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Thank you for your thoughts here.

The rate of incarceration in America
tells a terrible story, all by itself.

Please help yourself to the brief comments
I wrote about the Habeas Project for 
Political Prisoners -- in the Supreme Law
Library at the URL just below my name

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 02:44 AM 7/19/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear Mr. Mitchell		July 19th, 1997
>     I watched an edition of Investigative Reports on Phoenix Channel 5
>at 9 P.M. local time on Thursday.  There was a story about a salesman
>sent to Federal prison for three years for violation of export laws.  I
>remember the name as Eddie Johnson, a former employee of Teledyne Corp. 
>The salesman was involved in selling a metal product (Zirconium ?)  that
>had many industrial  uses but seemed to be a product used in making
>cluster bombs.  Several sales were made to a Chile based company that
>failed to disclose that the material was to be used in bombs.  The Feds
>made a surprise raid on the company and eventually convicted the salesman
>for falsification of export licenses.  The Feds suppressed information
>during the trial process  that indicated that the government knew what
>the material was being used for but declined to act so long as Iraq was
>at war with Iran.  Iraq bought several thousand cluster bombs from Chile.
> It was after the Persian Gulf War that the Feds decided to find some
>scapegoats for the arming of Iraq.  No one in Chile is under prosecution
>and the salesman for Teledyne did not make any decisions without higher
>approval from other upper management.  The upper levels of management had
>immunity.  I hope that I have remembered the details right.
>     I personally have no sympathy with anyone who help create military
>monsters for the sake of making a dollar or for some vague political
>short term advantage.  Sooner or later the monsters we create have to be
>dealt with at the price of young men who have very little choice about
>where they will die.  I was once a young man who fought in Viet Nam and I
>was killed there.  I was exposed to Agent Orange and will die from that
>exposure.  I just do not know when.  
>      I do not know where justice lays in this matter of Teledyne
>employee when so many of those people who made the decisions avoided
>prosecution.  I think the trial and conviction stinks of politics and
>trial manipulation.  I wrote this letter to relate to you as best I can
>remember the details of the story.   

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