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For good background, read:

 "En Route to Global Occupation"

by author Gary Kah.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>                    by: Richard Weyand
>Who would ever thought that a Mexican spotted owl, the brown gizzly bear
>or gray wolf would present one of the biggest threats to the American way
>of life?  Who would have imagined thirty years ago that the personal
>automobile, commercial, residential developments and manufacturing firms
>would be attacked by those considered virtuous in the public eye? Who
>would dare believe that Americans would alter their thinking and behaviour
>conforming to the many changes that local, state and federal governments
>desire to meet their new standardsfor proper citizenship? What were the
>reasons to severely restrict and to eventually eradicate the free market
>system of economy?
>Is it ironic that the very best system of economy and the legal protection
>of private property should be destroyed by opponents that are served by
>that particular system? In reality, these opponents have no such interest
>to protect your property rather they would plunder or regulate your
>property. Currently, the evolutionary process of statism in this country
>has taken the form of outright theft of property and the subsequent loss
>of economic vitality.
>The ability to redistribute property from the have nots and haves to the
>superhaves could not come about from a full frontal assault on property.
>It would be very unlikely that the American public would ever stand for a
>military coup d'etat from the superwealthy to take property away from a
>ferociously independent mass of individuals. Perhaps in a South American
>country or Russia where they have no concept of a Republican form of
>government can a violent upheaval of the state and a transfer of property
>rights be accomplished. Even though it has been tried, bolshevik methods
>in changing the state have never worked in western industrial countries.
>Success in transforming a constitutional Republican state into a socialist
>democracy has come about through the 'rule of law'.  By utilizing the
>legal institutions of the courts and the legislature, the Establishment
>has methodically and systematically turn the tables of absolute
>constitutional rule to one of anarchy. No longer are institutions of
>government, which are operated by the Establishment desires is a wholesale
>transfer of property from one class to another without due compensation at
>the market rate by using the rule of law or the Menshevik process.
>In the effort to shift assests from one group to another, no full scale,
>physical war could be waged against the American public. What common
>denominator would the American public accept in the war to transfer
>property? The Establishment chose the environment as their idelogical
>message. By pressing an educational assault on the hearts and minds of
>gullible Americans, who witnessed the ravaging of streams, oceans, airways
>and the land by conspicuously avaracious corporations, the public was
>ready for a shift in public policy. Interestingly, big business observed
>that this was an opportunity to stiff their competition. By using the
>force of law, big business could exempt itself from the very laws that
>were intentioned by an angry public, while smaller companies were
>compelled to operate under these tougher regulations.
>Americans are barraged with environmental messages as to educate who are
>villains and who are the paragons in the battle for property. As all
>successful movements discover disgust, anger and guilt are especially
>useful in changing behaviours and galvanizing reaction. Americans feel
>sorry when they observe films of baby harp seals being brutely murdered
>for their fur. An uneasy feeling comes across when we see the burning of
>large tracts of Brazilian rain forest. It is a smooth shift for the
>purveyors of environmental statism to demostrate not only the
>international perdition of the environment, but the domestic side of
>wreck-loose corporations stealing our national heritage.
>Take for example, the New World Mine incident where the company in the
>1990's found gold reserves outside of Yellowstone National Park. In a
>weekly radio address in August 1995, Bill Clinton complained that the
>goldmining company was prepared to take away America's great natural
>heritage. The President ordered a ban on the issuance of mining permits
>near Yellowstone. Mind you the construction of such a project would employ
>an additional 150 people at an average of $35,000 per year doubling the
>per capita income in that region.  The local economy would experience a
>generation of come $15 million; a real shot in the arm.
>Sadly, the Interior Department enlisted the help of UNESCO, the United
>Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to declare that
>Yellowstone Park was now a World Heritage site. Apparently, Bruce Babbitt,
>the Interior Secretary, could not utilize the existing domestic laws to
>force out the Noranda Corporation who owned the New World Mine. It was the
>Department of Agriculture's Forest Service that had control of the land
>near the site. So Babbitt used the secular arm of the United Nations to
>prevents the development of this land.
>The environmentalist's jihad has pread to every part of the country, but
>more specifically to the west, where the Federal government owns over 50%
>of the property and in some states nearly 90% of the land as is the case
>in Nevada.
>What little private property is left, the Federal government has invoked
>the Environment Species Act. The ecosocialists have used the canine teeth
>of such legislation to erode the purchase, sale and use of private
>property parcels.  Once the bureaucrat makes the claim of a privilege
>creature, the owner must set aside or reserve a portion for the creature's
>habitat. At their discretion BLM, Fish & Wildlife or Forest Service may
>give you the privilege to use the other portion of land. However, they may
>decide to confiscate it outright if the property is choice or their find
>the owner little more outspoken about their policies.
>In a case close to home, prior to NAFTA, the U.S. and Mexico signed the La
>Paz Agreement or Border 21, which would protect and improve the
>environment at the border region 60 miles on both sides of the border. As
>part of the NAFTA agreement an environmental side provision was signed
>that would make Border 21 a reality.  This agreement provides funding for
>the creation of the Border Environment Cooperation Project and the North
>American Development Bank. This will literally create a new region
>combining Mexico and the U.S., Ten million people living in the region
>will be at the mercy of various agencies. In fact, 75% of private land
>must be reserved for endangered species in this region and remaining 25%
>will be allowed for development. A combination of Mexican and American
>agencies will monitor and enforce the provisions of Border 21. Biolators
>will receive stiff penalties: jail time, fines and possible loss of
>After the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, Clinton vowed to pursue a vigorous
>plan implementing the ideas reached at the conference. Part of this
>implementing plan was the creation of the President's Council on
>Sustainable Development. The Council's reports provide for how the
>domestic policy can be integrated with the achievements toward "economic
>progress, environmental protection and social equity".  I won't go into
>the massive educational program that Washington policy wants to promote
>instilling these socialist values into young and impressionable minds.
>However, it is vital for the Establishment to inculcate the new generation
>into believing that Sustainable Development is not only workable, but
>necessary for the continuance of the planet, while they becomes the slaves
>to the Establishment.
>On the state level, last year I spoke on SMOG CHECK II or California's
>execution of the 1990 Clean Air Act.  This is another method in which to
>alter the behaviour of Americans. Not only will the loss of an automobile
>to state or local agencies or an oil company mean property seizure, but a
>tremendous attenuation of freedom.
>May I say, if you have not called your state sneator or assemblyman on
>this subject may I implore that you do tomorrow. Autos four years and
>older will not pass the new emission regulations. And though there is no
>direct legal link between the United Nation's  agenda and the laws passed
>in the state, there is considerable influence from United Nation's
>conferences and various environmental groups.  What you are witnessing
>here in this state has an indirect connection to what is promted at for
>example the United Nation's Earth Summit II held in June 1997 in New York
>City.  Because this Summit was discussing reductions in 'green-house
>gases' by industrial nations and since our President declared that the
>United States was not performing to the determination at the first Earth
>Summit in Rio, governmental and non-governmental organizations will work
>diligently to accomplish these resolutions.  We have already seen the ban
>of distributing and selling of freon for consumers, the placement of MTBE
>in the gasoline to supposedly reduce carbon monoxide pollution, the EPA's
>new particulate standards that go into effect July which will end the life
>of many trucking firms. What new rules will these governing bodies think
>of next when they attend global conferences such as Earth Summit II.
>Translation of this monstrous imposition are losses of freedom, property
>and livelihood for most Americans.
>To advance the property transfer agenda further, the Establishment aspires
>to employ the Wildlands Project.  The brainchild of environmentalist
>journalist Reed Noss, Earth First's David Foreman and the United Nations
>Environmental Programme, they propose a network of wildlife reserves,
>human buffer zones and wildlife corridors across the continent.  They are
>speaking of millions of acres reserved for animals without human
>habitation.  This prodigious project requires 23% for only animal use and
>another 26% for very limited human use.  Most roads would be closed, some
>would be ripped out; nothing less than the transformation into wilderness
>with an archipelago of human inhabited islands. A forced relocation of
>tens of millions of people would be requisite.  A scheme to create an
>American Kampuchea in the name of "biodiversity" has been endorsed by a
>number organizations such as the World Resources Institute and the Nature
>>From the face of it Americans are quite attracted to anything that will
>improve the conditions of their environment, but can the American public
>swallow a vision to take us back to a period that we so struggled for
>thousands of years to escape.
>Let me show on videotape what that vision entails. "Behind the Green
>Curtain" gives one of the better accounts where ecosocialism and
>Establishment want to take us.
>As a final thought on this subject of environmentalism, the Protestant
>church has taken the cudgels to protect the environment through the
>destruction of private property. A movement toward Christian
>environmentalism being called by various names such as Evangelical
>Environmental Network, the Noah Congregation and the Creation Care
>Theology. Basically this movement places animals at par or above human
>existence in contradiction to the Genesis account. Surprisingly, many
>unwitting Christian Churches over the spectrum of Protestantism support
>such views from this cause. Apparently organizations such as World Vision,
>Fuller Theological Seminary, Youth for Christ and prominent leftist
>evangelicals like Ronald Sider, Calvin DeWitt, Donald McKenna accept this
>movement's tenets. Actually, this foolishness and demagogery is coming
>from the Environmental Protection Agency and Secretary of Interior Bruce
>Babbitt manipulating the Christian Bible tofit the projection of an
>eco-socialist society.  To receive an entirely different view of
>humanity's role on earth you can call Evangelicals for Environmental
>Stewardship at (202) 543-1286.  Or you can read Genesis 1:27-29 on our
>role. As to the protection of property read Exodus 20:15 and Exodus
>Tomorrow, I want you to call your Congressman and other Congressmen to get
>Don Young's (R-AK) H.R. 1146 or the American Sovereignty Restoration Act
>which would take us out of the United Nations. If you read the John Birch
>Society Bulletin, you would find that this bill was attached to a State
>Department authorization bill H.R. 1757 and as an amendment it was
>defeated handily on June 4th.  However, 54 courageous congressment did
>vote in favor.  Sonny Bono was not one, though he co-sponsored the
>measure.  Get on his tail for not voting on this measure.  It will be
>brought up again at a latter date, if it gets out of committee.
>Richard Weyand
>Hemet, CA
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