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Subject: SLS: Vince Foster imitates Lee Harvey Oswald (fwd)

>  "Like the bullet that killed Kennedy, which made a couple  of
>  U-turns  to  get  both JFK and John Connally, the bullet that
>  killed Mr. Foster was magic, too.  After he  killed  himself,
>  Mr.  Foster, perhaps driving out to Fort Marcy rolled up in a
>  rug, was thoughtful enough to wipe the  mud  off  his  shoes,
>  clean  up  after  himself, smooth the grass and twigs beneath
>  his head, put the gun neatly at his  side,  and  finally  lay
>  himself out so that the embalmers wouldn't have to do it.  As
>  any mortician could tell you, this is nice work  if  you  can
>  get it."
>  [Washington Times editor Wesley Pruden]
>  "First we had independent counsel Kenneth  Starr  telling  us
>  something we have known since one terrible night in 1993 when
>  Vincent Foster from Arkansas, good friend  and  deputy  White
>  House  counsel  to  President Clinton, killed himself in Fort
>  Marcy Park.
>  The U.S. Park Police told us so at the time, but it was  hard
>  for  some,  especially  Republicans,  to  believe  that  just
>  because  there  was  a  gun  and  a  suicide  note,  that   a
>  sensational development at the White House was not a scandal.
>  A great cult of non-believers sprang up, and guaranteed  that
>  the wounds of Foster's family and friends would be kept open.
>  It took Starr only three years to shut them up."
>  [Mary McGrory, a true idiot whose name will live in infamy]
>  "As money moved from the East and data moved from  the  West,
>  Lippo  --  with  its  operatives  in Washington, Little Rock,
>  Jakarta and Hong Kong -- was the broker, the middleman or, in
>  intelligence lingo, the 'cutout.'"
>  [Columnist William Safire]
>  "Sen. Robert Torricelli, for instance,  surmised  that  Huang
>  could  have  set  up  his satellite operation at Stephens for
>  quite innocent reasons. 'I find the fact that Mr. Huang would
>  maintain  an  arrangement  where  he  would  make phone calls
>  outside the Department of  Commerce  not  in  and  of  itself
>  suspicious.'
>  Now there's a truly uninquiring mind  that  doesn't  want  to
>  know."
>  [Investor's Business Daily editorial]
>  "But one would think that Senator Torricelli, a freshman  who
>  already  has  a reputation for wanton money-raising, would be
>  worried about casting himself as the  defender  of  the  ever
>  more indefensible."
>  [The New York Times editorial (sic!)]
>"What I have left to say  is...about  the  climate  of  fear  and
>intimidation  that  exists  in  the  [State  Departments's] Human
>Rights Bureau under Clinton and how the federal  employee  unions
>in  the  Department  of State have been suppressed. Employees are
>afraid to speak their minds  on  human  rights  issues,  and  the
>management  situation  is  worse  than ever with waste, fraud and
>abuse being  covered-up.  A  number  of  employees  have  quietly
>retired or resigned to escape the concentration camp atmosphere."
>[Former  State  Department  employee  Timothy   Hunter   to   the
>Washington Weekly last week.]
>  Published in the Jul. 21, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
>  Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
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