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>by Sheriff Michael E. Cook, Coos County, Oregon
>                           AID & ABET POLICE NEWSLETTER
>                           Constitutional Issues for Lawmen
>                                   Volume 3, Number 4
>Have you seen the new Brady Bill II (H.R. 3932 and S. 1878)?  Well, if you 
>haven't, stand by; here it comes.  This one is real bad and needs every
>effort to 
>get it put away.  President Clinton and Sarah Brady are at it again and this
>they are going all out to make it impossible for you to protect yourself.
> Most of 
>the gun stores have copies of this bill, as reported by the National Rifle
>In short, it requires things like a $300 three-year license from the BATF if
>own 20 firearms or have 1,000 rounds of ammo in your home.  Along with this, 
>BATF can search your home unannounced three times during each year.  This 
>bill also outlaws most production handguns and many other weapons and allows 
>you to buy only one handgun per month.  It removes the sunset on the 7-day 
>waiting period and makes it happen even with insta-check.
>What they are after is to take all your gun rights away and make it so hard
>get them, and drive people out of business who sell firearms or manufacture 
>them.  They think they can convince you that this is the answer to crime.
> Then 
>once you are dependent on the government and police for all your protection, 
>who will protect you from them?
>One of my young Deputies came up to me after seeing this report and asked 
>me what they were trying to do to him and all police officers.  He then went
>to point out how now the bad guy may have a cheap handgun that may or may 
>not work when he attacks a police officer.  This bill will only make quality 
>weapons available for the bad guy and get more police officers killed.
>The bottom line is, they want to take all firearms away from the law-abiding 
>citizen and this will only make you defenseless.  Then the bad guys and the
>government will rule the day and our way of life so that we have no freedom 
>left.  America will come to an end as we know it.
>Again I say:  Don't just sit back and hope someone does something.  Let your
>elected representatives know how you feel and then vote for those who will 
>protect your rights.  Join and support the NRA before it is too late.
>A study done by John Lott and David Mustard, "Crime, Deterrence, and Right-
>to-Carry Concealed Handguns," in the Journal of Legal Studies, January 1997 
>issue, shows that if all States in America had adopted the right to carry
>laws, approximately 1,570 murders, 4,177 rapes, and over 60,000 aggravated 
>assaults would have been avoided yearly.  Can you imagine what the crime 
>rate would look like under the new Brady Bill?  We in law enforcement need 
>your help to make sure we remain a free and safe people.  This is as vital as
>anything I have ever asked for.  Please take the time to tell others and get 
>people involved.  We will not have the same freedoms for our children and
>grandchildren, if we don't.
>A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to talk with a Major in the
>Police Force from Moscow.  He was here doing a study on American Law
>Enforcement.  First he asked me how many homicides we dealt with each day.  
>His impression from our media was that we had one about every hour.  I told 
>him we normally have one to six a year in Coos County and he was shocked.  
>Our media does a fine job telling us we are a violent country.
>This Major told me that his job was to head up the division of their national
>police that deals with gun smuggling and narcotics.  He then indicated that
>in Russia 
>the only people allowed to have firearms are police and military.  They have
>a big problem with gun smuggling and all the criminals have firearms.  He
>said they are 
>not afraid to attack citizens because they know they are not armed.  By the
>same token, they often shoot it out with the police.  He told me that in the
>past year 
>they had almost 400 officers killed in Russia.  In America we had only 62
>officers killed the same year.
>This tells me something.  First, America is not a violent country, and
>second, outlawing firearms from our citizens will only make one more big
>problem for 
>us.  It points out that an armed society is indeed a polite society.  At the
>lest, a safer society.  So stop and think about what I have said.  This could
>be America.
>Sheriff Michael E. Cook, Coos County, Oregon
>Bay Area Dispatch News, 4/4/1997
>STAFF NOTE:  Sheriff Cook, your fellow officers salute you.  (Please write to
>this elected servant and tell him what you think about his stand FOR THE 
>PEOPLE.  His address is, P.O. Box 340, Coquille, Oregon 97423.)
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