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>This is a lengthy, indepth article.  The following is but a small excerpt.
>It can be viewed in its entirety at the following url:
>      MAKING INTELLIGENCE SMARTER: The Future of US Intelligence
>                  Report of an Independent Task Force
>             Sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations
>                       Maurice R. Greenberg, Chairman
>                       Richard N. Haass, Project Director
>THE U.S. INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY faces major challenges, including a
>widespread lack of confidence in its ability to carry out its mission
>competently and legally. One consequence of this perception is that reform
>of intelligence policy and capabilities wi ll not be left up to the
>intelligence community itself. Other parts of the executive branch and
>Congress will certainly be involved. 
>The ultimate purpose of U.S. intelligence is to enhance U.S. national
>security by informing policymakers and supporting military operations.
>Toward these ends, one of the most important functions of the intelligence
>community is to provide analysis gleane d from all sources (open and secret)
>and to package it in a timely and useful manner. Only the intelligence
>community performs this
>essential integrative function. 
>It is important to keep in mind that no amount of redesign or regulation can
>compensate for poor leadership. It will fall upon current and future senior
>officials of the intelligence community to make the development of
>management skills a priority and promote a culture in which excellence is
>rewarded, talent is developed, quality is valued, legitimate risk-taking is
>encouraged, and respect for the law is unquestioned. Those entrusted with
>oversight are responsible for fostering such an environment. 
>The position of the Director of Central Intelligence should be strengthened
>so that the DCI can wield greater influence over the various components of
>the intelligence community. Greater centralization promises to bring about
>high-quality, coordinated ana lysis and make resource decisions that reflect
>national priorities, not choices driven largely by those who oversee the
>technical collection programs or who are concerned with military programs
>alone. The Task Force believes the dangers of such a reform can be offset by
>establishing an appeals mechanism for serious disagreements over budget
>and policy and by instituting sufficient oversight. 
>The most important function for the clandestine services is the collection
>of human intelligence, that is, espionage. Such intelligence can complement
>other sources and, especially in closed societies, be the principal or sole
>source of information. In so doing, it will at times prove necessary to
>associate the
>United States with unsavory individuals, including some who have committed
>crimes. This is acceptable so long as the likely benefits for policy
>outweigh the moral and political costs of the association. 
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