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Subject: SLS: "Right of Election" is a political Right 
References: <cF80z8q9BUWY091yn@valint.net>

These comments are really excellent, from a former
government worker.  I have taken a different approach,
as follows:

In a suit to recover $3,000 embezzled by my former
accountant, we puttered along until the jury trial
was imminent.  Then, using surprise as a tactical
advantage, I filed a DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL AND 
FOR STAY OF PROCEEDINGS, pending final resolution 
of my challenge to the Arizona juror and voter registrant
qualifications (must be a federal citizen).  This 
paperwork now has the entire courthouse buzzing 
at high pitch.

The legal basis for this challenge is the existence
of a Right of Election, which was established by
the Maine Supreme Court just after the Dred Scott
decision, and this legal basis is extremely solid.

That question is now before the 8th and 2nd Circuit
Courts of Appeal, and they are likewise stymied.
So much for the judicial side of this question.

Politically, I tell people that there is a legal
way out of associating with a criminal extortion
racket:  who would want to be associated in any
way with government employees who incinerated 
innocent children in Waco?  If you get bogged down
in that debate, here's your comeback:  did Janet
Reno have death warrants for those children?

This question is your entry into a much more
important principle (and fundamental Right), namely,
DUE PROCESS OF LAW!!  We don't incinerate children
in America, not without a judicial determination
resulting in a death warrant.  Of course, such a
thing is an oxymoron, because children cannot be
executed, EVER!!  So, THERE is your reason for
not wanting to be in the same political association
as Janet and the Department of Just Us.  They executed
children summarily -- which makes Janet and her cohorts
liable for prosecution on charges of murder in the 
first degree.  Is this the policy of the United States
at the present time?  Evidently so!  (Vomit pause here.)

And, the way to reject her and her ilk, is to claim
state Citizenship as a "Political Right".  Confer
at "Right/Constitutional Rights/Political rights"
in Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition.   The
exercise of all political rights is protected 
by the First Amendment.  This is one of the 7 major
challenges which we made against the United States et al.,
in Gilbertson's OPENING BRIEF to the 8th Circuit Court
of Appeals.  

Details are available upon request.  Please provide
me with a working fax number.

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 04:23 PM 7/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
>On Mon, 21 Jul 1997, Steve Washam wrote:
>> I understand your frustration Ralph.  We have all had problems
>> getting answers.
>> I've had my best results with extremely short queries.  Ask ONE
>> polite question, and then wait for a response.  It is much
>> harder for your servant (or commerical correspondent, as the
>> case may be) to avoid a single question.  Also there are
>> advantages to not revealing how much you know, or what direction
>> you might be headed in.  One thing leads to another, you know.
>As a state of Texas employee I can tell you that all of the people in
>State, city and County government I work with no nothing about this. All
>of this was done back with the March 9th 1933 state of emergency and
>through masterful obfuscation and double talk the current working people
>both in and out of government have no clue of what all of this is about.
>Because I used to work in manufacturing I filled out and shipped
>manufactures certificate of origin for most of our over seas shipments of
>products. Because of this I had a little understanding to investigate
>this. Texas just passed a new law that requires us to send in Certificates
>of origin for our outboard motors and trailers for motor boats. All of
>this is under our state law on agriculture regulation of farm to market
>roads and license to drive commercial farm trucks, and of course it is now
>applied to all cars, trucks, boats and drivers as commercial activity.
>But thanks to the "Montana Freeman" and the "Republic of Texas" loons the
>general public and government views all of this kind of talk as evidence
>of being a "nut case" not to be taken serious. One approach is to declare
>oneself as a "outlaw" and attempting to become a "state citizen" and not
>having a society security number, drivers license or paying income taxes.
>This makes you an outlaw to the rest of society and a hermit unless you
>can join a village of Mennonites, Quakers, or such. The problem I see with
>this approach is: first, it alienates the public who see you as a
>person dropping out like the "hippies" did in the 1960's. Second, it
>confuses and angers the average government workers who have to deal with
>your non standard approaches. Third, it leaves the rest of the public
>still stuck in the system and does not address the laws that created all
>of this mess. And don't forget you become a possible target for the Media
>whores, FBI, CIA, IRS to attack and justify their budget. 
>I hope yall can take this as positive criticism and not an attack. 
>Paul Watson
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