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Subject: SLF: Reducing Unwanted Email: An Unsolicited Proposal
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Hi Dot,

So, these two things would help a lot:

1.  encourage people to use "Blind Copy" always

    Comment:  this takes voluntary participation

2.  modify list servers to suppress the sender's  
    email address in messages which are broadcast
    to the list, by default;  this can be overriden
    at the user's option

    Comment:  this takes a coding change in the 
    list server software

Let me know what you think, after you have thought
about it for a while.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 09:16 AM 7/21/97 -0400, you wrote:
>SAFAN uses all blind copies to its mailing list.
>HOWEVER, AOL has been guilty TWICE now of listing the BCC
>on two of my recipients mail.
>They acted dumb when I called them about it.  They said that I must
>have made a mistake and hit the CC key.  I told them that if I had done
>that the recipient would have received the addresses with CC on them
>and NOT BCC.  They suggested I go back and read the instructions 
>on sending Blind Copies.  I told them that if they did it again, that I 
>would sue them for a breach of privacy.   (Ha - big talk...)
>I hate those LONG address lists.  Evidently that is how we get all of
>the JUNK mail.  Of course, I can get all AOL addresses downloaded into
>my address file - so ....
>Dot Bibee

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