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>JULY 20, 1997
>By Hugh Patrick
>Contact: Hughie2u@aol.com
>For immediate release
>Washington, D.C.- For the past four years the United States Government
>and the mainstream media have staked their entire reputations on a
>transparent lie about the assassination of Deputy White House Counsel
>Vincent W. Foster.  Today is the fourth anniversary of Vincent Foster's
>death July 20, 1993.
>The "Report of Investigation by Medical Examiner" authored by Dr. Donald
>Haut and available at the National Archives confirms that the Fiske
>Report was wrong and paramedic Richard Arthur was indeed right when he
>said under oath that there was a bullet wound to Vincent Foster's neck. 
>This neck wound was absent from the official autopsy report.  Dr. James
>C. Beyer's "Report of
>Autopsy" states that Mr. Foster shot himself in the mouth and that the
>bullet exited from the back of Foster's head.  The bullet has never been
>Paramedic Richard Arthur stated under oath that "...there was a bullet
>hole right here [in the neck]...right around the jaw line."  The first
>Whitewater Counsel Robert B. Fiske in his report dismissed Arthur's
>testimony saying that "Arthur believed he saw a bullet wound in the
>right side of Foster's neck.  These wounds did not exist.  The autopsy
>results, the photographs taken at the scene...conclusively show these
>wounds did not exist."  Much of
>the evidence however, is inexplicably missing.  Park Police officers
>stated under oath that many of the body site Polaroid photos vanished
>and all the 35mm pictures taken of the body were underexposed.  The
>autopsy doctor James C. Beyer claimed his x-ray machine did not work
>even though his report shows
>x-rays were taken.
>Dr. Donald Haut wrote in his report (page 2), "gunshot wound mouth to
>neck ."
>Kenneth Starr announced July 15 that he agrees with the Fiske Report
>which falsely concluded, "On the afternoon of July 20, 1993 in Fort
>Marcy Park, Fairfax County, Virginia, Vincent W. Foster Jr. committed
>suicid bring a bullet from a .38 caliber revolver into his mouth...the
>evidence overwhelmingly supports this conclusion, and there is no
>evidence to the contrary."
>The truth is Vincent W. Foster did not die as the American People have
>been told by the mainstream media and government officials at every
>level in Washington D.C.  For the past four years the American press has
>simply repeated the official government version of Mr. Foster's death
>and ignored inconsistencies pointed out by critics calling them
>"conspiracy theorists" and "kooks".  Hugh Sprunt, one such critic,
>recently discovered Dr. Haut's
>report while examining other Foster documents at the National Archives.
>Mr. Sprunt discovered the document along with Patrick Knowlton, a key
>witness in the death investigation.  Mr. Knowlton was at Fort Marcy Park
>on the afternoon of Vincent Foster's death, but he did not see Mr.
>Foster's Honda in
>the parking lot shortly before the body was discovered.  The authorities
>claim Foster parked his Honda in the lot, walked 758 feet into the park
>and killed himself.  Patrick Knowlton is suing FBI agents assigned to
>Kenneth Starr for violating his civil rights, alleging witness
>intimidation and obstruction of justice in the death investigation of
>Mr. Foster.
>With the press on their side, government officials are confident that
>the American public will never know the truth about Vincent Foster's
>assassination and the cover-up that included witness intimidation by FBI
>Scans of Dr. Haut's actual report are available at
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