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>by Charles Stewart (chuck@teleport.com)
>Hey all, 
>I'll forward a copy of a message I just got from our IRS Spook by itself 
>immediately following my comments about it here. 
>>From the message, it appears that they are cranking up their tyranny
>and that they are working specifically with Moris Dees of the Southern
>Law Center, to blast away at us.  They seem to be specifically targeting 
>Our Spook still seems to be to comfortable in the darkness to talk directly
>to us about the basis in "LAW" for the "JUSTICE" which they pursue. I would
>like to try to wiggle a further opening up of this channel of communications
>the bad guys have marginally courageously opened up to us. Maybe its a token
>response for the fact that I added their address to the irs-commonlaw-l list.
>But I really think this is quite significant, that they are now apparrently
>comfortable showing us how they are going to attempt to extort their next
>bundle of plunder. 
>What do you jurisdictional gurus think is happening here. Is it piracy on the
>seas under admirality that is being used here? Are these guys issuing letters
>marque to "privateers" to capture goods on an artificially high watermarked
>seas, under admirality?
>I wonder if they feel comfortable telling us what kind of Jurisdiction they
>are imposing. And since they are subscribed to the irs list:
>	Hey IRS Spooks, can you send out from your dark quadrant another press 
>      release telling us precisely what kind of "Law" you are using in
>efforts to 
>      define and enforce force your version of the mentioned "Justice" which 
>      you seek?
>	Nothing fancy, maybe slimeball Dees can take a break from pedophilia long 
>      enough to help you self proclaimed "Good-Guys" slap some kind of still 
>      marginally ambiguious yet tokenly courageous definition of the
>      which you are seeking to use, and by which your employer/masters seek 
>      to impose their "New World Order" of salvery upon the entire planet.
>Post from IRS Spooks to follow immediately to all lists. (See SAFAN 560)
>Chuck ...
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>     "Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God."  Thomas Jefferson
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