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Subject: SLS: *** DISINFORMATION ALERT *** (fwd)

>I'm going to take a big, deep breath and relax.  I certainly
>wouldn't want any un-Christ-like expletives to slip out of my
>Why do people forward obvious disinformation like this?  Don't
>you know that we are to rightly divide the word of truth?
>Charles Stewart received one piece of email with headers
>indicating it came from the IRS.  It was a press release
>concerning Jim Bell, and had all appearances of being a genuine
>press release of the IRS.  Stewart forwarded it out.
>Hard on its heels came the message reproduced below, a bit of
>creative writing which could not possibly be an official IRS
>But the con was on, the hook was set.  Out goes this alleged IRS
>release to be forwarded all over the planet by breathless but
>gullible do-gooders.
>No wonder nobody takes the so-called "patriot" types seriously.
>Doesn't anybody READ this stuff with a critical eye?
>When SAFAN, et al, get lumped with the UFO aliens and Elvis
>sightings crowd, they have no one to blame but themselves.
>Shoot yourselves in the foot, why don't ya?
>Steve Washam
>Walla Walla, Washington
>Sun, 20 Jul 1997 12:11:32 -0400 (EDT) SafanNews@aol.com wrote:
>>    @@@@
>>   @ O  O  @
>> @ (    >    ) @          STOP ALL FEDERAL ABUSES NOW!!!
>>       \   0  /          SAFAN Internet Newsletter, No. 560, July 20, 1997
>>        /      \
>>           *
>>IRS Press Release, July 19, 1997  (irsnwpr@net.insp.irs.gov)
>>Subj:  OPERATION Good Fellas
>>(Forwarded by Carl Klang (carl@klang.com)
>>Under close and watchful observation are the organizations listed by the
>>We feel Mr. Dees' organization has accomplished a remarkable task of
>>gathering circumstantial evidence for our prosecution for which we are
>>grateful. We feel 'sweeping with a broad brush' is far more laudatory than
>>permit one tax-avoider to escape their government obligation.
>>We are prepared to use whatever force necessary to bring those whom call
>>themselves "patriots" to justice. To that end, we have underway in
>>with many state and local governments, the nationwide fingerprinting program
>>which will be integrated with our own databases.
>>Furthermore, in cooperation with appendages of the United Nations, we are
>>establishing an international auditing arm to open the foreign bank accounts
>>of American citizens to our surveillance. The Federal Reserve Bank and their
>>central bank counterparts fully support this endeavor.
>>Additionally, we have the full cooperation of the Comptroller of the
>>bring to justice those coin dealers and others who are engaging in
>>and unreported exchanges of US currency for gold and silver coins, bullion,
>>the like which they deem to be "numismatic." These prosecutions are fully
>>authorized under IRC (76-11b) and do not violate states' laws.
>>Those individuals and organizations, foreign and domestic, who propose and
>>solicit others via the internet to exchange the currencies and assorted
>>commodities for United States currency will be fully prosecuted.
>>In support of our ongoing efforts we continue to offer the bounty of
>>remuneration of ten percent of the capture to that individual or
>>organization who shall furnish this agency with verifiable details of
>>violations listed above, leading to the ultimate conviction under United
>>or United Nations penal law.
>>    -- It's 11:36 PM and I just came in from outside.  My my my, what a big
>>       full moon we have this evening.  Don't let it drive ya to far toward
>>       edge, and don't let it deceive you into thinking it's something more
>>       just a full moon.      Carl Klang, Music Ministries
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