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Subject: SLS: Burton and Reno issue each other subpoenas (fwd)

>Burton, Justice Dept. trade subpoenas
>WASHINGTON, July 18 (UPI) _ The Justice Department 
>has upped the ante and slapped a subpoena on Indiana 
>Congressman Dan Burton, who had subpoenaed Attorney 
>General Janet Reno in connection with his probe 
>of alleged fund-raising abuses. 
>Burton says the timing of the Justice Department 
>subpoena is interesting. 
>Burton is about to begin House hearings on political 
>fund raising. Similar hearings are already under 
>way in the Senate. As part of his probe, Burton 
>has subpoenaed Reno in an effort to obtain FBI 
>records on the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. 
>Brown had headed the Democratic National Committee. 
>Burton disclosed the Justice Department's subpoena 
>of him during an interview with CBS. He called 
>it ``a retaliatory move by the Justice Department,
>because I am pushing pretty hard in my investigation'' 
>into fund-raising activities by Democrats. 
>The Washington Post reported in March that a lobbyist 
>for the government of former Pakistani Prime Minister 
>Benazir Bhutto said he had been ``shaken down'' 
>by the congressman. Mark Siegel said he was approached 
>by Burton and asked to raise ``at least $5,000'' 
>for the congressman's re-election effort. 
>Siegel said when he was unable to do so, Burton 
>approached the Bhutto government and threatened 
>to make sure that ``none of his friends or colleagues'' 
>would meet with Siegel or his associates. 
>Copyright 1997 by United Press International.

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