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>The Voice of a Reformer, Gene Crocker, Ph.D., radman5@wolnet.com
>"The freedom we secured for you, we hoped you'd always keep.
>But tyrants labored endlessly while your parents were asleep.
>Your freedom gone, your courage lost, you're no more than a slave ...."
>				        Anon, A Visitor From the Past
>This article lists 24 acts of  exploitation experienced by the US
>government and the American people at the hands of Communist China. 
>They are all matters of public record. This series of communist coups
>has been achieved by presidential and congressional finance campaign
>contributions, the lobbying efforts of US multinational corporations for
>China and the work of some senior US politicians who are "Friends of
>Communist China".  The 25th act of exploitation is being proven in the
>current US Senate hearings. 
>     1. Clinton has "relaxed" the controls on the sale of restricted
>military technology to Communist China;  67 supercomputers (used in
>nuclear weapon research and missile target weather prediction), Global
>Positioning Systems designed to guide cruise and ballistic missiles, and
>gallium arsenide (radiation resistant) computer chips are among the list
>of military items sold to Communist China..  The US taxpayer continues
>to pay millions and millions of dollars each year for research and
>development in these areas (see 1992 thru 1998 Defense Budgets) to
>Silicon Graphics, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, IBM,  and others,
>which are the same companies that are selling the supercomputers and
>other restricted technology to Communist China.  In effect, the US
>taxpayer is subsidizing the research and development of the Chinese War
>     2. Clinton's administration has allowed the Communist Chinese to
>take tactical  control of the strategic Panama Canal thru bribery of
>Panama officials by Holdings Ltd. The US  treaty with Panama allows the
>US to keep troops in Panama for the defense of the Canal.  Clinton has
>announced that all American troops will be gone from the Canal Zone by
>January 1998. Holdings Ltd. is owned by the same man Li Fa Saing who is
>said to have hand picked Chee Tung Hua as the new Communist Chinese
>Governor of Hong Kong. 
>     3. President Clinton has actively promoted the lease of the former
>Long Beach Naval Base in California by the China Ocean Shipping Company
>(COSCO).  COSCO is the maritime arm of the Chinese Communist Navy whose
>Elint (electronic intelligence gathering) Trawler Fleet flies the COSCO
>flag.    The US taxpayer is paying for and will lose an estimated $200
>million on this one deal.  COSCO has already been involved in the
>shipping of automatic arms to street gangs in the US and is alleged to
>be involved in the smuggling of heroin from China.  When they choose,
>they can conduct intelligence operations, import weapons and drugs to
>the United States to further social unrest, and/or import biological or
>nuclear weapons unhindered and uninspected by American authorities. 
>COSCO has concluded a similiar deal with the Port of Charleston, South
>     4.  Communist China is financing and building  Da Zhong Hua,
>"Magnificent China" in
>Adelanto California.  This is a $60 million dollar communist chinese
>trade complex that will bring in over 1000 communist chinese families to
>manage the complex..  The Communists will use the "Foreign (free)Trade
>Zone" at the adjacent Southern California International Airport to
>distribute whatever they choose  by air and truck to the US and the rest
>of North and South America. 
>     5. Clinyon and Congress have "delinked" trade with human rights in
>US foreign policy. An estimated 8.5 million men, women and children are
>in the Chinese Communist slave labor factory gulags run by the PLA.
>     6. Wall Street Firms have sold an estimated $6.7 Billion Dollars of
>Chinese Communist Bonds to American investors (Goldman Sachs, Lehrman
>Bros., CitiBank, Stephens Co. and others) Financiers like Richard Blum
>(Sen. Finestein's husband) and Jim Stephens are  investing billions in
>mainland China.
>     7. Clinton  gave Communist China MFN trade status from 1993 to
>1998, with congressional approval.  MFN trade status was worth $40
>billion to Communist China in 1996 and will net Communist China a
>projected trade surplus of $50 billion dollars in 1997.  This money is
>being used to modernized the Peoples Liberation Army and to build its
>PLA owned, dual use (military/consumer) factories.
>     8.  US manufacturers are financing and building dual use, high tech
>factories in Communist China, Boeing, GM, GE, IBM, United Technologies,
>Rockwell etc with the subsequent reduction in US manufacturing
>capabilities and the loss of high tech jobs in the downsizing of US
>     9. US Agencies are making loans and loan guarantees (US
>Export/Import Bank etc.) such as the $900 million for power plant
>construction in mainland Communist China to James Riady or the $138
>million to build COSCO 6 ships.
>     10. Forty to fifty  thousand chinese communist students and
>researchers, are studying the latest advances in technology and science 
>each year at US universities and research laboratories.
>     11. An estimated 1000 business fronts for chinese communist spies
>in the United States.  The Wall Street Journal stated that 450 of them
>are being investigated by the FBI for economic, technology and military
>     12. The lobbying of Congress by unregistered agents of the Chinese
>Communists who are senior politicians and who earn millions of dollars
>for their efforts; Kissinger Associates. Scrowcroft Associates,
>Worldwide (Haig), etc.
>     13.  Clinton has instituted a policy of buying from Communist
>China  millions and millions of dollars of shoddy military goods for the
>US Armed Services.  These goods are reported to wear out or fall apart
>after a few days of use.
>     14.  The purchase by the Chinese Communist People's Liberation Army
>of US military high tech goods that are new, in excellent working order,
>and that have cost the US taxpayer billions,  which the Chinese
>Communists buy for pennies on the dollar as "surplus".  This military
>equipment, including titanium missile shells, radar units, and
>computers, is then shipped to Communist China as "scrap".  COSCO has
>become the worlds leading shipper of US "surplus" military equipment.
>     15. "advance knowledge of America's negotiating positions in trade
>and economic talks as well as access to trade deals subsidized by
>America." Huang, and possibly Meissner (deceased)and others in US
>Commerce Dept. 
>     16. No sanctions or restrictions given to Communist China by the US
>when Red China
>violates international treaties or agreements by selling missiles and
>chemical weapons to Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and other countries.
>     17. Communist China continues to violate US patent and copyright
>laws to the tune of billions of dollar each year that are  lost to
>American companies and inventors but Red China  has never received any
>thing but polite slaps on the wrist from the US State Department.
>     18.  Communist China will not permit inspection of the gulag
>factories that use slave labor, in spite of an agreement with the US to
>do so.
>     19. US  multinational corporations have spent  multimillions of
>dollars in campaign
>contributions and congressional lobbying efforts  to keep, change or
>make laws favorable to Red China.
>     20.  Rescinding of  the Tinanamen Square Trade Sanctions against
>     21. An end to the 30 year trade embargo with Viet Nam.
>     22.  De-emphasis of the MIA/POW problems with Viet Nam.
>     23.  Normalization of diplomatic relations with Viet Nam.
>     24. US big businesses are investing and building factories in Viet
>Nam; Nike, Anhauser Busch (Sen. Caine's wife's family) etc.
>     25. The re-election of Clinton and a "Communist China friendly" US
>I have read that the World Bank predicts by the year 2010, that
>Communist China, the country with the ongoing, worst, human rights
>record in the history of man, will be the world dominate economic
>power.  Japan or Germany, which protect their industrial base, are
>predicted to have stronger economies than the US at that time. The
>United States is going from first to fourth. The President and the
>majority of the members of the Congress of the United States appear to
>be doing all they can to make this prediction come true.
>No copyright. Please distribute so that others can be made aware.  I
>have multiple
>media documentation for all of the above, except for item 25, which is
>my conclusion.
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