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>       \   0  /          SAFAN Internet Newsletter,  No. 563, July 20, 1997
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>by Norman Olson (nolso@sunny.ncmc.cc.mi.us)
>I have long supported the reality of Spiritual Warfare and the manifestation
>of evil 
>in the world today.  Believers are in the World Context and must function 
>according to the weapons that we have.   We fight on both plains because we 
>live on both plains:  Spiritual and Carnal.   
>Wars and Crime are a reality, but the Bible is clear that they come from sin
>the manifestation of evil. Doing something is necessary!   If God wanted to 
>merely pray, He would have created brains on a plate rather than give us
>with backbones, arms, and legs.  God expects us to STAND against evil in
>every way.
>I have been involved with supernatural warfare and demonic deliverance for
>many years and I still believe that a well-armed Christian has the very best
>survival rate.  The believer must be well-armed, both with the carnal weapons
>in order to 
>fight in the carnal plain and with the Spiritual weapons suited for the
>plain.   There is no contradiction or disagreement.  The good soldier is
>with EVERY weapon needed.  
>There are weapons spiritual and weapons carnal.  Both are to be used in their
>proper context and on the proper battleground.  The soldier in the foxhole,
>under attack, OUGHT to pray, but NOT that God would stop the enemy from
>but that he might be a great shot.....and then start shooting.    The
>under attack in the supernatural sphere of demonic activity OUGHT to pray,
>NOT for a psychologist, but for the knowledge and power of combating demonic
>attack.   Each battleground has its particularly suited weaponry.
>The battle needs to be fought wherever we take the stand.
>          "If possible, live at peace with all men......if not, chamber with
>           the largest caliber you can!"
>Kind Regards,
>Norm Olson
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>     "Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God."  Thomas Jefferson
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