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>       \   0  /          SAFAN Internet Newsletter,  No. 562, July 20, 1997
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>by David Feustel (feustel@mixi.net)
>Ref:  http://feustel.mixi.net/News/un_scouts.txt
>For 15 years, the National Security Council (NSC) has been suppressing
>information concerning United Nations Occupational Forces within the 
>United States, according to an excerpt from a 1996 NSC report that was
>recently obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.
>According to the report, UN scout teams have been secretly operating within 
>the U.S. since 1982 - under the protection of the National Security Agency.  
>The report further explains that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was
>aware of the presence of the scout teams since at least 1984 and refused to 
>initiate any investigation into the activities of these teams.
>In February 1996, Bill Clinton met with former House Speaker Thomas Foley,
>Chairman of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, to discuss 
>how U.S. laws could be circumvented to help further UN directives within 
>the United States.  All details of the meeting were suppressed in the media 
>and the meeting itself was downplayed so as to appear that it was a normal 
>foreign affairs briefing.  (An article in the Washington Post detailing the
>was mysteriously pulled from newsstands in March of last year.  The corres-
>pondent consequently killed himself two weeks later.   The Post has repeated 
>denied any knowledge of the article and has refused to comment on the death 
>of the correspondent.)
>Specific information as to the activities or mission of the scout teams
>remains classified and was not included in the released material.  A lawsuit
>the Government for this information is pending.
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