" for
>those of you who do manage to get a copy.  For, the book is 46 years
>old.  We've tried to find out what happened to the author - without
>success, as the publisher, Chestnut Mountain Books, Barboursville, VA,
>seems to be no longer in business.  Considering the author's age at the
>time he wrote the book (see the photo below which depicts a man in his
>60s), it seems reasonable to presume that he has since died.
>But his work lives on.  For, much of what Col. Beaty wrote back in 1951,
>still applies today.  Like the corruption of our political system by the
>leftist liberals.  Or that the globalist U.N. sympathizers attempts to
>usurp the U.S. Constitution.  Or the NWO's assault on Christianity in
>America, which seems to have intensified, rather than lessened, in the
>last 46 years.
>A Short Biographical Sketch of the Book's Author
>Col. John Beaty, the author of "The Iron Curtain Over America" had
>written, or collaborated on, a dozen books. His texts have been used in
>more than seven hundred colleges and universities.  His historical
>novel, "Swords in the Dawn," published originally in New York, also had
>London and Australian editions. It was adopted for state-wide use in the
>public schools of Texas. His education (M.A., University of Virginia;
>Ph.D., Columbia University; post-graduate study, University of
>Montpellier, France ), his travel in Europe and Asia, and his five years
>with the Military Intelligence Service in WW II, rounded out the
>background for the research (1946-1951) which led to "The Iron Curtain
>Over America." 
>Col. Beaty, a distinguished scholar and a proud American, spent most of
>his life, including the five years of intensive research (1946-1951),
>gathering the information upon which this book is based.  Keep in mind,
>therefore, that "The Iron Curtain Over America" is the culmination of
>serious research by a respected expert, not propaganda, such as the
>half-truths or outright falsehoods which the anti-Christian NWO has been
>feeding us.  
>No wonder Sen. Langer said - the book "ought to be compulsory reading in
>every public school in America."
>Well... it isn't.  On the contrary.  The book was hard to find.  Which
>is why some of you may find this review a shocking revelation.  And see
>what they didn't tell us in the supposedly "liberal" public school
>education in America.
>The "Russ" and the "Khazars" - Historical Enmities
>The book opens up with a historical perspective of the distant region of
>the world which we today call European Russia.  It explains how the
>Khazars, "a belligerent tribe of half-Mongolian people, similar to the
>modern Turks, conquered the territory of what is now Southern Russia."
>In the eighth or ninth century, Khazars' leader wanted a religion for
>his pagan people. He adopted a form of the Jewish religion.  Thereupon
>he and about 4,000 Khazars were circumcised.
>Also in the Middle Ages, Viking warriors pushed from the Baltic area
>into the low hills west of Moscow. These immigrants from the North and
>West were principally "the 'Russ'—a Varangian tribe in ancient annals
>considered to be related to the Swedes, Anglos, and Northmen."
>>From the local Slavic tribes, they organized (c. 862) a state, known
>subsequently from their name as Russia, which embraced the territory of
>the upper Volga and Dnieper rivers and reached down the latter river to
>the Black Sea and to the Crimea. Russ and Slav languages, though quite
>different, had common Indo-Germanic origin. They accepted Christianity
>as their religion. 
>The "Russ" were absorbed into the Slav population which they organized
>into statehood. The people of the new state devoted themselves
>energetically to consolidating their territory and extending its
>boundaries. The Slavs, especially those in the area now known as the
>Ukraine, were engaged in almost constant warfare with the Khazars.  
>Finally, by 1016 A.D., they destroyed the Khazar government and took a
>large portion of Khazar territory. 
>Relations between Slavs and the Judaized Khazars in their midst were
>never happy. The reasons were not racial—for the Slavs had absorbed many
>minorities—but were ideological.  
>The original imported rabbis were zealots for the Babylonian Talmud,
>completed on December 2, 499. Their successors were in complete control
>of the political, social, and religious thought of their people. The
>intransigent attitude of the rabbis was increased by their realization
>that their power would be lost if their people accepted controls other
>than Talmudic. 
>It has been frequently stated by writers on the subject that the
>"ghetto" was the work not of Russians or other Slavs, but of rabbis. 
>Under the Romanovs of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, there
>was no change in attitude toward the Judaized Khazars, who scorned
>Russian civilization and stubbornly refused to enter the fold of
>When Nicholas I died, his son Alexander II [reign, 1855-1881] decided to
>try a new way of winning the Khazar minority to willing citizenship in
>Russia. He granted his people, including the Khazars, so many liberties
>that he was called the "Czar Liberator."  His "reward" was death.  The
>"Czar Liberator" was assassinated in St. Petersburg in 1881 by "a bomb
>thrown at his carriage."  Some of the assassins were of Jewish Khazar
>The "Russian Revolution" Was Not Russian At All
>In Russia and abroad in the late nineteenth century, not many Khazar
>Jews had been attracted to the writings of Karl Marx (1818-1883),
>partly, it seems, because he was Jewish in origin. "On both paternal and
>maternal sides Karl Marx was descended from rabbinical families" (Univ.
>Jew. Encyc., Vol.VII, p. 289).
>The Marxist program of drastic controls, so repugnant to the free
>western mind, was no obstacle to the acceptance of Marxism by many
>Khazar Jews, for the Babylonian Talmud under which they lived had taught
>then to accept authoritarian dictation on everything from their
>immorality to their trade practices. Since the Talmud contained more
>than 12,000 controls, the regimentation of Marxism was
>acceptable—provided that the Khazar politician, like the Talmudic rabbi,
>exercised the power of the dictatorship.
>Various elements of this restless aggressive minority nurtured the
>amazing quadruple aims: 
>	1. International Communism
>	2. Seizure of power in Russia 
>	3. Zionism
>	4. Continued migration to America (with a fixed purpose to 	retain
>their nationalistic separatism.)
>The name Bolshevik means majority (from Russian "Bolshe," the larger). 
>It commemorates the fact that at the Brussels-London conference of the
>party in late 1902 and in early 1903, the violent Marxist program of
>Lenin was adopted by a 25 to 23 vote.  The less violent Menshevik
>Marxists (meaning the minority of 23 who lost the vote), faded from the
>picture after revolution started in October, 1917. After 1918, the
>Bolsheviki called their organization the Communist Party. 
>In 1917, the Germans, not realizing that he would be anything more than
>a trouble maker for their WW I enemy, Russia, passed Lenin and his party
>in a sealed train from Switzerland to the Russian border. In Lenin's
>sealed train, "Out of a list of 165 names published, 23 are Russian, 3
>Georgian, 4 Armenian, 1 German, and 128 Jewish" (The Surrender of an
>Empire, Nesta H. Webster, Boswell Printing and Publishing Co. Ltd.,
>London, 1931). 
>"At about the same time, Trotsky arrived from the United States,
>followed by over 300 Jews from the East End of New York and joined up
>with the Bolshevik Party."  
>According to the data furnished by the Soviet press, out of 556
>important officials of the Bolshevik State... there were in 1918-1919,
>17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Letts, 15 Germans, 1
>Hungarian, 10 Georgians, 3 Poles, 3 Finns, 1 Karaim, and 457 Jews.
>The triumphant Khazars, aided by other "converts" to Communism,
>strengthened their grasp on Russia by a succession of "purges" in which
>many millions of Russians lost their lives.
>Clinton and FDR: Birds of a Feather
>The new rulers of Russia promptly and effectively penetrated the
>countries of Western Europe, Canada and the United States.  Their first
>spectacular triumph was (President) Roosevelt's recognition, less than
>nine months after his inauguration, of the Soviet government of Russia. 
>A lengthy article, "Moscow's RED LETTER DAY in American History," by
>William La Varre in the American Legion Magazine (August, 1951) says the
>move was arranged by "Litvinoff, of deceitful smiles," and by "Henry
>Morgenthau and Dean Acheson, both proteges of Felix Frankfurter."
>Acheson, sometimes referred to as the "Frankfurter's boy," was one of
>Stalin's paid American lawyers. "Acheson was on Stalin's payroll even
>before the Soviet Union was recognized by the United States," writes
>Felix Wittner in the American Mercury magazine (April, 1952).  Yet that
>did not prevent Acheson from becoming President Truman's Secretary of
>[Switching for the moment back to America of 1997, just as Acheson was a
>paid lobbyist for Stalin, today we have the likes of Henry Kissinger,
>Alexander Haig et. al. lobbying for the Communist China.  Add to it a
>high concentration of Jewish-Americans in the Clinton administration's
>foreign policy and defense teams, and one begins to appreciate why we
>may have greater reasons to worry today about the lives of our children,
>than did the Americans in the 1930s.  Luckily, we have the benefit of
>hindsight they didn't have. Forewarned-forearmed?
>Another similarity between the Clinton and FDR is a low regard for the
>U.S. Constitution which the two presidents had sworn to protect.  FDR,
>for example, made an actual treaty with the Soviets, giving them the
>right to establish a communist embassy and consulates in the United
>States, granting full diplomatic immunities for Stalin's agents, the
>bloody bolsheviki - all without the approval of Congress! 
>Sound familiar?  Just as the Clinton administration signed the Dayton
>agreement in 1995, for example, and committed the American troops to
>Bosnia - without the approval of Congress!  And has been cozying up to
>China in recent years.
>It would not surprise us, therefore, if Manhattan's West Side Highway
>(now known as the Henry Hudson Drive) became the Bill Clinton Drive in a
>couple of decades from now, completing a symbolic conquest of New York
>by the "reds" - from East to West.  (The East River Drive, which passes
>by the United Nations site, was renamed FDR Drive after Roosevelt's
>A more frightening thought, however, is - how many Americans may have to
>die before Clinton gets his name on a New York freeway?  If the nation's
>casualties during the FDR years are any indication, we are in for a real
>bloodbath. The American Christians may be 46 years closer to their
>Holocaust than they were when the book was written, as the
>anti-Christian NWO wages its neo-colonial wars.]
>The "Unnecessary War:" How Roosevelt PROVOKED the War with Hitler
>In a speech before the Dallas, Texas Alumni Club of Columbia University
>on Armistice Day, 1950, General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower stated
>that as Supreme Commander in Europe he made a habit of asking American
>soldiers why they were fighting the Germans and 90% of the boys said
>they a had no idea.
>The American soldier is not the only one who wondered and is still
>wondering about the purposes of World War II." Winston Churchill has
>called it "The Unnecessary War." In view of our legacy of deaths, debt,
>and danger, Churchill's term nay be considered an understatement. 
>In late July, 1933, an International Jewish Boycott Conference (New York
>Times, August 7, 1933) was held in Amsterdam to devise new means of
>bringing Germany to heel. Samuel Untermeyer of New York presided over
>the Boycott Conference and was elected President of the World Jewish
>Economic Federation.
>Yet, the 1930s economic sanctions against Germany were a benign
>precursor of the NWO's murderous economic sanctions of the 1990s, which
>killed millions of innocent civilians in Serbia, Bosnia, Iraq, North
>Korea, etc..
>Back in the U.S. from Europe, Untermeyer described the planned Jewish
>move against Germany as a "holy war—a war that must be waged
>unremittingly" (speech over WABC, as printed in New York Times of August
>7, 1933). 
>A "holy war that must be waged unremittingly" against the "gentiles?"
>Keep in mind that was back in 1933, when Hitler was still a relative
>newcomer on the political map of the world.  
>[Today (1997), it is interesting to note that the Muslims use the same
>hateful rallying cry for their "holy war" (the "jihad") against the
>It would appear, therefore, that one thing the "Semites" (both Jews and
>Muslims) have in common is a zeal to exterminate the "less worthy"
>humans of other persuasions - be it other Semites (respectively) or
>Christians. Theirs seems to be the philosophy of exclusion and
>separatism, not of inclusion and tolerance. Which is why they preach
>inclusion and tolerance in America - in the form of globalism and
>multiculturalism, while practicing exclusion and separatism while - by
>enslaving the Christians or other non-Semites.]
>War seems to have suited the purposes of the powerful Judaized Khazars
>element, dominant in the inner circles of the Democratic Party in
>America, Col. Beaty says.  They regarded with enthusiasm the killing of
>as many as possible of the native stock Americans of English, Irish,
>Scotch, Welsh, German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Latin, and Slavic descent.
>This non-Christian power bloc therefore endorsed "Unconditional
>Surrender" and produced the Morgenthau Plan, both of which were certain
>to stiffen and prolong the German resistance at the cost of many more
>American lives, and many more German lives, too. 
>Unfortunately, President Roosevelt became obsessed with the idea of
>killing Germans (and Japanese? Bob Dj.) rather than defeating Hitler (or
>Japan). Perhaps taking his cue from his Commander-in-Chief—a term
>Roosevelt loved—General Mark Clark told American soldiers of the Fifth
>Army that, "it is open season on the Anzio bridgehead.  There is no
>limit to the number of Germans you can kill" (New York Times, February
>13, 1944). 
>Such a stress on "killing" or "kill" rather than on a "cause" or on
>"victory" is definitely at variance with the traditions of Western
>Christian civilization, Col. Beaty says..  It is also costly in the life
>blood of America, for "killing" is a two-edged sword. An enemy who would
>surrender in the face of certain defeat will fight on to the end when
>truculently promised a "killing"—and more Americans will die with him.  
>[No wonder some 75 million humans perished in the 20th century alone,
>according to Gen. Alexander Lebed, a former Russian presidential
>candidate, as a result of such policies.]
>"Where Did Hitler Get His Six Million Jews?"
>A Reuters dispatch of March 13, 1951 from Tel Aviv (Washington
>Times-Herald) stated that notes delivered yesterday [March 12] in
>Washington, London, and Paris and to the Soviet Minister at Tel Aviv
>urged the occupying powers of Germany not to "hand over full powers to
>any German government" without express reservations for the payment of
>reparations to Israel in the sum of $1,500,000,000. 
>This compensation was said to be for 6,000,000 Jews killed by Hitler.
>This figure has been used repeatedly. But if one consults statistics and
>ponders the known facts, Col. Beaty wonders how it was arrived at. 
>First of all, back in 1939, he says, there were only 600,000 Jews out of
>Germany's 69 million population.  The World Almanac for 1940 gives the
>world's Jewish population as 15,319,359.
>According to The World Almanac for 1949, the number of Jews in the world
>was 15,713,638. If the World Almanac figures are correct, the world's
>Jewish population did not decrease in the war decade, but showed a small
>Such wide discrepancies prompted the author to ask the question of
>"where Hitler got the 6,000,000 Jews he is said to have killed?"  
>Meanwhile, some 5,000,000 Germans were unaccounted for—4,000,000
>civilians, and 1,000,000 soldiers who never returned from Soviet labor
>camps, he noted. [Over 20 million Russians and other Christians also
>perished in WW II].
>But just in case you may suspect from the preceding that Col. Beaty may
>have been some sort of a "closet Nazi sympathizer," Beaty also wrote
>that state controls "may produce a dictator. And once a dictator is in
>power no one (as shown in the case of Hitler) can chart his mad course."
>Appeasing Stalin
>The Prime Minister of Britain, the Right Honorable Winston Churchill,
>was alarmed at President Roosevelt's silly infatuation for Stalin and
>the accompanying mania for serving the interests of world Communism. "It
>would be a measureless disaster if Russian barbarism overlaid the
>culture and independence of the ancient states of Europe," he wrote on
>Oct. 21, 1942, to the British Foreign Secretary, Anthony Eden. 
>Churchill also wanted an invasion of the Balkans, which Roosevelt and
>Marshall opposed apparently to please Stalin. Col. Beaty wonders why,
>except for appeasing Stalin, were the Allied forces devoted to
>strategically unimportant Italy, the winning of which left the Alps
>between our armies and Germany.  Why did they not land, for instance, in
>the Salonika area - a springboard for the historic Vardar Valley
>invasion route?  This route leads without major geographic obstacles
>through Yugoslavia to the heart of Europe.  It would have helped the
>Allies defeat Hitler without giving Stalin all of Christian Eastern
>Europe as a compensation. 
>Officially, Gen. Marshall stated to a Congressional Committee that the
>"purpose" of the Italian campaign was to draw "German forces away from
>the Russian front."
>At (the) Potsdam (international conference), Truman maintaining intact
>Roosevelt's iron curtain of secret diplomacy, played fast and loose with
>American honor and security. He agreed to an enlargement of the
>boundaries of a Poland already delivered by Roosevelt and Churchill to
>Russian control through addition of areas that had for centuries been
>occupied by Germans or people of German origin. 
>Some 14 million persons were brutally expelled from their homes with the
>confiscation of virtually all their property, Col. Beaty notes. Only 10
>million finally reached the American, French, and British zones of
>Germany. Four million mysteriously disappeared. Thus Truman approved one
>of the greatest mass deportations in history, which for sheer cruelty is
>a dark page in the annals of history.  
>[Nowadays, we would abhor such policy as "ethnic cleansing."] 
>Warning to Americans: The U.N. Charter is NOT the U.S. Constitution
>Patriotic Americans should be warned against spurious attempts to draw
>parallels between the United States Constitution and United Nations
>regulations. The Constitution, with its first ten amendments, was
>designed specifically to curb the power of the Federal government and to
>safeguard the rights of states and individuals, the author writes. 
>On the other hand, the United Nations appears to have the goal of
>destroying many of the sovereign rights of the member nations and of
>putting individuals in jeopardy everywhere—particularly in the United
>We must not forget the iron curtain over America, which has blacked out
>the truth that Russia was founded by the Russians, who were men of the
>West, men from Scandinavia, whence sprang the whole Nordic race,
>including the great majority of all Western Europeans, Col. Beaty warns.
>Consequently, we should never speak in a derogatory manner of Russia or
>Russians. "Each time we attack 'Russia' or 'the Russians' when we mean
>the Bolshevik hierarchy, or speak contemptuously of 'Asiatic hordes,' or
>identify world communism as a 'Slav menace,' we are providing grist for
>the Kremlin mills," he says. 
>Finally, we must not forget that leaders in Russia since 1917 have been
>not patriotic Russians, but are a hated coalition of renegade Russians
>with the remnants of Russia's old territorial and ideological enemy, the
>Judaized Khazars. 
>A final note to the Truth in Media readers: For any of you who are
>Jewish-Americans, or of Jewish descent anywhere else in the world, and
>who may be tempted to switch to "auto-pilot," and accuse us of
>anti-Semitism for having done this book review: 
>Don't!  Nothing would be further from the truth than levying such an
>accusation at us.  This writer is a Serbian-American.  During WW II,
>many Jews were saved from the Nazi pogroms by the Serbs, who often times
>risked or lost their lives doing it.  They include the Jewish-Americans,
>like Maj. Richard Felman, USAF Ret., whose life the Serbs saved along
>with the lives of over 500 other American pilots' (see TIM GW Bulletin
>97/6-9, 6/30/97).
>Our sole purpose in reviewing this book was to reveal the truth which
>our public school system has withheld from us. "And ye shall know the
>truth, and the truth shall make you free." 
>Bob Djurdjevic 
>Phoenix, Arizona 
>e-mail: bobdj@djurdjevic.com 
>LINKS:  http://www.forbes.com/tool/html/97/july/returns0708/einstein.htm 
>        (Djurdjevic's July 1997 FORBES column, "Move Over Einstein, 
>        Signor Da Vinci Is Back") 
>        http://www.forbes.com/tool/html/returns0610.htm 
>        (Djurdjevic's June 1997 FORBES column, "Is Big Blue Back?") 
>        http://www.beograd.com/truth/index.html 
>        (Truth in Media home page - 'under construction') 
>        http://www.djurdjevic.com 
>        (Annex Research home page)

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