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Subject: SLS: SAFAN NO. 557.  Gulf War Syndrome - Fact Sheet (fwd)

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>Subject: SAFAN NO. 557.  Gulf War Syndrome - Fact Sheet
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>by Dave Kuehne (dkuehne@erols.com)
>Before the Gulf War, Iraq had a highly developed chemical warfare 
>program with numerous production facilities.
>Iraq also had an effective *BIOLOGICAL* weapons program with 
>multiple research and production facilities, evidence of weaponization
>experimentation, and a history of reported use.   Example: bacillus 
>anthracis ( the causative agent of anthrax )  Iraq said it made about 
>158 gallons of the anthrax bacteria in concentrated form, an amount 
>U.N. officials say is enough to be packed inside 40 to 50 bombs that 
>could each kill tens of thousands of people. The organism multiplies 
>within the body after inhalation and kills within a day or so by halting
>We, the United States, provided the government of Iraq with "dual use"
>licensed materials to develop their chemical and biological programs.
>The United States did not have any biological agent detection capability
>whatsoever during the Gulf War.
>During the November 10, 1993 unclassified briefing for  Members of the 
>U.S. Senate, in response to direct questioning, then Undersecretary of
>Defense, and now Director of Central Intelligence, Dr. John M. Deutch 
>said that the Department of Defense was withholding classified 
>information on the exposure of U.S. forces to biological materials 
>during the Gulf War.
>There are now over 50,000 veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome,
>including some 11,000 still on active duty. There are also over 3,500 
>British veterans with the syndrome.
>Over 2,200 Gulf War veterans have died in V.A. hospitals.  This does 
>not include any who have died in civilian hospitals.
>In many cases, Gulf War Syndrome appears to be transmissible - 
>unlike Agent Orange, which was not passed on to family members 
>by the veteran.  In addition to the 50,000 veterans who are sick, there 
>are thousands of spouses, parents and children who are also suffering 
>from the same debilitating illnesses - and in the case of a dispropor-
>tionate number of newborns, birth defects and physical abnormalities.
>The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is lying to our veterans and 
>their families, to the U.S. Congress, and to the American people about 
>the exposure of U.S. soldiers to chemical and biological agents during 
>the Gulf War.   
>     "Our afflicted veterans are sick and suffering, and many have died. 
>     Others are now destitute, having spent tens of thousands of dollars, 
>     depleting their life savings, in an unsuccessful search for an 
>     explanation for their ailments. The veterans of the Gulf War have 
>     asked us for nothing more than the assistance they have earned. 
>     Our refusal to come to their immediate assistance can only lead 
>     others to question the integrity of the nation they serve." 
>                                                                           --
>Senator Riegle
>Selected Excerpts from:
>"The Cover-Up of Gulf War Syndrome A Question of National Integrity"
>By H. Lindsey Arison III
>B.S., M.S.S.M., M.P.A., Ph. D. Candidate in Maritime Studies (Chemical
>July 14, 1995
>(Dr. Arison III is aide to the Undersecretary of the United States Air Force 
>at the Pentagon)
>Report can be obtained from:
>     American Gulf War Veterans Association
>     3506 Highway 6 South, #117
>     Sugarland, Texas 77478-4401
>     Phone: 281-438-1699 Fax: 281-438-4581
>     %Joyce Riley (gulfwar@flash.net)
>The video and documentation package will be sent to you at NO
>CHARGE if you write to the address above. Send your name, address, 
>phone number, unit you were attached to, where you were stationed, 
>symptoms and a brief summary of your experiences.
>Blood Testing Information:
>     Dr. Garth Nicholson
>     Institute of Molecular Medicine
>     P.O. Box 52470
>     Irvine, California, 92619-2470
>     Phone: 714-476-0204
>     (Blood testing is available at no charge to Gulf War Vets!!!)
>Non-vets contact:
>     Immunosciences Lab, Los Angeles
>     Phone: 310-657-1077
>Gulf War Baby Registry Information: 800-313-2232
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