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>The following in an exerpt from the book THE UNITED NATIONS: PLANNED
>TYRANNY, by economist/author Dr. V. Orval Watts.  It was printed in
>1955....keep that date in mind as you read this:
>       "At Fort MacArthur, California, and in other centers, 
>        considerable numbers of American military forces went 
>        into training in 1951 as "Military Government Reserve 
>        Units." What they were for may appear from their practice 
>        maneuvers during the two years, 1951-1952.
>        Their first sally took place on July 31, 1951, when they 
>        simulated an invasion and seizure of nine California cities: 
>        Compton, Culver City, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Huntington 
>        Park, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, South Gate and 
>        Torrance. The invading forces, however, did not fly the 
>        American flag. They came in under the flag of the United 
>        Nations, and their officers stated that they represented the 
>        United Nations.
>        These forces arrested the mayors and police chiefs, and 
>        pictures later appeared in the newspapers showing these 
>        men in jail. The officers issued manifestoes reading "by 
>        virtue of the authority vested in me by the United Nations 
>        Security Council." At Huntington Park they held a flag-
>        raising ceremony, taking down the American flag and 
>        running up in its place the United Nations banner.
>        On April 3,1952, other units did the same thing at 
>        Lampasas, Texas. They took over the town, closed 
>        churches, strutted their authority over the teachers and 
>        posted guards in classrooms, set up concentration camps, 
>        and interned businessmen after holding brief one-sided 
>        trials without HABEAS CORPUS.
>        Said a newspaper report of that Texas invasion: "But the 
>        staged action almost became actual drama when one 
>        student and two troopers forgot it was only make-believe. 
>        'Ain't nobody going to make me get up,' cried John Snell, 
>        17, his face beet-red. One of the paratroopers shoved the 
>        butt of his rifle within inches of Snell's face and snarled, 
>        'You want this butt placed in your teeth? Get up.'"
>        The invaders put up posters listing many offenses for which 
>        citizens would be punished. One of them read:"25. Publishing 
>        or circulating or having in his possession with intent to publish 
>        or circulate, any printed or written matter ... hostile, 
>        detrimental, or disrespectful ... to the Government of any other 
>        of the United Nations."
>        Think back to the freedom-of-speech clause of the United 
>        States Constitution which every American officer and 
>        official is sworn to support and defend. What was in the 
>        minds of those who prepared, approved and posted these 
>        UN proclamations?
>        The third practice seizure under the United Nations flag 
>        occurred at Watertown, New York, August 20, 1952, more 
>        than a year later than the first ones. It followed the same 
>        pattern set in the earlier seizures in California and Texas.
>        Is this a foretaste of World Government, which so many 
>        Americans seem to want?"
>Just thought I would pass that along for those who might be interested.
>                  ~~~Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
>                       Life is but an empty dream!
>                     For the soul is dead that slumbers,
>                       And things are not what they seem.~~~
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